Scam letter(s) from Valentina to Rune (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hi Rune! I am really happy that I have the possibility now to write you the first letter. It is always difficult to tell something about myself when you have so little knowledge about the person but the rigid information have awakened the interest in me anyway and I do want to become a friend to you or even something more who knows? I want to remind you that my name is Valentina (they say that my name is the variant for woman of the name of the famous priest who was uniting loving people even though it was forbidden so I do hope that I will also manage to find the love which will overcome all the difficulties. I should also say that my friends and relatives call me Valya and you can do the same if you want), I let you to choose and way to address me as it does not matter for me at all. I live in Ukraine, my city is called Lugansk and it is situated in the eastern part of Ukraine. My city is not very big but it is rather important industrial city and I am happy that I was born there as it is my native place. I think it is enough to tell you for the first time and I truly hope that we will get along with you. I want to know you as good as it is possible so you are welcome with any story about your life, please, write me on my e-mail.
Letter 2

Hello, Rune! I am glad to hear from you again and I do hope that we will get along with you. I think it is time now to tell you some words about my family. I should tell you that my father`s name is Victor and he works as an engineer, he is very educated person and I like to have talks on different topics with him. My mother`s name is Lidiya, she is a nurse, I truly respect her profession and she is very devoted wife, I do like the relations that are between my parents, I am delighted with the fact that they managed to preserve the romance that is between them in the coarse of such a long years! I do want to have the same relations with my future spouse. I also have a sister, she is 2 years younger than me but she is married already and she has a beautiful daughter, my niece, whose name is Veronika, she is real angel and I truly enjoy playing with her. You have very interesting name origin and I am happy to know about that, you are wonderful and I am sure that we will get along with you.
I do like your photos as well, thank you for sending them:) I have a lot of various hobbies and I really fond of Astrology. I was born on the 2nd of March, so I am Pieces and it means that I can get along with any Zodiac sign and it is really great. But I am sure that the soul of the person can not be described by astrology only so other hobby of mine is psychology, I do want to have possibility to get along with people and it is impossible without knowing the basic rules of psychology. I also like dancing and having parties I have a lot of friends as I think that the more people you know the happier you are, friends are always ready to help and support me and you never feel lonely but still I need someone special in my life. I do hope that the Internet will help me to find such a person, I do not know why but it seems to me that he lives somewhere far from me, not in Ukraine. I do not have any special demand to a person I just want to find comfort by strong man`s shoulder. And what is your need in woman? I just wonder whether I can be what you need or we are just friends, but I do not care as good friend is also great and I will be happy to find him in you. I wish you nice day and I do hope to hear from you soon. Valya.
Letter 3

Good evening (or morning I do not know how many hours are separating us) but I feel that we are close in some way. I am happy that you have found time to write me as I was waiting for your letter. You are very interesting person and I hope that you feel the same so I will continue telling my story to you. I want to tell you about my education, I am happy that I have finally fulfilled my dream and I can study as a lawyer now, I will finish my university in three years I know that it is a bit late to start studying at 25 but I did not have possibility to enter the university earlier as I did not have success somehow but I am really happy to learn all the laws as I do want to be good specialist and it is always great fulfill childish dream but I am not able to study and live on my parent`s money so I have part time job as a secretary and I do proud of myself as I can be in time in different places during a day, of coarse I am tired sometimes but I never give up and I do hope that I will have success in life. Rune, it is great that you like psychology and i think that astrology connected with it as well, do you know a lot of women from the Ukraine? Do you write to them or you know them in person? I dream about speaking foreign languages as it gives a lot of possibilities to people and the possibility to talk with you is one of them but we did not have good English teacher at school and I have to cut English classes at the university as I have to work at the time, I dream about English courses as I have some time for them in the evening but somehow I am not able to find some, but a friend of mine, she works as a lawyer advised me good translational firm she says that they perfectly translate their documents and they perform private correspondence as well so I have come to the firm and I truly hope that they will help me to find my half. But anyway I am sure that I should find the right English school and start talking English as I do want to communicate with you without any barriers and I will do that very soon. I have big Newfoundland dog Rem by name, he is adored and spoiled by all members of our family and we have wonderful works with him in the morning. I think I should finish my letter now as I should go to the university, it is very important lesson there and I could not miss it.
I am looking forward to your letter. Valya.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Rune! I am truly happy to be with you and I hope that everything is alright with you. I am glad to have such a wonderful person by my side. I am sure that we will overcome the barriers between us and we will be together. I do want to congratulate you on your birthday, I am sorry
that I have not done it in time but they say it is better later than never:) I have been thinking what love means for me and I have decided that love is unique feeling and this is what i am looking for. Love is a wonderful feeling and nothing can compare it. do you agree? Love, trust and commitment can conquer the longest distance. Love means life ,life means love . LOVE IS GOD. I want love,life and happiness. We can only learn to love by loving. Pleasure of sharing is greatest of all pleasures. Why people love each other? nobody can answer this question so far? but when i go to bed I am thinking about you. I am very caring, loving, gentle , flowers for you. I will take care of you .. LOVE THAT KNOWS NO BARRIERS. Love is the main thing in life. it is something you will never buy . And true love never dies. love is when 2 persons can't live without each other. they feel something discreditable to each other. Love afraid of nothing. Love is disinterested. you want to give all of yourself and don't demand anything in return. That is what I am looking in the life and I truly hope that I will find it one day. I do not know whether it is possible to find such a thing in our full of hurry life but I really hope for that and I am sure that I will discover this one day. It s rather costly to have education in Ukraine and I spend almost all my salary on it (I get 120 dollars per month ad I pay 95 per month) I am happy to know that you are educated English teacher, perhaps you will teach me? I need to finish my letter now and I let you to think about my reflections it is very interesting for me to know your opinion about this. I will be with you, I truly need you by my side. I will go for a walk with Rem today and I will be thinking about you while he is
communicating with his friends as I do not have anyone interesting in life to communicate. Valya.
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