Scam Letter(s) from Victoria Pshenichnaya to Ronaldo (Brazil)

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Letter 1

Hello, Ronaldo !
I was very glad to get letter from such interesting man as you are. I believe that our correspondence will give to us plenty of pleasure and our communication will be fascinating.
I will try to tell you about myself.
Emmm... Well, my name is Victoria, I am 26 years old.
I was born in1977, February 1...
I am living at industrial town on south-east of Ukraine. I am sociable,self-critical,can be serious and merry .It depends on circumstances.I am also romantic and sentimental. I have a sence of humor and I can love and appreciate all the best in the person . I am life loving person and I like life at all her manifestation, even when it becomes sometimes very awful. I like to read very much - from popular books and fantasy to classic and cooking recipe. I have many hobbies. I am sewing of my clothes,I can knitting a sweater - I am good housewife. I like any active time spending outside, sport games and I love the sea very much.
What I don't like...I love mostly all, I don't like not sincere relationship.
Now I am alone and dream to meet a man, who can help me to feel myself loved and wished and I will give to him all my tenderness and love.
If you interested in my personality,please, write to me. I will be glad come to know about you much more I could be very glad if you send to me your photo. I wish you good day!
Bye for now, and I send you a little kiss, Victoria.

Letter 2

hello, dear Ronaldo !
Thanks for writing me for the second time already,if you write me again, that means that you probably found something interesing in my letter to you, something common for us, did you?
Well, I liked the letter you sent o, and I hope that firstletters to eachother were already a start of something pure, beautiful and just nice.
I probably tell you something about my family, just for you to know, as i think if we've already started to learn things about eachothert, so you have to know about them.
My parents are divorced, and I live with my father, I have a younger sister who lives with our mother, but lucky we are, we all live in the same town, not really far from eachother, that is why there are no difficulties for me to visit my mom often, and I see my sister everyday, we are the best friends with her, and if I need to share some problems, if I need some support, she is the person I always go to. She is 21 at the moment.
my mom, does not work , and my father is a builder, he does not have a stable work, what he does is that he looks through the newspapers all the time to see if there is a person, a firm or anyother place, town , where the builders service is needed. so , that is what my father is.
If to try to tell you more about myself, you know, sometimes I really think that all my character is inside of my name, ,,, what I mean is that " Victoria" as you know probably, means "victory"
And that says a lot about me, like that I am very strong-willed person, that means that I reraly give up if there are any difficulties in my life, I just think that there will be another day, which definitly brings the solvation of all my problems and misfotunes, and youknow that really happens so:)
I almost always smile, and all my friends ask me from time to time, how is that possible to smile all the time, like there are no problems for me at all, but I just say:" smile to your life, and soon you will see that it smiles to you:)"
Well,i think it is time to stop for now, if you think I missed something in my story about myself, please ask me anything you have on your mind, and I'll be always here to answer your questions. Deal?
Bye for now. Victoria

Letter 3

Hello Ronaldo, my wonderful knight in the shining armour, hello, my dearest prince, your princess missed you much here, she longs for your warmth & your sweetness so much, hse waites for the time to come, when you will be both together, this princess is me honey, my dearest & ever so dearest man, i truly hope that life treats you kid there & nothing troubles you there, cause this is so much important for me to know you are safe, it's so importnat for me to know, you are doing well there, sweetheart I need to know you are O'k there...
you know, sometimes I justr clopse my eyes & listen to the silencer, it whispers me you are waiting for me there, it tells me you long to be with me the same I do long for being with you here, I am always thinking of you, my sun shine, my wonderful star, winkling me from the clearsky at night, showing me my way from the darkness, saving me from this loneliness I sankeds in, when you came to resque me, my wonderful love, thanks a lot for giving me your hand, when I needed you so much, thanks a lot for always being there for me, sweetherat, coming to help me on my first call, thanks a lot for your kindness, thanks a lot for your open mind & kind heart, the kindest heart beatting inside of a human chest... Thanks God for bringing you once to my life, once & forever, I know whatever happenes we'll always be together, we'llbe in each other's hearts, in eahc oither's thougths in each other's dreams, I love you much & there is no love in thisa worldf, stronger than my love for you, I want you toalways remewber about that, I want you to always keep that on your mind, honey, I do love you, I do love you so much!
& please do not think I disappear, cause I do not, I just want you to underrstand, thsi is not cheap for me to use the tranlsation srervice in the intenret casfe I write you from & sometimes I may have nop means to do that, I have a debt here in the intenret cafe & I can't come here too often, cause very soon m y credit time will expire & I won't be allowed to write you at all...
I do appreciate your care for sure, sweetie, thanks a lot for saying me you will think about visiting me here one day, sure, that is a great idea, I sure also want to make it there to see if I will like life there, but you know, I feel like I will like it everywhere, when there is you next to me, honey!
thanks a lot for saying you will support me with getting my passport & visa expences, I've just asked my translator &* she told me that the fastest & the most safe way to transfer money is western union system I've never heard about it, may be you know what it is, so, you will be able to help me that way, but let me tell you, i really do feel uneasy, accepting your help,. but still, at the same time, I have no way to do the things I need to bne together with you, honey!
that was so sweet of you to record that cd for me, I wish I could have a cd player at home, so I could listen to it...hope I will have ti one day,,, I feel so sad tday, cause you are not next to me, I want us together, I want us close, I do love you so much, ym ronnie, thanks a lot for nthat wonderful rose, honey, it seem to me I can feel its smell, thanks a lot, my dearest romantic sweetheart, I will close this for now, but I will wait a lot to hear back from you very soon again, with all my love fpor you

