Scam letter(s) from Vera Vasianina to Eric (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my love Eric.
Thank for a good picture!!!
I am very glad to your letter.
My love I try to prepare our meeting.
I want to please you, that through 15 day I shall have a vacation. But I can it (him) postpone on a few.
I shall be very happy, if we can meet you and lead (carry out) even two weeks. As I want to inform you, that Russia does not let out the young and lonely women. Therefore I should arrive to you as the tourist.
I want to know my pleasure, what you think of it?
I consider (count), that only personal meeting will help us to find our happiness, which we so long searched for.
It is very interesting to me as to learn (find out) your habits of enthusiasm.
I want to know culture of your country.
Please inform me the best time to stay to you???
That you had more free time.
Though if you will be at work day, I can be at you at home, and evening to wait you from work And to feed by tasty supper.
What you think of it?
I very much wait our meeting, when we shall have romantic evening and we shall stay one. I now shall go home and I shall think of you my prince.
I miss you!
Love and kiss.
Letter 2
Hello my love Eric.
I love your picture, thank!
For me the large happiness to receive your letter.
I do not know, how you will treat this letter.
I hope, that you closely (attentively) will listen and will understand me. To me is very sad, that I have an opportunity to write to you the letters once per day. I want to do (make) it two, three or even five times per day. Me very much pleases, that you as want our meeting.
Yesterday I went in a travel company and learned (found out) full details concerning our meeting.
I have learned (found out), that the travel company for registration of the visa takes 357 $. We with the mum tried to find this money But it is very difficult for us. It is the very large money for our family. I have asked the mum to sell our garden, but She (it) does not want it to do (make). Now I do not know, that to me to do (make). You can help me with payment of registration of my documents and visa? It is the very large sum and I can not find her (it) soon.
My holiday is already absolutely close and if now we do not organize our meeting, it is possible we shall not meet soon. And I very much want to arrive to you and to carry out (spend) with you a lot of time. We shall go for a walk together, to talk about life, to have entertainments. I dream of joint supper at candles, and then slow dance In your gentle embraces. I think, that you too dream of it my love.
I want to tell you, that at me such feeling, that I know you very long and for a long time. There can be I shall be shown to you ridiculous, but with each your letter I feel, that I love you!!!!!!
Sometimes I can not to sleep on night and I have no appetite, I lay and I think of us much. My mum speaks, that I am in love. I want to tell, that I want to make your photo on the printer and to put at myself in a room.
I very much would like to see you, when I lie down to sleep and I rise in the morning. But most of all I want to meet you my love. I live by this dream. I want to live with you beside, to help you to do (make) harvest (cleaning) in your house, to prepare to you to eat.
Favourite I very much miss without you.
Now I I shall go home also shall think of you my prince.
And tomorrow I shall search for your answer.
Kiss and love.
Today I learned(found out) as registration of the visa to me promotes have told that on Monday I can receive her(it)!!!
Letter 3
Hello there my dear Eric.
I dream of our first meeting my angel!
Father has told me that legalizes papers on reception of the loan and it is possible, that money to tickets at me already will be on Monday, I shall inform you my love when I shall buy tickets in what day I shall arrive to you.
My only one beloved man that I need so much and missing every minute of my life! Hope that you are not tired at all my dear, glad that you have good news, I'm very about them too! I'm feeling that we are making our meeting step by step more and more closer!
I'm very proud too and in future we will make our families meet I think it will be wonderfull day!
Yes I'm realy thankful to the fate that it made us to find each other in that big world of hate and troubles.
We'll become the happiest pair and see our life only in beautifull colors!!! I know that it will be so, trusting in our feelings I'm finding myself realy like a princess waiting for the moment when her prince will take her in arms... Million of kisses and hugs for you my dear. and all my love from the bottom of my heart only for you!!!
Your bride Vera
Letter 4
Hello my love Eric.
Thank for your warm letter!
I all time think of our future what life wait for me in USA what there will be changes. For me in life the beam of light has appeared when I have got acquainted with you! At me there has come(stepped) depression today I has received bad news from my father The bank has given up to it(him) in reception of the loan, to it(him) have informed that it(he) is insolvent that at him(it) too small income per one year, I now do not know that to me to do(make), as we now can meet my love.
I am very much afflicted with this news.
I hope for your understanding.
Your bride Vera
Letter 5
Hello my love Eric!
I am very glad to read your letter!
Your letters warm to me heart.
I should pay the ticket because in agency I concluded the contract about that that I should get tickets, differently they will forbid my visa if I shall break the contract to me the penalty at a rate of 447$US will be showed(presented)! Therefore I should get the ticket through this agency. At signing this contract I have got in a desperate situation and now I in despair.
And only your letters force me to struggle.
Your bride Vera
Letter 6
Hello my love Eric.
Forgive for a delay of the letter.
I want to answer your question in I received money in different cities money it is necessary to receive under the passport And consequently the information on one city in the passport is designated my registration. In agency have informed me that the ticket costs(stands) 667 $.
I very much love you Eric want to see you!!!
I each day dream as I I shall see you always I think of you my love!!!!!
With impatience I wait for your letter!!!
Your bride Vera
Letter 7
Hello my love Eric!!!
I received money in Saratov and in Moscow by means of the passport in the passport the registration and this information is designated is taken into account at reception. I would be glad if you might visit(attend) me but then money which you will be all for nothing spent sent on the visa because the visa will cancel.
I wait for your letters my love.
Your bride Vera
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