Scam letter(s) from Anna to Dan (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Dan.
This was so nice to receive your letter and to know that you think about me. Thank you for telling me about all those unreal women and models which are over the internet and I'm very glad that you are serious about me and that you are thinking about traveling to me. Dan, as I understood from your letter you don't come to Odessa in winter time, but want to come when it is more warmer. AM I right?
My dear Dan, after receiving this your letter I want to ask you very important for me question and I hope that you will tell me what do you think about it. As I have told you in my letter I'm serious about being happy in my life and about having family and that's why I have decided to apply to the agency and to find my future love and my happiness with the help of this agency. I'm very glad that I came to this agency, because I have met you and I can see that they are doing their job very well.
Dear, my question is what do you think about my paying for the correspondence, I mean for your letters to be translated and for my letters to be translated to you. Dan, of course I have nothing against paying for the correspondence with you, because I feel that in you I can find everything I'm looking for and I can be happy with you, and in addition from your letter I can see that you are looking for the same things in your life. Dear, what will you say if I ask you to share with me the cost of the correspondence with each other. I know that we have to know each other better and this will take time for us to know each other and of course money for the correspondence. Dan, I hope that you understand me in the right way, because I want to tell you more about my life, about myself, to send you more photos, but sometimes I simply don't have possibility to do it, because I don't have enough funds to pay to the agency for their services.
Dear, I would appreciate very much if you help me with the cost of the correspondence. Of course I would like to pay myself for the corespondence too, because I feel that I need to do it, and I think that it would be fair between you and me.
Dan, in any case I would apprecaite very much if you answer me my question, and dear, I want you to know that despite we are far away from each other I believe that one day we will be together and that we find everything we are looking for in each ohter.
Well, my dear, I think that I have to close this my letter and I would be very glad to receive your letter in the close time and to know you better.
I'm very interested in serious relationship and I feel that we have a number of common things which I'm sure will make you and me happy when we are together.
With tenderness and hope.
Letter 2
Dear Dan,
Today I talked with Anushka, and she asked me to send you information about the way you can help her with the cost of the correspondence.
If you don't know our prices, here there are:
1. Translation of 1 page from English into Russian - 2$
2. Translation of 1 page of a text from Russian into English, typing -2$;
3. Membership in the club - 20$ a month
Receiving, printing out your letters and photos, printing letters of your lady and forwarding them over the internet is free of charge for members of the agency.
4. Scanning of 1 picture - 5$
If you and your lady talk with each other a lot and want to use monthly fee for correspondence with each other please choose option Paying by credit card and choose appropriate monthly fee which you would like (note that monthly fee included only translation of letters, and it doesn’t include membership in the club and scanning of photos)
If you set the amount in our agency, I will regularly report you about the state of it, and you will always know how your money was used.
Note that if you set personal account in the agency you will be able to use it not only for correspondence, but for any services which you can see at the web site of the agency (flowers, gifts, visa support, coming to Ukraine for meeting with your lady…) In the agency we have possibility to deliver flowers, gifts, and to take photo of the delivery.
This option will give you wonderful possibility to see photo of your lady with the presents you ordered.
The photo of the delivery will be scanned and send to your email address If something is not listed, send a note to the agency with your request. For setting up account for correspondence expenses please go to our web site
and choose the option which is more convenient for you and for your lady basing on how much you correspond and how long your letters and letters of your lady. For learning more about system, which we use for transferring funds by credit card, please go to
Don’t' forget in any case of order send letter to the agency describing sum of transfer and your order
Funds will be put on your account as soon as we receive confirmation from our bank. Usually is takes around 24-36 hours.
Only after receiving funds we will fulfill your order. You will receive confirmation from our agency concerning funds, which you wired to the agency.
