Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Khilonkina to Doug (Poland)
Letter 1
Hi lonely heart!!!
I searched the partner in life, for creation of family.
Also has seen yours profile! I think you very interesting person!
You are interesting to me!
My name is Tanya. I am from Russia. I live in a small town called Kazan.
It is very beautiful town. Write me your e-mail and I will sent to you my photos.
I think that you will like me. My e-mail is
And now a little about me:I am 29.
I have blondine hair and green eyes .
I will wait your letter.Tanya.
Letter 2
My love !!!
I so is glad that you have written the letter!!!!!!
I very much love you and I can not without you adore you!!!!!v I want to be with you each day and to dream of you!!!!
To wait for you from work!!!!
I want to prepare you for breakfast and supper each day!!!!!
And to wake up in the mornings together with you!!!!!v Each day and to love you all life!!!
I want to be mother of your children and to love them just as you!!!!!!!!!!
I want you - I want that our family was very happy!!!!!!!!!!!
I know - that we shall be with you for ever, I LOVE YOU MY LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!v In MY IDEAS And SOUL - ONLY YOU MY MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours for ever Tanya.
Letter 3
Hello my Love.
How at you an affair today? At me all is good.
I am very glad, that you want to meet me. I too very much want it.
You in my head it is constant.
I always think of you. My love.
I so dream that you have told me! Our first night together. About!
It will be magnificent!
You too have very strongly excited me and when I think about our the first Night together I all cai?a? as a match from impatience!!!
Today went in oa?enoe?aneia agency and found out about registration Visas. It will cost 450 $. Now I might bring in this money and My visa would begin to be made out.
And for the ticket it will be possible to bring in money later. I so am glad to this. You now might help me with registration of the visa?
The visa will be made out aoa?aiea 2-3 weeks and the visa will be valid during 3 months!!
For this time we with you might save money to tickets.
It so is magnificent!!! You are glad to this?
I so love you and want to be together with you as soon as possible. You have now 450 $ that my visa began to be made out?
If yes, it will be magnificent!
It will be very big step to approach of our meeting.
I shall send you my home address if you want to send me something, But I want urgently to ask you to not send me money in the letter, because an envelope May open and I shall not receive it. Such already was with my aunt.
I think, that the best variant of a parcel of money will be the Western Union.
I saw advertising on TV and I think, that it will be the most correct, convenient and fast way. I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you my love.
With love your forever Tanya.
Letter 4
Hello my Love.
I am very glad to your letter. I am glad to this constantly.
Your letters help me to spend time better.
Due to them I have good mood all day.
Soon we with you shall together my love.
I am glad that you will help me with my arrival to you.
Recently I went to travel agency.
There to me have told that registration of the visa will cost 450 $.
My visa will be ready within 1-2 weeks.
I can not believe that soon we shall together.
I want to tell that 450 $ is very big money here.
It is equaled approximately 13.500 thousand our money here.
When average monthly wage The payment here makes our 2500-3000 Russian roubles.
It will be approximately 90-100 $. I would be very glad if I might take money at my familiar here and then we could compensate him it. We would send them money from America. But unfortunately it may not happen because anybody from my familiar has no such sum of money.
It is very a pity to me. But I think that it does not become the reason for us.
You see so? By the TV set I saw advertising the Western union.
There speak that it very conveniently and very quickly.
Money will come at once for my name and in it we shall participate only you and I. I think that it very conveniently.
How you look at it? I think that it is the most favourable way.
I went there and have found out that for this purpose to you will be necessary to know my full name.
It Zhilonkina Tatyana. My city Kazan.
Still to me have told that you will need to send me any control number.
But I think that there you will find out about it more in detail and then you will tell to me about it.
I never used the western union but there to me have told that it is all very reliably and many people in the world use their services. On it I finish my letter to you now.
I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you my love. I Love you...
Your forever, Tanya...
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