Scam letter(s) from Marina Tupitsinia to Jessie (USA)

Letter 1
Your name - clean music for me. Correctly, I could call it aloud as one million time and never by trunk it. Trust me, when I speak, what not the minute passes without my thoughts, Turning to you. In it very much moment, is a pity to me, that you not here holded me in your arms and kissed me with yours lips.-, which one I would not tire with it.
Jessie, as I can express Melancholy, I should be with you? The words are very difficult for finding., as though I - Needle of a compass, and you - Blue pole. Permanently, my thoughts are plucked to you, My love, for your influencing on me. My love for You can be only gauged in the exponential form, and that in itself Drops far except for its true value. For you - power by my Douches; therefore, you - my force. You - light of my life, nature mine Being.
You know I bought tickets to you to Lynchburg airport on September, 27 but all information about tickets I will know when come to Moscow. Do not worry I will inform you about tickets from there.
As without you, dear Jessie, my life will be empty from only Inspiration. There will be no work of art for me, that Steadfastly to look on. My life will breathe of tints grey Instead of rich colours. My love, while Our joy moment does not arrive, to take good care about you Directly and to hold your coming of the letters of love. They help me to make It in lone times. While, I want to bar with these few words:
I love you! I love you! I love you!
Letter 2
You know my lovely sweety Jessie I have a problem and I beleive in you... Some days ago I could pay for my tickets all sum and it was so good that we will be together soon... But
Today I came to Internet Cafe and the people who works here said to me that I must pay for their service. They said that if I could not pay for it I can not fly to you... I called to my firm and ask about it and they said that it is really nessesary to not have any debts.I should pay by it 255 $ US. I could pay only 55 $ and now I very much hope that you can help to me with other sum. I even appeal ask from you only 200 $ US and very much I hope that you can help to me.
I at all did not assume that it will cost for me so dearly but I should pay it. I should not have a duty here before departure. Also understand that nevertheless internet cafe has helped us to meet each other and to have now such fine feelings to each other.
If I can not make it tomorrow I could not come to you in time. As I said I paid for my tickets even. My date of leaving my city will September, 26... And I hope for your help. Please understand I want to be with you faster and I do not want any delays. Understand that used the servise of Internet Cafe I could find you. It is very terrible to me to lose contact with you because I very much love you and I want our dialogue. It is simplly necessary for me. Therefore I appeal ask you to help to me. I very much hope for it.
If you can make this that make it through Western Union Because it fast and reliably. Tomorrow I shall come with hope to receive from you the help. I adore you and I think that tomorrow there will be a best day than today.
I miss you...
I want you...
Letter 3
My dear Beloved Jessie:
How my sweet angel does? I hope, that you Be in good mood and happy. I hope, that the things go well for you on a worky. Economize yours Money. I do not play any games with you. Really I need it for interet cafe servise. It is very strange for me that you think so badly about me and I can not understand why it happened... We shall together soon. I love you. --
--- I had most Difficult times, receiving any dream recently. I think, that , because I thought of you alot .Take of care, though, it only collects to not hurry up. I hope, That you will wait and will not search for whom - that still. I think of you all Time. It difficultly concentrated speaking with my mother, because I I shall think, how you would feel close to me. I imagine to take you In my arms and to feel your chests which were pushed -in against my Chests and your ardent breathing on my neck. I think of ours To occurring of labiums and our tongues dancing together in a lengthy, passion kiss. I It is long to feel your arms on my body and to hear you, I touch you in secret places. I want you, inguen butter on your body and to be engaged with you about fire.
When I dream of us together in exotic places, Holding arms, speaking and laughing together. I dream of us playing Ocean or catching on skis downwards mountains.
And then always at the end of my dream we We make passion love, and I awake as we the ******, when I reach to you, to be prepared for a plenty of an entertainment, The suns, laughter and, natural, unbridled ***.
Yours beloved,
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