With the best wishes to you
Andrey Kravets
Manager of club
Letter 3
Good day my dear Dan
Thank you very much for your letter and I have to say you that with each your letter I feel more and more that I'm very glad that we have met each other and that we both want to find in each other qualities which we haven't managed to find in the people who are close to use and who we can see each day. Dan, I'm so glad that thanks to Internet we have possibility to know each other and I believe that one day we will be together, like a family and that we will give love to one another.
Dan, I appreciate very much that you want to help me with the cost of our correspondence. Dan, in your letter you proposed somebody from Kiev to come to Odessa and to give money to me. I think that you understood me a little bit wrong and my request too. When I have asked you to help me with the cost of correspondence I wanted to ask on whether you are able to share with me the cost of our correspondence. I don’t’ need your money, because I’m interested in you as a man and if you are able to pay for your letters to the club, this would be very nice from you. I think that this was misunderstanding that you have thought from my letter that you need to pay money to me for my letters. I’m interested in you as a man and I don’t want you to think that I come to the club and write my letters only because I want you to pay money to me. I come to the club and spend my time on writing my letter because in your letters you showed me that you are serious about me and that you are looking for the same things which I’m looking for, that’s why I think that it would be better if you pay for your letters to the club, because I don’t want money to interfere with our relationship. I will talk with the club director and ask her to send you information on how you can pay for your letters.
Dan, dear, if I may be so bold, I would like to share with you verses of wisdom some unknown author had put to paper many years ago, but still I think that they are very important in our life too:
Our joys as winged dreams do fly; Why then should sorrow last? Since grief aggravates that loss, Grieve not for what is past.
Dan, from reading everything you have written to me in your letters I see you look beyond the exterior of a persons being. I am a living, breathing woman, made of flesh and blood, who also needs to be able to share the joys and sorrows in this life with someone who I can love, trust and honor. I have always tried to live life honestly through my heart and mind and not get by because of my looks or something else. I am pleased that you see I am writing from the depths of my being, from my heart.
Dan, dear, it is sometimes difficult to put my thoughts to paper, not because I am incapable of doing the deed, I am fearful that the true meaning of what I say would be ignored or translated in the wrong way. It is important to me that the man I write to truly comprehends the meaning of what I have written. When I come to hte agency to check your letters and see that you had replied I feel so much pleasure and so much tenderness in my heart. I have such feelings that you are with me and that I can talk with you on my own. As I read your letter I realize more and more that your soul is even more beautiful. I have been warmly touched by what you have written and wish to let you know that I am serious in my intentions to develop a relationship with you and to give you all my love and everything I have in my heart, all my feelings and all my soul.
What I want people to know is who I am deep down inside, because our inner qualities are more important than our outer qualities. I am a caring, feeling and truly considerate person who is looking for the same qualities in a partner. When I marry it will be for the right reasons. Not for money, or looks or other pretentious things that most people fool themselves into believing will make them happy. Sure, finding someone who is attractive is nice, and you are very attractive man and in addition from your letters I can see that you have very nice soul, which I can afmire when we are together. But this would not be worth much if we did not think some of the same thoughts and share some of the same feelings that inspire us to reach out to one another. We do not have to be identical reflections of each other but we should enhance one another, the sum of being greater then all else. Each one of us is bringing something unique to this relationship that makes all worthwhile. Dan, friendship between lovers is as important as the initial physical attraction between two people who first meet. I try my best not to confuse passion and **** with true love compassion. True love to me is to remain at the side of my life partner, for better or for worse. Marriage and deep relationships are something I do not take lightly. Relationships with others have been disappointing for me because the other person is living life based on false values and all the men I have met here in Ukraine have proved this thing, unfortunately. But I have always been an optimist, because I believe that there is man in this life who will have the same interests in me and the same life values which I have in my life, who will be interested in serious relationship and in love, and from your letters I can see that you have those qualities and those soul. So many people say things yet they do not mean a word of it. Of this I am wary. I am especially wary of those persons who can not look you in the eye. I think that may be bacause of this I have decided to look through internet too. My thinking is as follows. I felt that if I could write my thoughts to paper for someone to read, the person who reads my letters would see me from the inside, my heart, my soul, my mind. My appearance should be secondary and this is the most important thing which we have corresponding with ! each other. I was hoping that you would see from my words put to paper that I am not being false or misleading. I wanted you to see my photos.
