Scam letter(s) from Elena Akochkina to I. Lopez (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, mine Loved!!!
I am very glad the darling that you have written to me I very much I miss on you loved. I simply do not know that to me to do I all time think of you the darling, certainly you like me also I have to you feelings, you are necessary to me as air I I wish to be with you wish to arrive to you and to remain with you the darling. I wish to be your girl, but I yet up to the end am assured of you, you in fact did not trust me and did not trust me on all of hundred percent. If you want the darling I to you I shall open all soul and I shall tell to you in all sincerity that you to me are very dear also I the darling I very much it I wishes to be with you want. I really wish to be only yours and I do not want any more to whom the darling except for you I very much you belong hope for you in fact to me is dear as the person and as the beloved which will be to me the good husband, but I do not wish to do hasty conclusions, up to ours with you of a meeting. I wish to arrive to you and to learn you on closer. I wish to get acquainted with friends your native and close to you. I wish to learn all from their words what you the person. I have chosen you from thousand and here when you have sent me the photo I were convinced of it on all of hundred percent, you to me very much like me all in you to like. The darling why you did not send me the photo earlier?
Well lovely I learn all, I learn the information which to me to be necessary to visit you in Staffs Soedinenyh and I tomorrow to you I shall inform, I shall ask the heads on work the day off for one day but only understand due to this day off to me to be necessary to work it is strengthened, but for the sake of us with you I am ready on any victims I is ready for the sake of love on all and for the sake of you LOVED on all.
LOVED I wish to tell at once to you, that for me it will be better if I shall arrive to you. I want remains you for the beginning for a month that we could on is better learn each other, in fact people learn on much more about each other during a meeting, I hope you understand it I wish to arrive to you and to learn you on better and if at us all will be good that we together we shall go to me to Russia and I shall acquaint you with friends all native and close to me, hope you understand me Loved.
I want to tell toyou a little about my childhood. In the childhood I was very disobedient child because all my acts resembled on boyish. My mother spoke me, that I should be born the boy, instead of the girl. I carried spent a lot of time with my father. He was the painter, and his pictures were very popular. My father taught me to draw pictures, that it was useful to me when I became the designer. I am very grateful to the family to that they have learned that and me have made for me. In the summer I had usually a rest at the grandmother in a village. Helped her on a facility. In a kitchen garden I helped to collect berries and vegetables, watered vegetables. Due to the grandmother and mum I have learned is tasty to prepare for various foods. I am able to prepare: salads, soups, garnishes, pies, and desserts. My mum and the grandmother also have taught me to knit and embroider. When at all family free day was given out, we went on river. There we bathed, sunbathed and played in all possible games on water, but basically in water we played with a ball. In a village my father taught me to float and for short term he of me well has learned to float, for what I am very grateful to him. Now, when I arrive to mum with the grandmother, we frequently recollect my childhood. Together we recollect happy time when we so had well a good time and had a rest. At school I studied well, participated in every possible actions. Many times participated in competitions on volleyball where our school borrowed high places. The highest place which was borrowed with our school when I studied, it was 3 place. In institute I also well studied and played for combined team of institute on volleyball. In institute in 1997 we have borrowed 1 place. It was simply wonderful. After this victory we began to play with other institutes of different cities. There to us has carried less as there we have borrowed 3 places, having conceded 1 and 2 place to institutes from. In the childhood I had dog. It was the German sheep-dog. Him called Sharik. He has died because of old age. I even remember those times when I walked her. It was wonderful. I very much adore pets. I and now would like to have a dog, but I will not have not enough time that for her to watch, especially, if it will be the puppy. Many thanks!!!
Well lovely I has told to you a little about the childhood, I hope you is not tired to read my letter. I am glad that we again with you together. I shall wait for that moment when I can see you beside myself, I very much miss on you and I am glad that you have solved, in fact all in your hands and depends on you there will be we together or not, I very much would like that we with you were together that not who could not separate us from you. I with impatience shall wait from you for the answer I hope that you shortly will write to me I shall wait from you for the answer with impatience.
I kiss gently on the mouth
With love yours Elena
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