Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Zaharova to Scott (USA)

Letter 1
My dear.
Please don't be so in a hurry. You want to help me with visa and tickets but I sincerely don't know where we are going, please just tell me everything about the trip, where we are going and simply I will know how much everything will cost, because I don't want you to send me money without even knowing how much I need.
And as for the sending them with their help, I think it is better to send Western Union because it is more safe, did you remember how it was when i didn't have any opportunity to get your flowers and as the resutl I even don't want to think what will be with money, it is still not very safe, I hope you can understand this.
Give me the time to find out everything and you will have the opportunity to help and I want you to know just one thing, you even can't imagine how much I appreciate this, how much I appreciate your trust in this cruel world and the world full of lies and mistrust. Just lets plan everything and after this to know everything very clearly.
As for my weekend, I can't describe to you, how much it was wonderful, simply because I traveled to my granny and was there with my old friends, we visited every place where we played together when we were little children and it was so great to recall everything, even my first love is living here, but we were little only about 7 years old and as the result it was childish love, but nevertheless lots of memories. We went to the river, that is so clean and part of my friend simply decided tofish something, but it was simply useless, because there is no fish at all, only some small. But everything is so funny and after this I understand how much it is wonderful to have such friends, no matter that we see each other very rarely but you always know that you can rely on their help always.
I hope you can understand what I mean, I simply have something like a nostalgia about this. Wonderful feeling.
I miss you so much and I think about you all the time because you are the most wonderful person in the whole world.
I send you million of my kisses.
I need only you in this world and I know for sure that you feel the same.
I am yours only, Tanya.
Letter 2
Hello, my man.
You are the most perfect man in the whole world and I scream because of the pain because I can;t tell you this in the reality because you are so far away and there is an ocean between you and me and I can't swim at all and I won't be able to swim all over in order to be together with you.
As for this islands, I want to tell you that I have found everything and yes, it can be easy made, because it is touristic place also, but it costs too much, to go to Bahamas, it is simply so terrible because it costs hundreds dollars, much cheaper to go to Turkey for me, but you can decide everything you want, because I like you SO MUCH and as the result I trust you and you can choose any place you want. I was said that in order to make my passport quickly, I need to pay 150$ and it can be made for 5 days, but if I pay only 50$ it can be made only for three months.
I am so sorry that your life was so cruel to you and to your son and I hope tha step by step I can show you how much life can be beautiful and how much we can be happy just holding hand in hand and how much it is wonderful to be able to feel that the person whom you need so much is always next to you in joys and in sorrows.
I am glad that you like my photos and this day I will send you two, the one that I promised to send to you, that was made on the wedding of my best friend and the second one it is my mother and her sister, and me, please don't be suprised because this photo was made long time ago and I did some experiment with my hair, I was blonde, I am 15 years old here, the difficult age.
I miss you and I think about you all the time.
I send you sincere kisses and very tight hugs, to hold you tight and never let you go.
Yours only, Tanya.
Letter 3
Hello, my Scott.
From the very beginning, I want to tell you that I understand every your word and I understand every your feeling because I can feel the same, because I worry so much to fall for you so deep and after this to fall from the cloud number nine and to realize that all this was illusion and simply something that is not so important and beautiful, bu after all this worries I get every your letter to me and I realized that all my worries can disappear just because of your words and your feelings to me. It is so difficult to tell so much lovely words without feeling anything, I can't do like this and I believe you also. I want to tell you that I want to meet you first in Turkey or any other place of this world and after this for sure to come with me to my parents, I want you to meet them, I want you to see how I live and communicate with my parents. Of course I understand that you know nothing about my language but when we spend some weeks together, I will teach you everything, some tender words(of course) and some traditional. I will help you with everything believe me, because I want you to know my parents and my life and I don't want to hide something from you. I can tell you from the very beginning that we live not very rich because my parents don't earn too much money in order to have a car or something like this. I am simple girl from simple family, but this family gives me something more than money, they give me love. I am sure that it is more and more important. Do you agree with me?