I want to feel that family has the safe place. There is no foundation stronger then the strength and courage we receive from family. I hope this clarifies things a bit and I pray that you see me as someone who thinks with the heart and mind. Dan, this is very important for me.
There are some things you should know about me. I want you to know that I have a good heart, a strong sense of morality and a deep-seated devotion to love built on the foundation of compassion. I am an even-tempered person who counts to ten before making a decision. But I will never hesitate to make a decision. And if need be, I will make a call right then and there for I believe you can make a honest mistake, but you never be unsure about things. I love to laugh and smile but there is serious side to me also. This sometimes gets the best of me, but I always take what others say seriously and I believe in people, because without belief it is very difficult for us to live.
No matter what, I will always be an optimist(at least I hope so:-)). I smile and think that tomorrow will be a better day. I prayed that when the time comes I would meet and fall in love with that special someone. I want this to happen naturally. You can't force love to happen. It takes it own sweet time. The important ingredient is finding that special someone who wants to be a friend along with being a lover. Life itself is extremely fast paced and a bit complicated at times. I would like to share the excitement with that special someone but also the quiet moments that makes life worth living. Sharing a laugh, or a sunset, touching fingertips or just laying side by side on a blanket imagining what lies beyond the clouds in the sky. I honestly hope that as I communicate with you, you will be truly interested in finding out what makes me a human being. In our country it is sometimes difficult to really understand someone because they tend to put up barriers and are always in a rush. I am always praying that whomever I marry will not have these barriers, and this person appreciates slowing down and most importantly be themselves. Life is not a rose garden and there are sorrows also and I know that we will have the same sorrows in our life too, but the main thing is to know how to overcome them. I understand those sorrows and accept this fact. But I will be there for my life partner, good times and bad. And I hope that my life partner will be there for me too.
People here are always trying to set goals and then accomplish them. I have no problem with that since I have obviously set goals for myself and pursue them actively. While much energy is expended doing this, time slips by. But I am searching for the one thing that seems to elude many, the warmth and security of a truly honest relationship. It seems that when I do meet someone they are afraid to let their true feelings show. I hope with you that it will be different. You can speak your mind and your heart and this will mean quite a lot to me. As for myself, I am the type of person who does not fear showing the depth of my emotions or speaking my mind. You seem like the type of man who would not let this go by unnoticed. I simply look at you as a man and I want you to see me as a woman, made of flesh and blood, with dreams and hopes and aspirations. What I look for in a partner is honesty, loyalty, a strong sense of morality, a loving disposition, a smile that comes from the soul and most important of all - Intelligence. We are all made of clay and we shall all return to dust when our time here on Earth has run out. I consider you a man, warm to the touch, to be loved, feeling the emotions that all human beings feel regardless of their geographical or cultural location.
I am a very loving and loyal person, and sometimes others have used this to take advantage of me. But Dan, deep in my heart I have never resented this, for by temperament I have a good nature that is warm, happy and always willing to be of help to those in need. Maybe this sounds like goals that might be too lofty, but my philosophy has always been to aim high, and not be disappointed when all does not come about to my anticipation's. At least I feel so much more alive having tried then not having tried at all. Dan, this is very important to know that we have tried everything to achieve our happiness and our love.... Someone much wiser then I had once said, "It is far better to have loved and have lost then not to have tried at all" and I believe to be so true..
Dan, my dear, I have written to you a number of things and I hope that their meaning won't be lost in translation and I hope that we will understand each other more and more and be happy together.
with all my deep feelings to you
Yours and only yours
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