Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Zaharova to Peter (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Peter!!!
I'm fine today and you?
My granny is recovering and I'm happy.
Peter I trust you even I know we know each other not very long, but my heart tells me you are a good person!
Visiting you..... thank you very much for your invitation. It'll be great to spend some time together. It'll allow us to know each other better.
But Peter, to tell the truth, I'm not rich and I think it'll cost a lot of money. My salary is very small(54$) a month and I think I can't pay for my trip. But I'd love to visit you.
Don't I dissapoint you?
Please write me soon.
Kiss you
yours Kate
Letter 2
Hello dear Peter!
How are you today?
I went to the agency today and learned that I need a visa and a passport to come to you. The preparing papers takes 10-14 days. I need to pay 370$ (120 is passport and 250 is visa).
The extra preparing takes 4 days. But it
costs 70$ more. But it's expencive for me to pay for it. Can you help me?
It'll be great to spend time together and know each other better! When I told my parents that I go to you, they were so glad!
Because they saw my happy eyes!!!!!!!!
Can you tell me where I'll be living when I come to you?
I'm sending you a lot of kisses!!!!
Waiting for your soonest answer!
Only yours Kate
Letter 3
Hello my dear Peter!!!
I was glad to get your two letters.
How are you today?
I'm fine.
Unfortunately my agency can't give you their bank account.
You may send the money by Western Union- it's the systen of money transfer. Did you heard about it?
I'll be able to get the money in for hours after your sending. You nee my full name and adress to send it.
Here it is:
Ekaterina Zaharova
Russia, Sarov, Nizhegorodskaya Region,
Shvernika Str, 15b. 607189
After you send them you'll be given the control number of your transfer, which you will tell me.
Is it ok for you? Please tell me!
I have already booked the visa and a passport and I promise them to pay for it when it'll be ready. And this will be ready tomorrow. So I must pay them tomorrow.
Please write me as soon as you get my letter.
Kiss you, Kate
Letter 4
Hello my dear Peter!
Thank you for your quick answer.
I need 440$ for passport and visa. My travel agency suggest me the flight which costs 2595.82$. There were cheaper flights, but unfortunately there were no free places on these dates. Here's the information about fly.
Aviacompany: Lufthansa Flight: LH3181
29 of December 13:15 Moscow (Sheremetevo)- 29 of December 14:49 Frankfurt Intl Aviacompany: LTU International Airways Flight LT1280
29 of December 15:34 Frankfurt Intl - 29 of December 17:49 Palma Mallorca Arpt Return ticket:
Aviacompany: LTU International Airways Flight LT9281
14 of December 19:19 Palma Mallorca Arpt - 14 of december 21:34 Frankfurt Intl Aviacompany:Aeroflot Flight SU110
14 of December 23:55 Frankfurt Intl - 15 of December 05:25 Moscow (Sheremetevo) Peter is it possible to you to send me this money?
I know it's a lot of money and I understand you if you can't. Please write me soon.
Miss you and hope we can meet.
Yours Kate
Letter 5
Hello dear Peter!
I've just return from the agency and they could catch the free place on the plane. The ticket costs 1100$.
I can't take the ticket at Moscow airport, because I made a contract with my agency beforehand if they do me a visa and a passport they have to book me the ticket. So I have to buy the ticket in the agency.
What will I do? Can you send me this money for the ticket?
Please answer me soon.
With love Kate.
Letter 6
Hello dear Peter!!!
I'm so glad that everything is all right!!!
I can't believe in my happyness!!!
Tomorrow I'll go to the bank and get money.
Thank you very much for your helping!!!
I promise you that you'll never forget this New Year!!! Here's the information about my flight.
Aviacompany Aeroflot Flight SU109
29 of December 21:14 (Seremetievo) - 22:54 Frankfurt
Aviacompany Air Berlin Flight AB 9860
30 of December 06:14 Frankfurt - 08:29 Palma Mallorca Back.
Aviacompany Air Berlin Flight AB 9861
14 of January 20:00 Palma Mallorca - 22:19 Frankfurt
Aviacompany Aeroflot Flight SU110
23:55 Frankfurt - 05:25 Sheremetevo
Is it possible for you to meet me in the airport?
Miss you very much and dreaming of you!!!
Write me.
With love,
yours Kate
Letter 7
Hello dear Peter!!!
I was waiting for your letter the whole day.
Unfortunately I couldn't go to the bank today, because when I was free after lessons the banks were already closed. But I do it tomorrow morning.
Thank you for helping me.
As I told you my agency suggested me more cheaper tickets, but there were no free places. But they told me may be there will be an oppotunity to get a cheaper ticket if somebody give back ticket. I'll go there tomorrow and ask them about it. There were tickets at about 1300$. It's cheaper in a half.
I'll write you tomorrow my Peter.
Dreaming of you.
Kiss you,
sincerely yours Kate
Letter 8
Hello dear Peter!!!
I'm still in Sarov. I changed my ticket a day ago. My flight will be tomorrow. I can't fly to you today because I was at my granny village. She is ill and I had to stay with her.
The number of the flight is the same. The time is the same too.
My agency told me that I have to have 100$ per day for living in your country. As I'm coming to you for 15 days I have to have 1500$. I need this money only to cross the border. I must show the bank reference in the airport. I'll return them to you as I come to you.
Please Peter, can you send it today? It's very urgent. I'm waiting for your answer.
Miss you a lot!!!
Only yours Kate
Letter 9
Dear Peter!
I changed my ticket on 30 of december from Moscow.
Aviacompany Aeroflot Flight SU109
30 of December 21:14 (Seremetievo) - 22:54 Frankfurt
Aviacompany Air Berlin Flight AB 9860
31 of December 06:14 Frankfurt - 08:29 Palma Mallorca
Today at 10 p.m I'm going to Moscow. If you send this money today, I can get it in Moscow in Western Union. Can you do it?
Answer soon, please. I'll be in the internet cafe for an hour and waiting for your reply.
Yours Kate
Letter 10
Hello dear Peter!
How are you? I'm not bad. I went to my granny for a couple od days. Today I came.
Here's the information about my flight, it's the same:
Aviacompany Aeroflot Flight SU109
06 of January 21:14 (Seremetievo) - 22:54 Frankfurt
Aviacompany Air Berlin Flight AB 9860
07 of December 06:14 Frankfurt - 08:29 Palma Mallorca Back.
Aviacompany Air Berlin Flight AB 9861
14 of January 20:00 Palma Mallorca - 22:19 Frankfurt
Aviacompany Aeroflot Flight SU110
23:55 Frankfurt - 05:25 Sheremetevo
Hope this time will be luckier for us!
I miss you very much! On the 7 of January there will be Christmas in russia. I think it'll be interesting to spend it in Spain. we can cook a lot of tasty Russian dishes together. What do you think?
With love, yours Katerina
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