Letter 4

Hello, sweetheart Ronaldo, that was unbelievably long weekend without you, how are you doing there ? i hope you are well!
I missed you so much,. my dearest love ! believe me there was nobody else on my mind but you all the weekend long, well, actually that has no matter for me if this is weekend or working day, you are always on my miond, honey !
we celebrated Independence day here on Sunday, this is why almost everywhere they had short day on Satturday, but not at my workiong place, so I was late to the internet cafe, you won't belive how sad i was, cause you were on my mind all day long, I knew what i would write you, wqhen i come to the internet cafe at the evening, but unfortunately when i came the internet cafe was closed.... :-(
this is why you didn't hear from me on saturday, honey... I missed you even more than usually , sweetie...
you know how much I hate thoe public holidays, but never the less, my friends talked me to go to celebrate, sure to the central square, as usually, they promised there would be gerat firewalks, well, they talked me to, actually....
when we left home, the weather was hot & so sunny! so none of us guessed to take at least one umbrella, then suddenly black cloud covered the sky, the lightning cracked the sky into two,we heard the thunder & it rained so heavily...
sure I got soaked all over... there were no free places in neighbour cafes, all of them were full of people trying to find a shelter there, so we had nothing to do, but to find a tree to be safe, that didn't help, we tryed to get into the bus, but they all were also full of people hurring up to their hopme places, when we sat in the bus, we realised that the rain was over, but we had no desire to celebrate anymore. so we went to one of our friend's place, we bought red wine on our way there to warm up our soaked bodies, shivering like trees while a hurricane ;0)
You know, we were so happy to finally realise we're safe & rain is not showering us anymore, we baked kinda apple pie ( my fave one !) & we sat till late chattering like true chatter boxes, talking each other's ears off...
I wishg you could have been there with me, I am so sure you would ike company of ym friends, they all are so cute, they are saying hi to you, they always ask me how are you doing there, I say you're doing well & saying hi to them, do you ind me saying that ? I know, they are always so pleased to hear that my faraway prince, my beloved man saying hi to all of them...
You found out so many details I will need to get to your place, thanks a lot for giving me the adress of Brazilian embassy in Kive, but you know, I was told, that i would have to go there mafter I would have got my passport. You told you found the western union office there, that's great, at least I will be sure, that the fuinds you are sending are in safe hands.
I hope you are doing well there. I wish i could know what was your weekend like, my faraway star, ym dearest beloved man, I am missing you so dearly here, I couldn't wait for this working day to finish sooner,so I would go to the internet cafe to tell you how much i do love you! & so here I am, I love you, my dearest man, mym wonderful sunshine, my splenid moonlight, my dream come true, all of my day start with thoughts of you & you're always here with me all ym days long & even at nights you never leave me, you are always with me, my dearest love, missin g you much, thinkig of you always, all yours with all my love for you

