Scam letter(s) from Olga to Hamid (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend Hamid !!!
I was so pleased, that you have answered my letter. I liked your structure.
And it - reason, why I have written to you the letter.
I really want to know more concerning you. I would like to know a way, with which you live,
I really have interested in things, which you like.
I want to inform you something concerning me directly in this letter.
My name - Olga. I live in Russia. In small city, the settlement of a urban type -Yaransk is exacter.
It - approximately 1200 kms from Moscow. Billy My height - 167cm and me, weight - 52 kg. My eyes green. My hair, almost white.
I was never married, and I have no any children.
I - woman and sensitive internal part of my heart. I like home comfort, high temperature and silent concerning family.
I was born on January 19 in 1982. In 1999 I was finished School and entered into economic ability.
At study 5 I years has finished university. My speciality - economist.
I have studied English language at university. Now I work the economist at a dairy factory.
I live with my parents. I have younger brother. To him 8 years. Call it Dima.
I write from int. Cafe, as we have no the computer of a house.
Write to me as can, I expect your letter and I shall be very glad.
Letter 2

Hi mine lovely Hamid!!!
Once again I want to congratulate you on the come 2006.
Large to you thanks for the letter and for congratulations.
Excuse that has not written earlier to you, 1 and January 2 the Internet of cafe did not work.
Today at last Internet the club began to work and for me the opportunity has appeared to write to you.
I came here yesterday, but yesterday still was target.
In general in our city who works sense till January 10, except for shops with products of a feed.
Well that the Internet the club began to work. I all these days very much missed for your letters.
I have met New year well, in a circle of family. Have sat behind a table, cut fault, have had a meal, then Went to the area, where there was a New Year's fur-tree.
There was very cheerful. Started up many beautiful fires.
But only there were many ***** people. Russian all holidays mark with *****.
And it strongly is not pleasant to me. I very do not like the ***** people.
All these days I thought of very much to you, about that as you there without me meet this holiday.
How he has passed at you? What you did?
I even dreamed as we could meet this holiday with you together.
Probably at us with you all this ahead more.
Most likely tomorrow on January 4 we by all family shall go to my grandmother.
To congratulate her happy New Year and simply to visit.
If we shall stay to spend the night at it, I shall write to you as soon as I shall come.
Write to me, I shall wait very much.
kiss you.
Letter 3

