Scam Letter(s) from Ludmila Hovan to Carmen (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my lovely friend Carmen!!! The reception of your letters becomes necessary for me. I wait with impatience of each you letter. I am very glad that your write me as it is possible more often. At me begins warmly in douche and very good status.
That we could see in our douches more heat, it is necessary to us to know about each other more. I would like to know all thy habits and desires. I am very much stirred, when I write thee it, because never reflected earlier on creation of own family. I never tried to study the man, but now I feel by the female intuition, what is it it is necessary. There can be I speak silly, thee are possible at all do not understand me. But my female feeling speaks, that probably thee will mine beloved. In old emails I tried to tell to thee maximal about myself and family. I think that your already know many my addictings and habits. But if thee would like to learn more, ask me about it. Now I think to tell to thee more about the country. Russia is country having many natural resources. Such as coal, gas, petroleum, gold and many other things. But standard of living at us very low. Therefore my wages suffices only on nutrition and payment of municipal services. Money to clothes and petty expenses is given me by(with) the mum. Because she receives the very large pension, it is 60 American dollars per one month or 1800 Russian roubles. Our life is very difficult. It is necessary much to refuse itself to purchase a large thing. For example, to pay for services of the Internet (it is 15 American dollars per one month), I should give lessons to small children domiciliary. Sometimes it is tightened(delayed) till the late evenings and I come home sick. I shall not upset more thee concerning our life. I would like to say, that ours with thee the dialogue abirritates and gives me to forget about realities. Today I shall finish, but soon again I shall write to your.
With impatience I wait for your letter.

Letter 2

Hello my love Carmen!!!!!
Today I visits travel agency "TurServis".
Me have given the detailed information on arrival in America. The agent of a travel company has explained to me, that the best visa to arrival in America, is the tourist visa B2. This visa is good by that its(her) registration without delay other types of the visas, she is made out about 3 weeks. Also this visa is convenient by that at its(her) registration there is a minimum of problems. In travel agency to me have said, that cost of the visa B2 makes 350 American dollars. This cost is included all services of a travel company in registration of the documents. It is awkward to me about it to speak, but my wages are very small for purchase of the visa. My wages make only 45 American dollars. In a travel company to me have said, that if you can to me help in purchase of the visa, the best variant for transfer(translation) of money, will be system Western Union. This system allows fast and safely to send and to receive a remittance. If you will help me in money, for my arrival to thee, thee will need to be sent money in Western Union in Krasnodar.The address of bank:
Also for transfer(translation) of money my complete name will be necessary for thee: Ludmila Hovan. For reception of thy remittance, the code MTCN will be necessary for me are ten numbers, which to thee will say in Western Union. Also data on thy complete address and thy complete name will be necessary for me. After reception of transfer(translation) I shall order the visa to arrival to you. I am very happy, that at us the real opportunity for an occurring has appeared. Therefore I am sure, that our love will find happy continuation, and then we will have opportunity for creation of perfect and happy family. I am very much excited by ideas what be speed we can together. Each day I do not finish to think of our love and it gives me forces to wait for the moment of our occurring. I with the large excitation wait for your answer!!!!

Letter 3

Hello my dear Carmen!!!
I am very glad, when I receive your letters.
Reading your letter, my mood is lifted. My love to you grows with each day. It is very bad without your presence near to me. All time, which I a presence at job and house, in ideas on you and about our occurring. It is very heavy to know, that there is a liked person, and I have no an opportunity a touch with you. I am pleased with that is possible soon we can give love one another, were beside. When I meet the in love pair in the street, at once present us with thee. I am glad, that the registration of the visa will not borrow a lot of time. It means that, an opportunity for purchase of the visa and ticket of the plane as soon as will appear, in short time we shall meet, and we shall present one another embraces and kisses. Tomorrow I shall learn in aircash departments about cost of the ticket, for arrival to you. It is very bad to understand that an obex to our occurring is the problem of money. I am glad to give you the big information for my arrival to you!!! It is very pleasant and good for me when we shall make the big step and we shall start official registration of papers for my arrival. My full address is 212-23 street Youth, Krasnodar, Russia, 350002. I have no the phone of a house, it only at work. My phone at work is 8612 982321. also I talked to the tourist agent today again. It(he) has told, that the visa will be made out no more than 25 days, it is the blanket tariff of time for Russia, it(he) has told, that makes out this type of the visa some years and there were very few cases that registration has borrowed(occupied) about 60 days. It(he) speaks, that it is possible variously for America and Russia. Also the tourist agent has told, that now practically all travel agencies in our city and in Russia have refused reception of translations from credit cards because it has very many taxes in Russia. It is much more favourable to them !
to accept money from the client or to accept money through the western union addressed to the director of the tourist agent because this money do not assess. Also while translating through a credit card it is a lot of delays during 1 or 3 weeks, it is very long process. Therefore use of the western union is optimum variant. Also it(he) has given me the address of a E-Mail and has told, that you may write to it(him) also. If it is necessary. It name Elena, it really my second name, I have received it(him) in our church at birth, it is sacred. Also that picture was the oldest, from that that I have sent you. But during 2 days I shall send you the newest picture. I am glad, that you have no a problem for the beginning my visa, I am very happy, that soon we can do(make) the first big step for us and start registration of my documents for arrival to you!!!
I think, that these obexes will strengthen our love and will strengthen our trust one another. After our occurring we can find much in common in us and our love will be most perfect in the world.
Excited by ideas on you!!!!
Your Ludmila



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