Romance scam letter(s) from Inna Chiliyants to Rick (USA)
Letter 1
Rick, darling,
I am so convinced now that there is only one man for me and he is you Rick. There is no way I can fight this wonderful feeling and I surrender to you, man that I desire. I like the way you make me feel, you make me feel strange things. You awaken within me the need to take care of you and love you. And there is no stopping this anymore. I mean I know when we are a family we might have disagreements from time to time, but they will be meaningless in the shadow of our feelings. And I think if we ever get mad at each other, it will end almost before it starts. How can you stay mad at me by looking in my eyes?:-)
I know everything is going to be great between you and me Rick, and we will find in each other that kind of love we both was looking for. There is nothing more to ask of life. No money or anything else could compare with this. So there darling Rick. Those are words from my heart. I hope they help to convince you. This feelings is here for you now, for the taking. You said this is what you have looked for, well here it is...take it!! Don't question it. So I guess we just have to be happy that we have found each other, as unlikely as that was, with the billions of people in the world, and us living so far apart, in very different worlds. And we still found each other. If this is not fate, then I don't know what is it.
It is me, your other half. Have we lived before, been together before, felt this way before? I don't know, but I sure think it is possible. It would explain how I feel towards you and have never ever seen you yet. And isn't this where my fears come from? Not that I doubt you, but that it just seems so impossible that we could have found this true love in each other... It is not us that we doubt, just the incredible circumstance that we met and found each other to start with.
So Rick, my answer on your question is...I am going to share with you every your dream, and will give you a lot of love back, so much that you won't be able to escape it even if you would want it:-)
Write soon,
Letter 2
Rick, darling,
Thank you for your wonderfull letters my Love.
You know, I have been talking to my friend that I use computer, and she said that the money that I payed her for our communication is over. I paid her 70 USD at June 27th and those money is over. So, I don't have any more money to write you.
I am so sorry Rick, but I have to ask you for more money so that I could write you and receive your letters.
Well, you are right by saying that we both have an understanding and an agreement between each other, and that we have both decided to make a commitment and a promise that we will be together and that this will mean forver amd more. And also that one day hopefully soon, I will be your devoted wife and I am definatelly going to respect you and love you greatly, you can be sure of that Rick.
I do not know what to say after all.......Well Rick, it seems like you are so close to me now....I really do not know what I am going to do now. My heart was for so long has existed on nothing and was willing to accept the counterfeit when the original was just within a reach, but I couldn't know it. You have came into my life so suddenly, that I couldn't even believe it for a moment....That is still a mystery for me and I still don't understand how could I met you. I was looking for you so badly that I thought I would never find you at all...People would say it could never happen, but we both know it already has. As I sit here picture us, together hand in hand. Love knows no distance, it can happen a world away, it can happen over the time, or it can happen in a day... But now here you are...I believe that you diserve the sun, the moon, and all the stars in the sky. And I also want to thank you a thousand times over for all understanding and pation.
Now I want to make come true all of your special wishes from inside of your heart, a wishes that will make you happy as you make me who's life you have touched. And I hope you realize just how much I really care about you, that you are always number one, and that no matter what, I will be always there for you. Love,
Letter 3
Rick, darling,
Thank you for your letter. Please don't think that something has happened between us. I am not loosing my interes to you, not at all. Trus me, I have the same feelings to you and nothing has changed. And of course I am waiting for the moment when I will see you in Paris in 32 days.
My dear Rick, no man's words have touched my heart like your words. I can feel your passion and your enthusiam. And I want to do the same for you. I want to awaken your love. I want to awaken your heart. I want your imagination to soar.
I want to build a family with you, my very special man. You don't have to be perfect, you only have to know that I am the only woman for the future..
And in return for your love and admiration you will be treated better than you could ever dream of. From tender moments, to soft little kisses, to waking up each day and sharing our days together. To laughing, watching a sunset, the innocence of a delicate flower-Sharing the simple pleasure of life as man and woman. I want to make your heart complete. I know I can add strength, romance, optimism, knowledge, and joyful emotions to you Rick. Together we can face the future with confidence knowing we are not alone, but in each others arms.
For this, for you - has been worth waiting for.
Those magic moment of our life together will last a lifetime.
Letter 4
Rick, my Love,
Thank you a thousand times for the leters you have sent to me, it was so wonderfull.
Of course it would be wonderfull to visit Disneyland-Paris. With you darling, I am willing to do anything and everything will makes me happy.
I long to have you next to me, and making the best of this life together. I dream of waking up in your arms, and telling you how happy I am, making love to you, having a lovely dinner together some place romantic, travelling to beautiful parts of this world together and just simple have you by my side to share this life with you.
Look Rick, my thoughts are crazy sometimes, but nothing I can do about it.......It's the longing I feel without you here Rick. It's when I close my eyes and you're always there. I can close my eyes and see us together as a couple in the future. Sometimes it scares me that I care so much for you. And speaking about the night time, when I use to dream of you, in the darkness of my mind and the night does the light of you go shining through my heart, lighting up such a wonderful unknown places, as if you were knew just where to go. Keeping my dream from remembering that we are apart:-( You are consumes my dreams even when I awake. But my heart is hoping, and praying, and wishing that someday very soon you will step out from a shadows and will stop to be just a dream....God, I need you so much......And now I am awake to remember and cherish my dream and know that now you are my every waking thoughts.
And tonight I will lie in my bed and know that out there somewhere is you Rick, that thinks of me and has powerful feelings for me do you think I feel. Am I in love with you? I want you.....? Well, YES, I DO.....
One more thing before I go to bed.. YOU stole my heart Rick, didn't have to do that. I was going to give it to you anyway...
Sweet dreams
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