Romance scam letter(s) from Belinda Boateng Morrsion to Bob (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my darling one and only love,
How are you doing today?you are realy a sweet sweet darling to me,you always makes me happy any you write to me,i realy love that for real and thank you very much for your sweet mail that you send me and thank you very much also for being by my side. Thanks for your mail you sent me,also thank you for being by my side.
Darling i was surpose to come to the State but due to some problems i can't come. Darling am from the travel & tours agaency airlines,am am confuse about what they are telling me.and i believe deeply in my heart that you will help me out.
Infact i will want you to please do me a big favour.I know it's hard asking someone you've not seen personally before something like this but please i promise with my whole heart that,am not going to disapoint you,never.I want you to come out from your heart and help me with this.It's not easy asking but please am in need of your help.I have short of money Due the Funural that i came down for.i forgot to tell granmother died and i was asked to come down for the funural and my love i have spend alot without knopw i have spend much sweetie.
Sweetie i have only small amount of money on me and i have deposited it to the travel & tours agency people and i need $300 to add it to my money that am having for my plane ticket.My love i need more than $300 but what i can asked you is what i have asked love so if you want to add something to it for me like i will really be greafull for that love.pls prove your love to me darling..Honey when i come to the State i will pay you back your money and if you want intrest on it too i will add it to it for you my love.
Infact am now confuse and shy that am asking you of this sweetie. i really want you and want to bee with you forever. i feel it deeply in my heart that you are the right man that can be happy with,even those i have'nt met you before darling..
Am now in need of this amout to enable me to buy the ticket today.i have pack all of my things ready. My love pls let me show you where to send me the money.My love pls go to any bank and asked of Western Union Money Transfer and pls tell them that you want to do money transfer to Ghana to your wife.My love they will give you a form to fill and after that they will give you a test Quetion and Answer,control number and you full name you will use to send me the money.
My love you can also go to their site and send it to me there and there is more easy and faster and as soon as you send it i will recieved it hear in 30 munites time and i will go for it my love.this their website love this my name to use as you already knows Belinda Boateng Morrsion.My love pls this is my address in Ghana 7845 accra- North Ghana to use.
Hope i'll hear from you today and know what's up.
I went to town this morning to get you another African culture gift and i believed in my heart that you will love it for real.what i have bought for you is a SUPRISE. Aniously to hear from you soon. GOD BLESS YOU,
I can't stop thinking about you......
May God Bless you.
My love i have enclosed my pic's for you.if you really love it pls tell me something sweet from your heart.
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