Letter 5

Hello Ronaldo, my dearest love, my wonderful sunshine, this is true that I'm missing you more & mroe with each & every coming day, life keeps me busy, but I don't care as my thoughts are all busy with my thougths of you, sweetheart, you are so sweet for being patient about me there, i know that sometimes I can be naughty missing answering a quest from you, sometimes I can be too late to the internet cafe, so you will not get a letter from me & sometimes you can just not hear from me for several days, right, hon ? but believe me, those days of silence are not my fault , believe me they are more than most scaring torture in the whole universe for me, cause not hearing from you is the biggest punishment for me, I am rushing forth & back, questioning myself, what have I done to be punished so striktly by the cruel hand opf my destiny, why i am not allowed to ehar from my sweetie, to talk to him, hon, you are my everything & even the day without hearing from you is like an endless empty eternity, dark & cold, where I am all alone, where the birds are not singing, where the sun is not shining at all, where are no sounds, no voices speaking, there is no life there, where are no you for me, but the world around me & I myself get alive when the chilly wind brings me a love letter from me, full of your warmth, full of your sunshine, full of our sweet dreams, honey, i wish you coul,d realise how much I do need that my each & every day, sweetheart, you are mine, you are my sweetheart, my precious man, my wonderful love, my greatest trasure in the world, my 8th wonder, i love you so much, that all the words i am saying at the moment are seem to be too few to let you know how much I really love you & what I feel for you inside of me, sweetheart, I love you so dearly & I need you here with me so badly, you are my onliest ray of sunshine in the etrernal darkness & only you can make my heart beat faster, only you havew takesn my breath away, & still keeping it so tight, that I can't breath, i can't, untill I am with you, this is what I am looking forward for so eagerly, i love you my man, my love,. my dearest sunshine, I love you so mucvh, waiting a lot for a sopon reply from you to come, I need a mouthfull of yourm sweet love, i can't wait when i can drink it endlessly... i love you much... i am missing you, waiting for the day to come to make us close forever...
You know, i actually feel uneasy about telling that i need to cover the debt for our correspondence here in the inernet cafe & i just have no way to do that, but i hope you will help me take care of it, as in another way, i will not be allowed to wrirte you anymore, untill our debt is payed here, so, would you mind helping me, sweetie?
all yours with all my love for you...Victoria

Letter 6

Hello, dear Mr Vianna, Pshenichnaya Victoria asked us to send you the necessary information about our service. We'd like to inform you that the correspondence for our clients is not for free here.To translate a letter from you costs 3$ if a letter is medium size. If it is bigger , its price increases proportionally.To translate the letter of a girl also costs 3$ and more for bigger letter.One hour of the internet and using computer costs 1$ . To scan a photo of a girl and send it to you cost 2$.And to get your photos :
Each 100Kb cost 1$.
You can send your money by the Western Union system on the adress of Pshenichnaya Victoria
1, 4Leninskiy Street
The copy of the bill for Pshenichnaya Victoria for 20.09.2003
ammount of recived letters 24*3=72$ USA
ammount of sent letters 19*3=57$USA
ammount of received pictures
or attachments 13 (366 Kb) = 3,66$ USA
ammount of sent pictures 3*2=6$ USA
the whole ammount is 138,66$ USA
If you have any questions, please ask.
Best regards.
internet's cafe administration

Letter 7

Hello Ronaldo, my dearest love, so, it's saturday again, & that means that i will not hear from you all weekend long, well, it's pretty sad, you know, but i will live through this weekend, thinking of you, as usually & even more than usually, waiting for the monday to come sooner, so we'll talk again, you know, i am always missing you so much... the weather is rather warm over here. & pretty sunny, but that doesn't make me happy, cause you are not next to me, you are not close, you are so far away, actualy you are always on my mind, in my heart, in my most sacred dreams, honey, i do now know how that happened, that became close, but what i do know for sure is that the sun ray broke through the coulds when I first met you, honey,,, you are my everything, sweetie, gosh, making you happy is my most wildest dream, hon, i will do anyhting to make you happy, sweetie, I really want to make you happy, sunnshine, seeing your happy smile will be my greatest reward for waiting for you so much, hon, i truly hope that will be possible for me to make you the most happiest man in the Universe, as this is definitely the way I feel with you, you are making me more & more happy with each & every coming day, you mean so much for me, dearest, you are my world, my everything, my dream come true & i really wish i could be there with you at the moment... I wish you could be next right now, so, i would see your smile, sweetie, so, i would feel your warmth, so, i would holod your hand in mine, telling this, i feel like you are next to me, like you are whispering the sweetest words to m,y ear at the moment, i know, we'll be together soon & i can't wait for that to happen...
YOu know, sweetie, I even do not know whatr you find so wrong about my letters? I am a;lways keeping the conversation with you, you knowl, when you ask me to tell yuo about my weekend, I do tell you, i always try to be attentive to waht you wriote & what you ask me about, & I feel like I not only try, but I am very attentive to you, cause you are my love, Ronny & I need to know everything about you, you topld you were a m,an with pure feelling, this is what I am inside, well, with a little difference, I am a woman with pure feellings ;0)
I asked me translater to get back throught the letters you sent me lately, I couldn't find a quest which I could miss in answering you, hon, I really wish I could know what makes you so much con cerened, i am for you here, hon, yopu arte the air i breath & you say I am not attentive to you, well, i am not comlaining, this is gerat, that you tell me about that honestly, so, I will try to be perfect for you, cause I really want to make you happy, I really want to be perfect for you, sweetheart...
YOU told yopu would help me with covering my debts over here, I really do appreciate your care, sweetie, I will ask my translator to send you a note about how you may help me, & as to the phoning here & not being talked to, you see, when there are no translators in the internet cafe, they can't speak to foreigners without knowing any english, so, thr only thing they can do is to hang the reciver,,,I hope you are not too worried about that fact, thyey you wrren;'t talked to...
I will be thinking of you, hon, missing you much, yuo know, i love you so much, that saying bye each time, i feel like i've already missed you so much!
all yours with all my love for you....Victoria

