Scam letter(s) from Larisa Radchenko to Eric (France)

Letter 1
Hello my Dear,
With every letter of yours, I seem to be closer and closer to you! It's a pity that I have no computer at home, as I would wish much to write you more often. I didn't tell you yet, that I use the internet cafe to communicate with you. It is situated far from my work and my home, so it takes me much time to come here. That's why I can't write as often as I would like to.
My knowledge of English isn't excellent yet. I learn it myself by books that I have, I also ask for consulting with teachers at our school. But I my English isn't perfect yet. I use interpreter's help now. This is my private interpreter. I would like to tell you a little, for you to understand that I have some kind of problem. It deals financial side of the corresponding. I know that it may be not very pleasant for you to read it. But I can't hide it from you. And I have nobody to share this problem with. The thing is that my wage is only 40$ per month, and the correspondence takes me almost the same sum. I have counted that I won't be able to stay this way for a long time. I can't ask my mother for help, as she is a pensioner. I think that we both are interested in our farther relations, and I would be happy if you agreed to help me a little financially to pay for interpreter and internet. Of course, I feel a shame to speak about this. But I have no other way out. I! hope for your understanding and support.
Please, understand me right. Don't think want lie to you. I am very interested in our relations and our future meeting. These money isn't worth to lose each other. But right thanks to these money we can continue our relations. I ask you to forgive me one more time and understand me. Please, reply me in any case, as I will worry much till I get your next letter.
I send my tender hug…
Sincerely, Larisa
p.s. As to about our meeting I accept any variant of our meeting because I am valid it I want. But I for the financial reasons can not visit you. Therefore you should arrive to me to Ukraine. I with my mum we shall be glad you to meet and accept.
Letter 2
Hello my Dear!
At last I can write to you! Now I should work much and I even take additional lessons to correct the financial position, therefore all this borrows a lot of time. But I certainly in the heart store you and at once wanted to tell, that I very much for you have become bored{have missed}! I am very happy, that you have met you, because noble and honour, fond the man. Very seldom will meet presently such. Certainly we should meet and I would like to hear your think about it. After that, if our feelings will prove to be true, I shall be ready to connect to you the destiny, if you will agree. I think. That we approach each other. I can be devoted and fond, to give back myself liked to the man up to last section. Also I want to be the good mother and correct friend. I feel in myself readiness for family life and I want it. Due to you I of a beginning to be pleased life and people. Earlier I did not notice, that I can smile all money all the day at me perfect mood. It is all due to you, mine lovely. A thank to you for it. I want, that you never were in me disappointed. Also thank to you for understanding and care of me. I do not know as it is possible to send money, but me have prompted, that is possible to take advantage of services Western union. Learn please for it, whether it is convenient for you. That sum, that you have specified to me will suffice even on purchase of mobile phone and we could communicate with you at any time. Every night I could wish you something by phone.))) It would be valid well. I give you the data for Western Union. Larisa Radchenko Ul.Chapaeva 56-23, g. Poltava Poltava region Ukraina 32650
I very wait for your answer and further our attitudes. Think please about meeting. And now I want to come each night in your dream............ Only I...........
Yours Larisa
p.s. Only I should warn you that you did not send money in an envelope. At us the poor country and that more - less valuable is in an envelope or a parcel(sending), necessarily disappears and never will reach the addressee.
I with impatience wait your following letter with good news.)))
Letter 3
Hello my Sweet!
Today the day off, good weather. I have come here to check up your letter and to tell, that I want to be with you. When I went here saw the having a rest people, the in love couples which enjoyed good weather, a free time and that they together..... To me it became very sad. I one and was very hard to feel it. I very much want, that such in love couple were we with you........ I believe, that it will be, it should be necessary. I know, that my expectations should be not vain...... I have in the soul many love, fire, heat, but I shall give all this only to the only thing....... Eric, think please of an opportunity of our meeting. Thanks big for money. Only I have not understood you have sent them whether or not. If has sent, to me have told on Western Union, that you should me give code MTCN on which I can receive money. Write it please. Thanks you for everything, that you for me do, my lovely, and the main thing that you are also I to you is necessary..... Yours Larisa
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