Letter(s) from Natalia Nasteka to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hello,my dear Keith!

I hope I may call you "dear "? You know ,getting your letter is a great surprise for me ! A very pleasant surprise I should say :) How are you today ?I hope my letter will make you smile and bring warm sunshine to you life !

So ,this my first letter to you ,I feel so excited ...I have so much to tell you ,but I think that we will have an opportunity to tell everything to each other later ,do you agree ?

What can I say about me ?As for why I have placed my ad in the first place. There are not so many guys around me. First of all, my job - that is people whose majors are the same as mine - most consists of girls. Since we have classes together at the university all the time, there is not a big chance to meet people from other places. Another thing is that the guys who are interested in me don't interest me for one reason or another. Some are handsome but stupid or sleep around, others who are not that attractive feel attracted to me because of my looks and that drives me nuts, because I feel that there is something more about me than plain bust-waist-hips thing. It also takes me a long time to recover after the break up, because I usually invest so much feelings in my relationships and then I just don't notice people around. I don't go out on plain dates. You know, to go out to movies with one guy today, and then go to a party with another guy tomorrow, and then to go to the dance with a third one. I mean, though a date doesn't presuppose having sex, it just doesn't feel right for me to see a different face every day. I want all in one. So somehow I have thought about Internet and I felt that this time I would try to find the one who would make a perfect match for me - alike personality in general, the same expectations, the same attitude to life and people, the same kind of humor - the things that really matter. I am looking for a kind man ,for a man who will make my heart beat faster and faster and i do hope to find this guy in you ! Will you give me a chance ?

I hope you will write me sooner on my e-mail natali_koroleva0@mail.ru

!I am waiting ,Natasha.

Letter 2

Hello ,my dear Keith !

Thank you very much for your sweet letter and wonderful photo , I like you very much ,my handsome man ! ! I am so happy and extremely excited to hear from you ! I have never had the contact with the man via Internet. I remember it was at school. I wanted to make the impression on the small boy and I wrote him a big letter about my love to him. He was so angry on me cause his friends didn't want to play with him. I think he was too young to understand my feelings to him. We were at the third class. I remember about it with the smile on my face. I am so lonely now. The weather is so hot. My life consists only of work and home but time to time i have the meeting with the friends. As you know I live in Lugansk with my family. I am 27 y.o. I am the only child. My parents are so nice,kind,good-hearted honest people. My father works at the factory. He has been working there more then 20 years. My mother is the housewife. She like cooking so much. Her favorite dish is the borsch. I invite you to taste the delicious dish of my mother. As for me I am the nurse. I work at the hospital for children. I have a lot of contacts with kind and cruel honest and dishonest smiling and sad people. I have to be very attentive to each of my clients . It is enough about the work about the boring things. Let's talk about reasons of searching the second half. I will tell you the first reason and tomorrow i will add more. So step by step you will know about me my character,my personality. It is not the news for you that a majority of men like to drink too much. The aim of their life is vodka. I don't want to be with the drunk man all my life. I think not only about my life but also about Our future Life. What kind of life will we have? I am tired to find the Normal Ukrainian man. I deserve to be the lucky woman. I have the strong wish to be with my Real man. At the end I would like to tell you I believe you and together we may start the new life to discover the bright world of Love. You know my dear ,I am very ashamed to say ,but I don't speak English myself. In my country only few people speak English and they work as teachers and interpreters. I use a translating agency and they helped me to create a profile and they translate our letters to each other .I hope this will not be a problem ?I promise that one day I will learn English ! I want you to feel free to ask me anything you wish to know I will be happy to answer you.

Your Natasha

Letter 3

Hello,my dear Keith !

