Scam letter(s) from Olga Nizovtseva to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
Hi. It I Olga your new friend. I am glad to receive your letter.
I shall tell about myself.
I live in the big and beautiful city of Tomsk. I in him was born and have grown. Mine birthday April, 12.
I work as the manager in small firm. Work to like me, but it would be desirable for something more interestingly.
I live one in a two-room apartment. Parents mine too live in this city. They already on pension. And sisters at me are not present brothers.
My hobbies:
The hall likes to go to sports. It helps to behave in the good form. I adore to visit discos as I like to dance.
For me dances as a drug.
Excuse, but I now can not write any more I am very tired at work. Tell to me more about the life.
In the following letter I shall tell more about myself.
Your new friend Olga.
Letter 2
Hi dear!!! As at you an affair. At me all is good. Today at me day off and I have more time for dialogue with you.
Today at us a sunny day and I had walk with the best girlfriend. She works as the professional photographer. To a photo which I send you it she has made. She very well photographes.
You like my photos???
To me very much like.
I shall tell slightly about the life.
Earlier I wanted to be model. I was noticed by modelling agency. They have made first my photos. It was pleasant to them. They have offered me work.
The director of this agency the man was. He promised me career of model if I shall engage in love with him. He in every possible way solicited up to me.
I have answered him is not present. That he has offered that below my moral foundations. I not such person. If I have agreed that I have ceased to respect myself as persons. I was afflicted with this case.
After that case I have grown cold to a trade of model. I have understood that there are also other remarkable trades.
Now as you already know I work as the manager.
I never was married.
Children at me are not present. But I always dreamed of them.
My main dream: to find loved the man. That our relations were serious and the love was mutual.
I hope that dialogue with me is pleasant to you.
I with impatience wait for your letter.
Sincerely yours Olga.
Letter 3
Greetings my honey!!! I was possible you so I shall name.
Excuse, yesterday I have sent the letter from other box. It was not my box.
As you already know I recently have moved to a new apartment. I was not in time to put the phone yet. C you I communicate through Internet - cafe. Yesterday I have overlooked to rearrange given the last visitor on the data. Your letter probably has come not on my address.
I ask write to me on my box:
I have overlooked to tell about the data. My growth 177, weight 64kg.
My loved dish seafoods, meat of birds.
Every day I think of you more and more.
I send a photo which was accepted when I had a rest on the river Volga.
I embrace Olga.
Letter 4
Hi my honey!!!!
How at you an affair?
Today at us again a sunny day. It is very good. I very much love summer, but it already comes to an end and these are last sunny days. I have lead all free time at water in the summer. What your liked season?
I shall tell slightly about myself.
In the person I appreciate first of all honesty, decency, purposefulness. I to write and read in English and German language, it is a little in French.
I have no any harmful habits.
Very to want to find to itself of the correct person for creation of family. This person you may will? I think, time will show. I to want to develop with you relation and I hope for reciprocity.
I shall have a free time today late at night then I shall look any film on TV. My liked cinema the American films.
I would like to continue the letter, but I should run on work.
Whole also I embrace. Olga
Letter 5
Greetings my love! I hope, what at you all is normal?
Today at me all is good. By the way I yesterday spoke with my mum about you. She not against that we had correspondence, even has on the contrary advised, that I spoke with my daddy. My daddy has told, that we need to develop ours with you relations and if all will be good in the future to create family. He sends the regards to you.
I very much to want to visit your city and to look at all sights. To want to go with you in cafe or restaurant. To have with you romantic supper at candles in the evening. Then to walk with you under the star sky and to speak about the feelings gently having nestled to to your ******. It while all dreams. I very romantic person, but me it will be very pleasant to repeat all in a reality.
Whole, yours Olga
Letter 6
My sweet love! I today all night thought of you and I think, that to want to visit you so we may learn with what better will our relations and develop them. My daddy has told, that will help me and even will order to me tickets. he has worked 25 years in Aeroflot. he will order on account of the salary. Monday in the morning we shall go with my daddy in the transport company where I shall submit the application for registration of the passport and the visa. he has told, that in it problems will not be as at him a lot of familiar in the government of our city. I need only your full name and the name of the airport where you will be capable to meet me. I shall write to you monday when I shall find out term of registration of my documents and all I shall find out completely Love! I have made a photo in photointerior specially for you. Olga
Letter 7
Hello Lovely!!! I today all morning to go with daddy and to learn, that I need to do visit you. As this way is better for learning each other. Now at us dinner and I to go in Internet cafe at once to write to you and to inform, that all is good. I am written down on reception in the transport company on Friday on this week. I need to issue my visa, the passport and the document of insurance of health. They will be ready in 25 days after payment. I shall be capable to be in your country only 60 days but if you will be strongly borrowed I can come back home earlier. Such opportunity to me drops out time in life to be at you so soon on a visit. My daddy also finds out on the account of tickets. he will give them to me when I shall receive my documents. I also have small request. Please send me two hundred sixty four dollars USA, for registration of my documents. At us everywhere quotations in the American dollars. It even is slightly strange. It is Not so huge sum and I hope, that you to help me with my arrival. Tickets will be received and paid by my daddy, for it it is not necessary to worry. If you may send money today or tuesday of this week so to me I will be quieter also shall not worry, that something I not shall have time. My daddy went to some banks and has learned, that you may send me money in branch western union. I give you addresses of branches western union.
Or send money in anyone western union to Russia, I shall be capable to receive them in these banks. I give you the information which it is required to you by transfer to me of money. My name and address! Olga Nizovtseva. Beliscogo 9 A, Tomsk, 634050, Russia. I now should go on my home. I shall wait for your letter and ours with you of a meeting very much! Many kisses! Olga.
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