Scam letter(s) from Zhanna Chirkova to Mark (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Mark! Thanks for your letter. I want to tell a little about myself. I worked as a model at the Beauty Agency from my age of 19. In 1999 I took the second place at the beauty competition in Moscow. I was proposed to stay in Moscow to work as a model. But their terms were not suitable for me. My son's name is Arthur. He is 2 years ago. All about vogue is interesting for me (especially the high fashion). I often go to see the fashion show presentation. I read the fashion magazines and visit the Beauty Center. At present I am not working. My parents render any support to me. I hope in my nearer future my support will be my man (reliable, strong, intelligent, ambitions). That's my dreams. The world of dreaming is eternal. My family is very friendly. That's my mother, father, brother and me. All the holidays and family events are celebrated by us all together. And we are joyful on our holidays and there are always friends on them. I think it's always very important to have a strong, friendly and happy family. And do you know anything about Russia? about its people? By the way I live in Novosibirsk. There is one name more for it. That's "The capital of Siberia" as it stands on the river Ob. From it to the East there is the very Siberia stretching and all the tracks of trade and lines of industry run through that city. There are many rest-places here. Those are beaches cafe, parks, restaurants bars. I like it very much to go to the restaurants but my financial position doesn't afford to do it too frequently. I also visit theatres, museums, cinemas. And generally I prefer to spend my spare time with my friends. We get together on weekends to go the country for making the barbecue, walking along the beach. Generally I am very fond of music, dancing, singing. I like to be at nature very much. My English is not so good. That's why I plan to continue the course of English taking the private lessons. I have always been a good pupil. To my regret there is little communication with foreigners here. That's why there is no practice in English. That's why I'll have practice with my teacher of English. I can say about myself in addition I'm serious modest at the same time I'm merry cheerful tender and adventurous. I like to give surprises and get them too. I don't like the monotonous life and I'd like to find the man of my dream being close to my interests and views on life. Wherever he lives the important thing is that I should feel easy and comfortable being next to him. I wish we would have the true love, children and a friendly family. I'd like to learn more about you. How do you figure the life together out? What are your plans for life? Mark, can ask you to pay our correspondence? I have placed my at in the Internet through International Marriage Agency "Eternal loves" (number 057, Photo Gallery 5) and the e-mail address what you use writing to me is an address of their computer. I paid for placing my ad in the Internet and I also pay for the correspondence with you. And presently it's expensive for me. ____________________________________________________ International Marriage Agency "Eternal loves" In our country not everyone can afford to have a computer at all. That's why the girls address Marriage Agencies where there is a computer and a translator's service. We place their pictures and profiles in the Internet and provide them with translating. The services provided by us to be paid for are:
1) Translation, to ensure that the meaning of your words, as well as our clients words are accurate in expressing your meaning, as well as hers.
2) To provide access to a computer, that some of our clients do not have.
3) To assist some of our clients in the use of computer technology.
4) To help us recover the expenses of our efforts in assisting our clients reach as many perspective life partners as possible. As Zhanna can read you letters by herself then the translation and sending her letter out to you cost $9.
The payment for 5 letters (5 letters from you and 5 answering letters from her to you) cost $40 (forty dollars USA) .
The payment for 10 letters (10 letters from you to her and 10 answering letters from her to you) cost $70 (seventy dollars USA). And if you prefer to use the regular mail, you can get an address and a telephone number of girl cost $10 (ten dollars USA). We know about some cheat occurring on the Internet.
But we are reputed as honest workers and it's unpleasant for us to listen to reproaches like these. There are some ways of transfer of money to us. 1. You can transfer the money to our bank account: SAVINGS
BRACH 6695/0243 BO
A/C 42301840144087400915/01
NAME: ELENA and you should inform as about it in your e-mail to as: 2. Or you can transfer the money by Western Union office to the part of Elena Spitsina, Novosibirsk, Russia.
Would you be kind to tell us the control number of the transfer, your full name without reductions, city where you live after your sending it? 3. You can use your credit card for transferring the money to us through web site Western Union to the part of Elena Spitsina, Novosibirsk, Russia.
Would you be kind to tell us the control number of the transfer,your full name without reductions, city where you live after your sending it? 4. You can send the bank check by usual mail (registered letter) to part Elena Spitsina on the address: Elena Spitsina, a/ya 520, Novosibirsk 630119, Russia. In this case your transfer should be increased by $5. It is the bank taxes at reception of money by the check. We can receive your check in two weeks after his sending by you. If you wish to send the large sum of money for girl or to present flowers to her, other any gift we shall do it on your behalf. All our service of the Agency is presented at the net address: Elena Spitsina International Marriage Agency "Eternal loves" _________________________________ I wait your answer. Zhanna Best regards,
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