How are you today ?I am happy ! You know ,your letter is always like a present for me ,so please ,make such presents oftener ! I admire reading the every word from you ! After reading your letter I feel like I am eager to leave my country and run to you , my perfect man !All the words you are saying make me so dreamy , I want to be with you, do you want me as your wife , I agree that in a marriage partners should take care about each other , such things as warm bath and hot supper are very good if your wife/husband is tired . Love and care are always together ! I would like to ask you about something! Tell me about your first love??? And I will tell about mine! :))) I was a good girl, braids and good grades, and so guys who were interested in studies were beyond my interests. I was 13 - that is 8th grade here - and I had this huge crush on a year older boy, who was bad. First of all he smoked, and that made me so worried about his soul and further life. He was very good-looking, at least me and a hundred of other girls thought so. Since we didn't have common classes or common friends and I was brought up and taught that a girl should never make the first move if she wants to be taken seriously and respected I found myself in a dead end. So all I could do is chase him around the school running into him absolutely accidentally - :P - from time to time. It was going on for year, and all this time I counted how many times he looked at me and so on, I even started writing poems and wrote about 30 of them ever since. :)))) One of my friends who preferred acting to thinking over found out his address and his phone number for me, but of course, there was no way I could call because I would have nothing to say except "Hey, this is me, that blonde girl that never watches where she goes" :))) so once I had this crazy idea to write my poem down and mail it to him. I did that 3-4 times until it crossed my mind that I could put my name at the bottom, then it wouldn't be me calling first. Well, he did speak to me and asked me out, I think more out of curiosity than being impressed by my poetical gift. :))))) I was excited and looking absolutely gorgeous - for a 14 year old girl with make up on - flew to met my destiny on wings of love. Having talked to him for a few minutes I felt as if the truck has overridden me. Oh, he WAS impressed but I was so shocked to discover that he was absolutely stupid!!!!!! I looked at him in disbelief, there he was my dream mate, my hero, who was able to make up only simple sentences. I cried my eyes out at home. That was so unfair and my life seemed to be over. :)))

That is why I am very happy that we have a chance to communicate and to know each other better ,do you agree with me ?One day we will meet and it will be a great meeting ,because we are getting closer and closer with each day !

Hope to hear from you sooner ,ok ?I am waiting !

Kiss you ,yours Natasha

Letter 4

Hello,my dear Keith !

You make me happy and your letter made my day ! You know I started catching myself thinking about you and waiting for a letter from you .I think it is a good sign ! What do you think about it ?Do you wait for my letters ?I hope so ! You are a great man !Thank you for telling me about your first love , I am so sorry that you suffered , she lost you and it was her fault , you are a nice man and if we are together I will never loose you. Different things can happen between a man and a woman but a couple in love should be patient and try to overcome all this .Relations between men and women are always complicated but very interesting . It just seems to me that we are a little different, which is great, if we were identical, we would grow so bored! :P As I watched soap operas in a tender age I could never understand how the series could drag on and on endlessly! I never could figure out why two people can't just sit down and talk - what the rest of 200 hundred shows would be about then???? - and could never guess how is it possible to be afraid of responsibility or emotional dependance. I mean that is the main concern of all lovers in soap operas! :)))) I was never afraid of either one. I feel very uncomfortable without being affected to someone, without longing for someone's voice, or look, or touch, not anyone but a very special guy. I have always been proud of my ability to stay calm in any situation. My Mom keeps telling me that I have chosen a wrong profession and should have become a surgeon or work in a rescue service. Anyway, it was a long time ago when I figured out that guys don't like neither girls who keep telling them about their great pure love and try to please them in every possible way, nor the girls who pretend to be made of ice and not interested a bit. My intuition helped me to find the golden middle. I found flirting very enjoyable, I liked to balance on the edge and probably still do. But from time to time it occurs to me that never in my life have I totally lost control. But ,now writing to you ,it is like I ma starting to loose control and can you imagine ,I like this feeling ! Have you ever lost your head??? I mean at least once, have you been in the situation, when all you could think about is another person's touch or kiss and the rest of the world didn't matter? Not plain physical pleasure, but something a lot more awakening??????You know while writing this ,I dream about getting a letter in which you will say that you are loosing control because of me ! It will be so pleasant !Honey ,I think we will have a great future , will you give me a chance to make you happy ?

Will you write me sooner ?I am waiting for your letter

Yours Natasha

Letter 5

Dear Sir,

As you know, your lady's account is closed, we can not pass your letter to her for free. We have wrote you this for hundred of times, to not pretend that you do not get our letters. Please, refresh her account if you are interested in her and if you are not let us know and we will pass her.

Best Regards
Julia Potapenko

Letter 6

Dear Sir,

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Letter 7

Dear Sir,

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