Letter 8

Hi, Ronaldo... I haven't got a letter from you & that makes me kinda sad, honey you know, the cold wind blew all the weekend long & that reminded that summer won't be back anymore this year, that we're looking to a long, rainy autumn & long frosty winter, Oh my, how much I wish I could be with you this winter, sweetie, to feel your warmth, to feel your presence are the greatest gifts of fate for me, hon, I wish you could know how much I do miss you here & how much I do want to be with you, no matter where, no matter what we are doing, but this is really so much importnat to be with you, honey, I want us together & forever, sweetie, I want us to be happy, I want us to bathe in the sunrays of our happiness, feelling warmth & love towards each other & never being lonely or feel cold ever again...
You know, that was a quite weekend for me, I just canned some vegetables for winter & stayed at home, even didn't go out to see some of my friends, i didn;t feel like that, i knew if you were with me, things around me would be so much different, hon, i would be so muc h happieer, I would be so much cheerful, cause you are the one who makes me feel so great, who puts a smile to my lips, who always adds so much sunshine into my life... & how was your weekend my love? i hope all is well with you there, I hope you are not getting cold there, cause of the autumn, which has come, so sure, this is her time of rulling in this world, her Majesty is painting the trees in different colours, i know, i know, this is what I see around me, but this is all kinda game, cause what is seemed so great will turn into naked picture, where the trees will be stripping, being ashamed of their bare bodies... steretching their naked hands- branches to the sun, which will be farer & farer from them, giving so few warmth, just in order they couldn;t die from the dark & cold...
i always feel kinda sad this time of the year, sure, I do enjoy the colours of the early autumn, they are so bright & the sky is so heavenly blue, but not as high as it's used to be on summer, it's kinda falling, so, I am afraid of being pressed by its havy blanket, you know, I feel like it's more hard to breath even, sweetie, i need a mouthfull of fresh air, sure you! Hon, thanks a lot for sending me some oxygen, thanks a lot for your wonderful letter, this is what saved me hon, not having it today would make me die, for sure, so, you saved me once & once again, my Guardian angel, stay well there, & remember I need you & love you so muc h...
all yours with all my love for you Victoria

Letter 9

Hello, mr Vianna, i understand this is hard for you to find a way how to help Victoria, i ntruly hope that'll be possible for you to work it out, cause i can see the way this girl is missing hearing from you & that way she misses you, she wants to be able to send you letters & to get yours, she's so sad to cut down writing you for the reason of her debt, she told me she was looking for the way to borrow some money from ehr friends, but the ammount she owes is pretty large an ammount, so, n oone of her friends could land her that much money...
I hope that you'll fin d a way to become a customer od the B. Bank, so, that'll make it possible for to send \the funds to Victoria, she really needs that so much, missing you here so dearly,
well, i have to go back to my work, i hope you have a nxcie day there, sincerelky yours Svetlana

Letter 10

Hello, dear Mr Vianna.
I understand this is not a deal of one day, so, you'll need to wait some days longer to have your account open.
well, you must have got the ammount you owed for writing victoria to our internet cafe, if i understood you right, you asked how much would Vioctoria need to write you in January, does that mean you are not going to continue writing her at the mean time, i just needc to clear that up for me, i am not sure as to how many letters yuou are going to send to each other, you can do your own calculations, trying to figure out how much that will cost you, knowing tjhe price of the saingle letter, which is 3 $ USA, that means, that to write Victoria & to get a letter back from her will cost 6 $ USA. I hope I've cleared up all the issues for you, if you still have some quests, you may feel free to ask me, i am always here to help you, sincerely yours, the translator Svetlana



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