Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Smirnova to Paul (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my Paul!
Thanks for your letter and for your words.
I so want that these days passed faster. I would like to close eyes for one instant. Then to open and see you. But as though I did not try, I see the same things.
I would like to give you Paul a song. But I am afraid, that it is hardly possible. I do not know such wonderful melodies and words. All in comparison with you is insignificant.
I would like to give you Paul dance, the most important on your life. But if music will cease to play, likely I at once will die. I every day and every night call happiness. I have lost the way in a dark wood. Only you in my ideas. All my hopes and dreams are connected only to you. I want to be with you.
I would like to give you Paul the sky together with the sun which is born in the East. There where dreams, not reducing flight achieve its purpose, and are embodied in a reality. There I and you will not be lonely.
I would like to lead you Paul in a garden, there where my good dreams ripen. Only hardly I can go beside you, because I will become transfixed with your breath.
I would like to give you Paul happiness, that nobody will challenge. But frequently my heart torn on parts, because between us ocean. The God has give me a voice and I would like to sing a lullaby to you. But the pain has captured my throat. This pain cannot be removed with hand, it is impossible to remove with prick. Only your kiss can relieve me of my tortures. I have gone mad for love to you. My life in your hands.
Whisper to me on an ear that you miss me. And I will be the happinest woman on Earth. For me you the Angel Divine. Without you it is terrible. Give me light in your window. And I will pay to you my fidelity and tenderness. Take my hand. Tell, that you will be always with me. For the sake of these words I am ready on all. Give me spring. Give me autumn. Give me the fallen yellow leaves. And I will give for you a life. Certainly loved, I excited very much, this my first long trip. I pray for our meeting.

You My!

Letter 2

My love and mine the most dear Paul,
How is your day? Mine is ok but every this day i think about you and dream about our meeting. I hope it will be very very soon. Today is not very cold here but the wind blows and when I think about us I become warmer and my heart beats faster I told you about it already but I do it again because I think it is love. I'm happy that we have found out each other in this world. I can't wait to meet you Paul, I want it all my heart I'll do all for it, all what I can to do in general. The Autumn comes soon and I become more cheerfully and more vigorously because I found you Paul! I think that the new life begins. All so has got mixed up and you the new man in my life which love me and which I love. I love you Paul, I love you very much. It seems that really the new life begins for me and for you Paul. I think we will have the strong union together, I thank the destiny for you Paul. I hope we will be together forever. We need in meeting, I so want to talk with you to see your eyes to hear your voice to feel your breath and to feel your love. I think you imagine how perfect love because I feel it and I know that it's the true love. I love you Paul!!!!!! I'm yours forever!

I love you Paul.

Letter 3

Hi my love Paul!

Right now I in Moscow and I write you this letter from the Internet Cafe. I have one trouble. I have paid money for my ticket to you. But it was insufficiently. I was confused. Right now I should pay 400 dollars for the insurance(because of It is the acts of terrorism United States in New York the September, 11 2001 , the airlines have thought up new rules).
I pass careful check. There are many new rules and checks of safety, I very much worry in connection with these events.
If I shall not pay in time the insurance or if I shall not pass in time check, my flight will be changed to the nearest another flight. There is a big queue and excitements on flights to the USA. And the insurance is obligatory for everyone. Without the insurance I will not be admitted aboard the plane. But don't worry please, because this money will be returned when I arrive to USA. My love Paul as soon as possible send me 400 dollars for the insurance. You may send me money using Western Union. It's an International Company, which deals with money transfers(also they have a website, called It is located near to the Airport where I am. Do not forget to write me Money Transfer Control Number. I will wait for your love. Soon we will meet. I will be - In a red dress. I think you will recognise me quickly in the crowd. And I of you. My heart will prompt where you.
Forever love,

Letter 4

My love and mine the most dear Paul,
The Moscow company (SVO) airlines have thought up new rules. Do not worry lovely this money to me will return when I shall arrive in the USA/(SFO). I much confusing and do not understand, But they guarantee that, money will return.

I love you Paul.

Letter 5

Hi My Dearest Love Paul!
If you will send me of money, my dear Paul.
That I shall have flight from Moscow to you in SFO on September, 11.
It is my flight information.
1:35 pm Depart Moscow (SVO) Delta 31 United Airlines 863 Connect in New York (JFK) Arrive San Francisco (SFO) 8:49 pm

I love you so much Paul.Many hugs and kisses.

Your Natalia.

Letter 6

My love Paul!
Thanks my love,
I shall reach up to bank and I shall take off money.
The Internet of cafe is far from bank.
When I shall receive your help necessarily I shall to you write.


Letter 7

Hi my love Paul!

You are so nice.
I very much have late received your letter, loved mine Paul.
Therefore I have not had time going in bank.
I shall receive your financial translation tomorrow.
As soon as I shall pay for obligatory insurance, I have a place aboard the plane.
Loved I to fly to you is faster than a wind, on wings of love.
On a meeting to the destiny.
Paul, my dream, my love....

Forever love, Natalia!



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