Romance scam letter(s) from Oksana Fofanova to Jack (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my love Jack,
I was glad to get your letter, I am sorry you were ill these days, if I were near I would certainly take care of you and I would try to ease your pain. I know it's bad when you are ill, you feel like a miserable wreck. In Russia we have now the epidemic of flue now, and for two days I also had sore throat and running nose, but now I am OK. Dear Jack, I think I misunderstood you and now I am going to talk to Vera about my trip, she will delay the settling my documents, I am sure and of course I will wait as long as you will ask me. Because I love you and I want to be with you. Everything will be OK.
Soon you are haveng a great holiday Christmas and you should be OK, so take care of your health, I am thinking of you every day, and I am waiting for your answer. Kiss you, dear,
your Oksana.
Letter 2
Hello, my love Jack,
I am glad to get your letter, it's a pity you were not at home, but I heard your voice, and I really liked it. You sound nice. I just wanted to tell you that I love you for you to hear me, it would be nice to have a talk to you, dear. I miss you greatly, every day I am waiting for your warm letters, I am constantly thinking of you.
I will try to give you a call on Thursday, but I think it won't be a long talk, because it's too expensive for me now. But I don't promiss, if I am able to do that at that moment, of course I will, because I really love you and I want to be with you. I am waiting for your next letter, kiss you,
your Oksana.
Letter 3
Hello my darling Jack,
I am very glad to receive your letter, I waited your answer.
I am very happy, that at you all is good.
At me too all is very good, I each day think about you.
I very strongly want to be with you of my dear.
I send you the kiss.
I very much liked your ideas, about your beloved person.
I would be very glad if in the future these ideas will be a reality with me.
I have not the child, but in the future I very much want to have the child.
And if the father of my future child would be you, I would be very glad.
I have understood, that you the very serious and gentle man, me are necessary just such the man, as you of my dear.
I think that I have for you interesting news, yesterday me at my work have told that I shall have a vacation 1 month (from December 1 till January 1),plus I shall have a christmas vacation after January 1, 2 weeks more.
I think that at this time we with you could be together, what you to think in this occasion? Still I have the best girlfriend her name Vera, she works in travel agency and if you want that I have arrived to you, I shall speak with Vera, that she has help me with trip to you of my dear. I that do not know, that is necessary for trip to you, but I think that if I shall ask Vera, she will help me.
Best regards,
Your Oksana
Letter 4
Hello my dear Jack,
At me all is very good, because you have written to me the letter quickly. I very much waited your letter, I each day think about you, I very strongly want to be with you together. I dream of that day, when we with you shall be together.
Today at night I saw very perfect dream. In this dream I saw you. We with you went for a walk on a coast of ocean. The ocean was very beautiful, and still moon is very beautiful stars. We with you held each other for hands, and you kissed me in lips. It very much was pleasant to me, I very strongly want that it is all was in a reality. When I w. up, I very long thought about this dream, I have understood that you just that the man, which to me is necessary.
I want maximal time to be with you together. I have understood that has found the dream. My dream is my dear.
You the very clever and tender man. I very much am pleasant like your letters, you interesting and sociable.
I am sure that with you it will be very perfect. I too shall do all that with me it was very good.
Please write to me as soon as you can
With LOVE!!!
Your oksana
p.s. It's a good idea with Russia, I would be glad to meet you in my house and to get you aquainted with my family. I also want to see your country.
America seems to be an interesting country, and it's nice because you live there.
Letter 5
Hello my darling Jack,
I like to read your letters.
From your letters I understand, that you too to have sincere feelings to me. I am very glad,that we with you have found each other.
I present each day to think about you,I that day when I shall come to you.
It will be the happiest day in my life.
I very strongly want to see, to embrace and to kiss you my dear.
I try to present our meeting, I think, that when I to leave from the plane I very strong to embrace and to kiss you.
I think, that it will be very romantic.
Now I look your new photos, I very much like to do it. You very beautiful and lovely.
I very much wait that moment when we with you shall be together, I want that this moment was as soon as possible. I can not keep the feelings.
I did not think that there is such strong feeling.
I can not it explain. Earlier I when did not test such feeling.
I can not believe that it occurs to me.
But certainly I shall wait all necessary time, before our meeting.
I agree with you, that time before ours meeting will pass quickly, for this time we learn each other much better.
I am sure, that we can create the most strong and best relations.
I am sure, that to me you are necessary, my dear.
I understand, that the very devoted and serious man.
I am very glad, that you have found new work, which is pleasant to you more.
I think, that you worthy only best. I wish you good luck in everything.
I think what to work with the friends more pleasant and it will be easy for you.
I have asked Vera, can she help you with trip to me.
But she has told me, that will not be able to help you, because you are in other country.
For your trip you will need to make out the passport and visa, all your documents and certainly your presence will be necessary for registration of these documents.
But now you are very much far.
Vera has told me, that she can help me with registration of all necessary documents for me.
