Letter(s) from Svetlana Balabaeva to Conrad (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love, my dearest Conrad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I so am glad again to receive your letter!!! I so love you, I am very strong you I love and I can not be from you so far. My Conrad, you are my life!!! I want to embrace you each moment, to kiss your beautiful eyes, to feel your care and to feel your protection. I know that all will be very good between us! We shall be happy together! I very much frequently think of you and I present our life together my Conrad. I feel that you such close to me. I am happy when you are happy! I think that our hearts will beat in one rate when we shall be together, because we like each other my love Conrad!!!! I know that it mutually, that you too want with me also to be strong as well as I. I know that you will understand me without words! To me without a difference where to live with you, the main thing is to live with you and to love you, the place has no importance. I thank the God that I have met you and has grown fond. I for a long time expected this feeling!
I never trusted what probably to fall in love on Internet. But all the same it is possible! I so am glad to this! Probably it is destiny! As we could meet in this large world, it is exact destiny! We should be together always!!!
Conrad, my dearest love man!!! I have a good good news for us my darling Conrad!!! I today went in a passport-visa service to learn how many all this costs. Me have told that it is necessary to do the tourist visa B-2. Because other visas now at all do not give. Very many people leave from Russia and in the ministry are very much excited with it, they lose very many experts. And the people from here leave because here very bad to live, they receive small money for the large work. Visa costs 120 US dollars. But besides the process of registration costs 60 US dollars. To me have told in a service that, for example, the visa the bride costs 660 US dollars, it without any analyses and all rest. It is very expensive! My love Conrad, I want to ask you about one very important for me of a thing, Conrad, I want to ask you about the financial help from your party. I already wrote to you about the salary, it at all does not suffice to make all necessary documents, and money to life here is still necessary to me. This money does not suffice and it is necessary them to save. My dearest, my love Conrad, I have a great desire to come to you, to see you at last and only recourses separate us from each another. I love you so much, honey, and I don't want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it.
Of course, I asked my parents help me with this charges on the necessary documents for my coming, but my mother and father doesn't have such money though they would like to help us, Conrad.
My dearest Conrad, in general I'll need for 330 USA dollars. It's certainly large money, you probably have thought what is it more than the total price of the visa and visa's registration, but I will must to get the foreign passport too of course the price of which is 60 US dollars. Also I will need to pay for medical exams too, it will be 50 dollars. And of course I will need to pay for the coming from Ivanovo to Moscow City, I have learned about the price of the airplane ticket Saratov - Moscow, it will be 1230.00 Russian rubles or it is around 40 US dollars.
My full a name and the address of bank!
IVANOVO , 153003

My complete name - Ekaterina Bylkova
And my home address:
Russian Federation
Postal index 153000
Ivanovo city
St. Kutyakova 82 apartament 54
But I am trying to find a cheaper prices of the air ticket for the flying to Moscow.
I want to ask you, Conrad, what is the nearest airport (name of the airport) from your city?
Also, please, tell me about the approximate price of the airplane ticket too, ok? I need this information because I will have to find a cheaper air ticket! I so happy from this so happy news! But now I should collect all documents necessary make the visa. 330 dollars are necessary to me. If you will send me this money that you can send them through Western Union. I asked in a service how better to send money. They have told that there comes money on Western Union much faster. It is more safe I know, that Garry sent money through Western Union for Masha. For this purpose you need to know my complete name. In my opinion, you should know it(him). My complete name Ekaterina Bylkova. And city in which I live you precisely should know. But on any case I shall write to you once again Ivanovo.
My dearest Conrad, I need to ask you, when you will sent this recourses 330 dollars, it will be necessary for me, that you must to send me an important information which required at a parcel of money. In a service me have told that I am necessary send 10 nambers control number without which you I can not to receive your money. This number will be given you by the operator in bank (MTCN). My dearest Conrad, you will must to send me this so important data in e-mail.
I close my eyes and I am imagining about this so happy picture. My love, I dream as we will live together my darling, to go for a walk, keeping for our hands my love Conrad. I want that you will show me your native land, a places where you like to go for a walk and where you like to spend a more of your time, also I want to get acquainted with your relatives and closest friends so much! I want to be with you very much, so much my love Conrad! I love you Conrad, and I miss you my dearest love Conrad! My dear Conrad, I want to say to you that I have spoke with my mom and dad about us again and again, especially about my coming to you. They are very glad for us.
They are so happy because we love each other very much, simply they have said me that we will happy with you and they wish us a large happiness together! They see my feelings and my happiness from our love with you, and they understand me that we with you can't without each other and wish us a great love in this time and our future life too! Simply great greetings from my family to you, Conrad, please, accept the love from my parents, they love you as a relative son! Well, my love Conrad, let me to end my e-mail my dearest Conrad, I'm waiting for your messages so much my love man Conrad!!! Want to be with you so much my love Conrad,
Truly, Kisses and hugs to you,