Romance scam letter(s) from Olesya to Moe (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello my dear Mirza!
I'm sorry that i write you back only now. i understood everything what you had said. And I'm very sorry that some my words offended you. You had a bad experience and now so as to protect yourself you must be carefull. I'm really very sorry that some people cheated you and made you pain. I understand your situation. And speaking about where i live, this city is called Lugansk. it's situated in the East of Ukraine and Kherson is situated in the South. they are rather far from each other. And as i said to you before i haven't an opportunity to go to there and more over I told you that i have the right to get the pssport only in the city, where I live. My dear I didn't get from you any news, it means that you changed your mind about me?
I hope you'll answer me something
Your Lesya
Letter 2
Hello my lovely Mirza!
Today I have got your letter and as always it was very pleasant and your words about me are so warm. But my dear I want to ask you, who is scammer and why you constantly use this word in your letters. Of cause I understand what this word means, but I can-t understand what attitude it can have to me. I remember your first letter and I remember your P.S. I didn-t pay big attention on it then. But in your new letter you again used this word. Could you explain me who they are and what do they do?
Thank you my lovely for your care about me and for you understood my problem. And you know frankly speaking I don-t know exactly how much does it cost, the passport for traveling for abroad, but when one of my friend made it three months ago so as to go to Greece to her parents, if I am not wrong, she told me that she need to pay 265 our money, I mean grivna, it-s $53. if I-m not wrong. And then she was waiting for three months so as to get it. My dear if you wish I can get to know exactly. And if you don-t mind I-ll write all information in my next letter. Do you agree?
Your small Lesya
Letter 3
My lovely Mirza!
Thank you a lot for your soon reply. If I could I wouldn-t apart with you any more. It-s a lot of sunshine and warmness and beauty of gold autumn. It-s really very remarkable and splendid. I want you-d be near with me and see it your own eyes. I-d like we walk along the streets and enjoy this beauty together, course I don-t need it only one. I need to take a pleasure from it, keeping the hand of a man with beautiful, kind, attentive and caring heart, with such man as you.
And my dearest I want to meet with you very much. But I-m sorry, my dear I didn-t understand your offer. You want that I contact with the agency, which you sudgested, but how they can make a passport for me in Kherson, if I live in Lugansk. As I know I can get the passport only in that city, in which I live, where I am registered. Other actions are against the law. How they can take my Ukrainian passport and make a passport for abroad. It seems to me that it-s not right. My honey Mirza, could I ask you how long have you got an acquaintance with this agency, and why you are sure in it so much. don-t you think that they can be scammers. My Mirza, Kherson is situated rather far from Lugansk and for me it will be more expensive to go to the agency, than to make a passport here in Lugansk. I can spend money for road, instead of spend them to make a passport, don-t you think so? My dear you say that they can do it for 2 weeks, if you wish I can get to know how soon it-s possible to make a passport in Lugansk. My lovely frankly speaking I don-t like your idea very much. I-m afraid to be in unknown city alone. You said that you assured that I-m as you said ?not scammer¦. But you don-t believe me, am I right and it-s really not very pleasant to me.
My dear I don-t refuse I only ask you, please think once more.
I hope we-ll be soon together.
Your Lesya
Letter 4
Are you interested in a pretty and terrific person? You can get acquainted with me. My name is Lesya. It is very beautiful and old Ukrainian name. I am 20; I was born in Lugansk, the city of Ukraine. I have been raised in a good family with brother and a sister.
Recently I graduated from the college of music and culture and I am a teacher of music now. I like my work.
I have long black hair, gray eyes, rose cheeks, full lips and nice face. I am romantic person, as I like romantic music, beautiful flowers, soft toys and children. Also I like to cook very much. I want to have a person who will taste my dishes. Especially I like nature. I'm fond of travelling, walking in the forest, enjoy beauty of nature.
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