And if I shall want to arrive to you, she can make all documents during 1-2 weeks.
I will need only to ask her about it. I have answered to her, that I do not know you want whether or not that I have arrived to you.
My dear what you think of it? If you want, I can itself arrive to you to America.
I know, that if I shall ask Vera to help me, she necessarily will help.
Please write me as soon you can
Your Oksana
p.s. I kiss you , my dear
Letter 6
Hello my beloved Jack,
Excuse me, that I long to not write to you. I was very much busy I went to other city. I went to the aunt, I very long did not see my aunt.
She kind and good woman. I have arrived today.
I am very glad to receive your letter. I wish you to have good mood always and let success attend you.
I as well want to help you in your life you are very important for me, I am interesting in your life.
I liked your dreams of our future I want them to come true. I wish us to be together as soon as possible, every day I think about our future. I am sure that we will have much good together. You are the best man in my life, you are a very clever, interesting and romantic one.
I know that we will have much fun, happiness, love.
I am very glad that you liked my idea of coming to you.
Now I an writing this letter from Vera and she says me that visa will cost me 175 dollars, and the tickets 600-900 dollars, I am disappointed about that because I did not think that it would be such a great sum of money. Well you see it's a big sum for me, my salary is not so high and I think that it will take me much time to save it. As for me I am eager to see you as soon as possible, now I am sure you are the man I wanted to meet in my life.
We should see each other and know each other better in real life.
You are a good person.
I do not know where to take such large money.
It is very a shame to me to ask you money on the visa and ticket, but I think that it is the only chance for me to arrive to you.
If you to write to me, that you will be able to help me with money, I tomorrow shall give the documents Vera, that she began to make out to me the visa .Vera speaks, that registration of the visa it will take 7-14 days.
What you think concerning it?
Please write to me quickly.
Have good day.
With love, Oksana
Kiss you !!!!!!!
Letter 7
Hello my love Jack,
I am happy to write you at last Vera's computer is all right and now I will write you more often. It's a pity I did not talk to you, I really wanted to hear you, my dear Jack. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and I want to be with you. It's so nice to have such a good person in my life, we will be together soon and I am looking forward to hold you in my arms and to kiss you.
Well, my visa is ready and it waits now to pay for it, soon I will be able to be with you, my love. I am so happy about it. The first minutes of our meeting will be unforgetable. And it's very exciting for me to think about your surprise, I can't wait to know everything. I love you and I m waiting for your letter, it's so pleasant to hear how much you love me. Kiss you, dear,
your Oksana.
Letter 8
Hello my dear, Jack!
I was very glad to reseive your letter. I simply thought that You had forgotten about me. This fact had made much worse for me, because our contacts had made me simply happy, and those days, when you did not write to me I realy had understood that I love you and miss without even your letters.
Yesterday I had rang to you, I wanted talked to you, heard your voise, but...It is so pity. Did you to check your telephone?
Now lets talk about my trip to you.
My dear you was right. I had to went Moscow to receive visa in Embasy. I had to talk to man, who listen our love-story. It was difficult for me answer so many questions about me, you, our relantionship, our hobies and many other questions.
But you may proud to me! Those men believed me and now I have a visa in USA!!!
Of course, now I have some obligations to my mum and my uncle, who had given 175 dollars to me for this visa.
I have a visa and I can go to you!
My dear, if I have money for this trip, I never ask you money. It is very shame for me.
If you can help us with money for the my tickets to trip to you, I can go to you.
I want you believe me.
If you want, if you do not believe me you can go to Russia to me. I will be glad to see you here. I will be happy to meet you my mum and my brother. They want to meet to you because they herd so many about you.
My friends had talked much worse, and talked "no" to my ideas to go to you. But I believe my heart. It is talked that I love you and must be with the man whom I love!
I am waiting your answer very very!
Kiss you!
Your Oksana
Letter 9
Hello my dear love Jack,
I am glad to get your letter, it's so sweet and pleasant, I should say. I agree with you we will make the best couple together. I want to be your wife and I want to be with you forever, I will try to do my best to make you happy. I am sure you will be the best father. I dream our child be like you, you are my ideal and I want him to be alike. I told my mom that I want marry you, she likes you also, she saw your picture and told me that you seem to be a good man. She knows that I am going to come to you, and when I am with you we will send her our picture, where we are together. Soon this dream will come true. Dear, I wrote you that my visa is ready and I need to pay for it now 175 dollars, and I need your help, because I don't have this money now. Write me please if you are able to help me, I will tell it to Vera and she will know what to do with my trip. I am eager to see you, I even can't sleep at night,I am happy to have you in my life, you filled my life with such a feeling. I love you. I want you to read the love poem:
The only one Flames upon the heated log
Hidden behind the misty fog
My mind recalls broken dreams
Where nothing is like what it seems
I see your face and call your name
But you disappear behind the flame
I want you here by my side
Not in the corners of my mind Kiss you,
your future wife Oksana.
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