I don't have my passport and I don't think that we are moving too fast, I think we are simply want to be closer to each other and not to write letters but simply love and be loved in return.
I miss you and I think about you all the time.
I send you my kisses and my love, Tanya.
Letter 4
Hello, my Scott.
I simply always wonder, how it is possible to find the one whom you are looking and to understand that there is a ocean between you and me, but we will do everything possible in order to make all this disappear.
You know what I think that it is natural to feel like this because we know each other for a little time and we simply want to be closer and to make this relationships more stronger and more real, because meeting can change everything, it can make everything more beautiful or it can make everything very bad, i mean we can stay friends only, but I think it is not about us, because as for me, I am sure that we can be together forever, because I don;t know why, but for the short period of time we became so closer and I hope that we won't loose this connection.
As for real meeting, I like the idea with Turkey and you know, just because it is very easy for me to make a visa there, because it is a touristic place, and they are interested to make lots of tourists to go there.
I want to send you my photo and it was made in Crimea also, and I was standing in the highest peak of this city and I was trying to become more beautiful, but I think I failed because I don't like this photo a lot, I don't know why, just because you can't see my eyes there, but I know that you will like every my photo, because I have the same feeling, because I like so much you inside, that for me you are the most attractive man in the whole world. Am I right?
I miss you so much and I think about you all the time and I have the photo with lilies but not yours, it was made on the wedding of my best friend and I will send it to you next time.
Million kisses from the girl who lives so far away from you but in spite of everything her heart is with you only.
Sincerely to you, Tanya.
Letter 5
Hello, my Scott.
Simply don't know what to say because I rang to them and noone picked the phone, the only i can say get this request off and simply send flowers by the service called DHL, because sincerely they are the only service, I know that they deliver everything and as the result if know something about this, just try this way because as for me, I don't know this service at all and I don't know this phone number, because it is not the number of Lugansk, because we don't have the code like this.
I feel very sorry that this suprise simply was spoiled because of them, it could be so wonderful suprise to open the door and simply to get your flowers.
My favourite food are salads and lots of sweets, such as ice cream, and candies, I think every girl like to eat something sweet, no matter that it spoils our figure.
I have been only in my country, I was in Kiev, Kharkov and in our resort, that is Crimea, it is not very large island and there are lots small cities and it is very beautiful and maybe if I come to you first, we can return to my place, to meet my parents, to meet all my friends and than to go there, but only next summer because this summer is terrible here, because it is cold and rainy all the time.
I want to visit Washington very much, maybe New York, but i want to tell you that I more enjoy small town full of some historical places than simply big town will lots of cars and skyscrapers and Disney land very much, because I think it is wonderful place and not only children can like it but also, the adult girls like me.
My father's name is Sergei, my mother's name is Marina. My friends, I have lots of them, the best friends are Masha, Tanya, and Sasha. And I have lots of simply people with who I communicate very often but I can't nevertheless to call them friends, because I can't talk about everything with them.
I didn't get any photo of you and maybe there is a problem in internet and as the result I didn't have the opportunity to get the photos from you and I hope that next time everything will be alright and of course I can send you my photos and I wish you can treat me like your lovely woman, this is the only I need, I don't want to be treated like queen, simply like your woman, the woman you love and want to be only.
With all my affection to you only.
My tender kiss on your lips, Tanya.
Letter 6
Hello, my dear.
I will be waiting for you to call me because sincerely want to hold you very tight and never let you go away.
Your letter is full of questions and let me step by step tell you more and more about myself.
1. Rose.
2. History and English literature.
3. Italy.
4. Yes, he was my first love, we understood that we simply make everything possible in order to break up and we decided to be friends. 5. The desire to smile when I want to querrel.
6. I am young and try to find the man abroad.
7. The style, I like when it is cozy and very comfortable.
8. About churc, for me it is something that can help you to understand your thoughts and your needs and the place where you can stay and be sure that something will happen in ordere to change your situation. 9. I enjoy plants and gardening and my granny has the one, and I like to work there very much.