Dear Hamid!!! Large thanks the letter, I have counted it very closely some times.
I yesterday have not written to you as wanted still to consult to the parents,
as it is better to us with you to act.
All of us came to a conclusion what to marry to us for the present it is not necessary, as we with you yet aeaeee each other and On having time it is good to learn. And if at you such problems with the visa,
it will be better if I shall come to you.
And then when we learn each other really, already we shall arrive to Russia or we shall get married in USA.
At your request today I descended in travel agency and all has learned on the bill of the visa.
I at once have counted how much money it will be necessary for arrival to you and I shall try to write to you All is detailed.
On all charges ?ay of registration of the visa, without the air tickets it is required to me $ 1089.16cents.
It I have counted at the rate of currency exchange of the Central Bank of Russia. Also has translated in dollars.
And as I finished University on a speciality the economist,
Figures in my head it is not simple badges. I shall try to you to explain all under the order.
Most amusing, that tourist visa costs $ 350. But all Other charges, very serious. It seems, I nothing have confused, and all has written down correctly. First of all, for Receptions standard not of the immigration visa and departure for limits The foreign passport is necessary for Russian Federation, me. It I and without Agencies knew. It I shall receive in the Ministry of Foreign Businesses The Russian Federation. If I shall use, services tourist Agencies, it will borrow about 10 days, and will cost to me $ 51.13 cents.
If I shall be, itself to receive the foreign passport, without the help tourist Agencies it will borrow about 30 days, and can be little bit more. But also Will cost more cheaply on 36 %. As soon as I shall receive the foreign passport,
I I can begin reception of the visa. In travel agency me Have assured, that for four six weeks I can receive the visa. Cost The tourist, unitary visa for the period of 180 days $ 350. There are visas on more Long term, but they is more dear. I have thought, that to understand, friend The friend will suffice us also floor of year. And then it is necessary to pass medical Commission, and to receive the document confirming my health.
I shall do medical inspection in my polyclinic for $ 31.12 cents. As, me It is necessary to receive the insurance policy. In Moscow is large The insurance company " SPASSKIE a Gate " she makes the insurance of the citizens Leaving abroad. It is necessary if with me There will be an accident, or I shall be ill in territory of other state.
The insurance company will pay all medical services and all others The charges in case of misfortune. This insurance policy costs $ 186.00 cents.
But it not yet most expensive clause of the charges. For reception of the visa and job The travel agency asks to pay $ 251.75 cents. My interests In embassy will represent the immigration lawyer, it will give Agency. The lawyer and the tourist operator will prepare Complete package of the documents for interview to the officer State Department. I will need the different documents confirming that I I shall come back home in Russia. Instead of shall stay illegal emigrant for By boundary. The acknowledgement it should be served by the documents on the real estate,
In which I the proprietor. And still my related communications in Russia. And last,
When I shall go in Moscow on interview with the officer of embassy, I shall be To require means for residing in hotel and on a road up to Moscow and Back. Hotels in capital very expensive. And at the centre of Moscow it is impossible To remove cheap room in hotel. It is smart 5* hotels. To me It seems, is what is it very expensive even for western businessman. But I want To stop in inexpensive hotel at edge of Moscow, or in nearest Suburb of capital. Where cost residing does not exceed $ 28-40 in Day for room and $ 8 for a feed. On my accounts I shall be in hotel Approximately 4 days and 3 night. The hotel will be had by two, and probably three stars and Two single feeds, breakfast and supper. It still in addition $ 120-140 On hotel and approximately $ 32 on a feed. Though I have not got used to luxury also,
Also I live modestly enough, but very much I hope, that in hotel will not be Cockroaches. I awfully am afraid them. And more I shall spend $ 47.16 cents on road up to Moscow and back. Well, I seem nothing has forgotten. Hamid results mine Works you see. I hope, that our meeting will cost it. I Has counted all charges without flight. And certainly with impatience I wait The answer. And more Hamid I understand, what is it serious and purpose and certainly sum Too. I want to say, that I to what oblige you.
Hamid my wages make 150 $ per one month, a part I give back to the mum,
As it is necessary to pay for an apartment, to spend much for meal.
Others I spend on the Internet of cafe. It is more at me no what savings.
If it will be certainly very necessary, I can borrow money from the mum and daddy, but at it no much.
So all hope only on you, mine lovely.
If you are valid consider, that you are ready me to accept at yourselves,
Then it is necessary to conceive our meeting. I want to hope, that our meeting will change our life in the best party.
And this step is very serious for both of us.
And your answer for me very much much means.
Whole gently
About love yours Olga
Letter 4

Hi mine lovely Hamid!!!
I am very glad that I thought that I can not.
As at us in Russia again very strong frosts now.
Thanks for the perfect letter, I am very glad that at you very well.
You know what is created at me in soul, head and heart, when I think of you?
And I think of you constantly, there is no second, when I would not recollect you.
All sense of my presence in this world now consists in you.
You have filled all my essence with light. To you, and only to you I shall tell about it. You to me are necessary!
I like in you absolutely all.
You - most delightful creation on ground, most gentle, romantic and passionate.
Always and everywhere, there is no you better.
I like you. I with impatience wait for the moment, when I shall be in your tender embraces,
Also I shall inhale your aroma, repeating your name, listening your vote and, again and again,
Peering in affable features of your person.
Anything and nobody will break my feelings to you. It seems, that at times even in dream I admit to you love,
I fall asleep physically without you, but awakening always with your name on lips.
Know, liked, that near to you there is a man, whose heart is beaten only for you.
I want to be near to you for ever.
On the bill that that I would meet you, certainly I you meeting. I shall do this all on much cheaper.
You the foreigner, and from you will take always in 3 times more money than from me. And you will try constantly To take much more dearly than it is necessary. And I can count money what you have not deceived.
I by him will be more complex for deceiving,
And superfluous they will not receive. And foreigners always try to deceive. But I shall be a number, on this about anything do not worry.
Unique, that is possible to me your material help, as my savings very small will be necessary,
And them only also will suffice that on the ticket up to S-Pb. and back. The parents to ask not so conveniently.
Yes I and itself know that at them too Money especially no. Except for me there is still small brother, which should be grown.
And to organize it not a problem, main that would be on what is it all to do.
Write. I shall wait very much. Faster our meeting would be held!
Kiss you, you are better than all!!!
Yours Olga
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