Scam Letter(s) from Alla to Edgar (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear Edgar!!!
I am so happy to be able to write you this letter at last!!!! I am so terribly sorry for being unable to reply you for those days, dear... but you can be sure I was thinking of you permanently...and I was really afraid of losing you because of the thing...
In my last letter to you I told you I went to my Granny and I did, but I came home in two days after that. it was the terrible circumstances that made me leave her alone... we had a fire in our house that was sure to be a great trouble for all families living there. The whole half of our property have been burnt, and it will take such big money to cope with everything. My Mom is still shocked, and it really hurts to see her desperate and don't know how I could help her with it... we had to move to my Granny's house in order that's sure to be impossible to use that building again... Lots of my papers have been burnt as well, and I am to buy books and many other things I need for my studying (that has already begun), and I am just crazy about what is to be done of me... i counted it and found out, i need something about 250$ to get from it successfully, I don't have such money right now, and my parents will not give it to me for they need to buy lots of things in the house. I have no one i could apply for help, and feel so lonely about it, dearest.
Will you please, help me with the thing, honey? I didn't want to ask you about it for I am none to you and you could consider it to be so stupid to give money to someone you don't know at all ... but I am not able to cope with the problem by myself.
I would never ask you about thing of the kind, but I don't have any choices, you see. Please, do it for me, you're sure to be my last hope... I thought about the work in the net but I am not good for it. besides, I was told it takes time and money... I don't have heither first nor the second. I tried to see if I could manage with it from the first of September, but there wasn't any good news for me... I was told I could be excluded from the university, that's sure to be the end of my whole future...
They can't find a perpetrator and to find out the cause of that disaster happened to all of us, it took all those days i wasn't able to write you back to move and to get feeling better, and I didn't have any minute to get to the internet cafe... I hope you can understand it and don't be mad at me for that delay, it wasn't my fault, you know... I need you more than ever for it's so difficult to stay strong right now... I don't have any chances for my Mom is so upset about it... I can't see her crying. Please, don't think i have left you any more... I would never do it for I need you so very much... I have been missing you so much, dearest... I hope you are still glad to hear from me... are you??? I'd better go now, and am so much waiting for hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
P.S. Hopefully you don't forget how I look like, anyway I send you my photo, dear.

Letter 2

Hello, dear Edgar!!!
I can't express what your letter made to me... I am truly in such a need of you and do want to thank you very much for your support and for your kindness, 'cause i do need it more than ever... I still feel bad but it is sure to be much better that that previous time. I am really happy to know you remember me and you're not mad at me for my silence, I am trying to cope with everything, but as i told you the biggest problems I have is there at my university.
I am to be ready for new year of my studying, but I feel I am not... I've lost most of my papers and works I need, and i don't have any chances but to buy it gain, no one able to do it fast again, I almost don't have time for that. i want to thank you again for your understanding, I wish you could be here and I could put my head on your shoulder... I feel I need it really much now. I realize it's rather difficult for you to get the money, and you could not have it at the moment, but I told you you seemed to be my last and the only hope, please, do me such a favour, I can't do it without you, I am waiting, and I am praying for you.... but you know I would never ask you about it, it's a real shame for me, but that's the only way out I can see... all my friends here can't help me either for it's also very trying period for them...PLEASE, honey, try to do it...
I don't know what else I can say to express all I feel at the moment. All my thoughts are at the university and I'd ask you not to make it too long.
I am waiting for your help so very much.
Sincerely yours,



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