10. I want to come to visit you first.
I hope that the connection can be great in order to be able to hear your voice and to talk with you, because sincerely want to share some magic moments together.
My kiss to you only, Tanya.
Letter 7
Hello, my Scott.
I asked you so many questions and you didn't ask anyone and as the result I will write to you only the phone number and you can call me on Tuesday by 19 o'clock by my time, because it is not my phone number and as the result I can be able to use it only on Tuesday. Here is the phone number +38-067-777-33-94 I miss you and think about you all the time.
Kisses, Tanya.
Letter 8
Hello, my Scott.
Thank you for your letter so much and for giving me this photos and I siomply have no words to express you what I feel when I saw the picture of your family, it is so large and it is really suprising for me, because my family is not very large and as the result sometimes I regret about this but nothing can be done.
As for my family, my family neither large nor small, I am the only child of the family and when I was a little girl, I felt very bad because my parents didn't want babies anymire and i simply cry a lot, but what can do a little girl, but right now I understand that maybe it is was right because my parents were not very rich people and it is very hard to grow a child without money here and I start understanding everything.
I have very few relatives but we see each other very rarely because we live in different parts of this country and we see each other only on the big family holidays and I like this days very much because no matter what people say, it is very important to have lots of relatives because with the help of them you can feel that you are not alone here, in this cruel world.
I want to ask you a little question.
What is a dream of your childhood that have never come true? A strange question, but it is very interesting to know.
Thinking about you, Tatyana.
P.S. Rudaya Tatyana
Artem's street, 3/30
settlement Yubiliney Lugansk, Ukraine.
Letter 9
My Scott.
I am glad that you likes my photo and I hope that you would feel the same when you simply see me in the reality, because I am who I am and as the result you see what you will have and I hope that everything can be good and we can meet each other and not to think about the rest.
Of course I understand that you need to make everything safe and as the result I want you to use UKRSOTSBANK OBORONAYA ST.1 LUGANSK ,348016 I will be in Lugansk as more as you need, because right now only you exists for me in the whole world and you are very important and as the result I want our relationships to have a happy ending in Turkey and this vacation can change everything in our life, as for me it will save me from loneliness in my heart and I hope that you are searious with me, because you became so special to meet and i don't want to loose you at all.
My official name is Rudaya Tatyana, and numbers of my internal passport are EM134789.
Please don't feel lonely, I am always with you. Here is my picture I send you my kisses.
If you want you can tell me the control number by phone, or if not, simply send it through email and I am sure nobody will see it, and of course nobody will have the opportunity to get the money if they have it, because they will be not me.
I miss you and I think about you all the time and I will sincerely support every your decision.
Kisses to you, Tanya.
Letter 10
Hello, my Scott.
I know that there are some girls who needs only money and I want to tell you that I am looking for my love and for my future man, the man of my heart and I hope that you can trust me, of course I know that we have never met each other but we will solve this problem, simply because we will meet very soon, we will meet on the 12th and after this we won't be apart, I believe in this.
I want to tell you that I am scared the same way like you do, but I sincerely trust you and believe that you would come to me and we can change our life together and this is my strongh belief an I simply want to scream to the whole world "People give me the chance to be happy with him, just to try to be together forever, we both need this very much".
11:49 by my time I will leave from Borispol in Kiev
of the 12th of August Aerosvit Airlines VV207
12:24 I will come to Warsaw Intl Arpt in Warsaw, because this flight is with the change
13:09 I will fly away from there by LOT Polish LO135
16:30 I will come to Ataturk Arpt by Turkey time and I hope that you will be able to meet me, because I will be lost.
I miss you very much and I hope that we can find the way out from this situation.
Just share with me every your fear and I wish to be ablt to make them disappear.
I need you and I think about you all the time, everything you decide will be right.
Sincere kisses to you only, Tanya.
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