Romance scam letter(s) from Oksana Smirnova to Riccardo (Italy)
Letter 1
Hello Rick,
First of all thank you for a letters and pic, I liked your message very much. I think you might wonder why I am seeking a love from such a far away place and outside of Ukraine. Well, I am 29, I have had love affairs but unfortunately either I loved them and they did not love me or they loved me and I did not love them in return. So you can say that I have never been in love with a special man. I have seen what works in a relationship and I have seen what does not work in a relationship, and I am not willing to settle for anything less that pure love. I am very honest in sharing this information with my partners so that if I am not able to commit completely to a man,I want to break off our relationship out of respect for his feelings so that he can get over me and not waste his time with a relationship that is not leading to marriage. When I get close to someone they become my best friend and such they deserve to know my honest intentions.
Also I have to say, I am a one man woman. I do not believe in cheating at all, it degrades the bond between a man and a woman and I believe that the strength of a relatinship is based in mutual respect so cheating is not compatible with this respect. I swear this is true.
I would like to find a man such as you, a man to hold at night, a man who would feel safe in my arms, and to love me for all the good things that I have to offer as well as forgive me for the imperfections that make me unique. I am in fact looking for a man to whom I can devote all of my love and life energy towards.
Can you imagine chopping vegatables and having a special person surprising you with a hug, or a soft kiss on your neck trying to distract you from your task? Or can you picture us awakened at night by the soft cry of our child? Can you imagine me softly sayinng you love you when you are sleeping?
Well, why I seek out a husband out of Ukraine. Well, to be truthful, I am absolutely ready to get married, but I am a very sensetive woman and while I have been involved with several men in my life, I am also very honest and if I am not absolutely in love I will not continue in that relationship if that love component is missing. Well, the internet is a very convenient way to get to know a person without the distractions of a physical presence. I agree with you that there is not a substitute for a physical meeting. And I hope that we can meet in the near future, perhaps very soon? And we can see if we are compatible.
Truly, I want to be married soon. Maybe, we can meet so that we can try a trial engagement if we find that the love component is there between us and get a chance to see if we are destined to be together.
I am very sorry to tell you about that, but I know writing letters throught the internet is the fasties way to get to know each other and I am always very happy to get all of your letters and replay to you as soon as possible. I knew I would have to pay the money in order to correspondens with you, but I din't know it would take so much money. I am very sorry I came up with such a matters. But it is pretty expensive for me to pay for the letters and for the translations. I mean I can speak English a little bit, but that is not enough in order to express my feelings to you. The point of this is I would like very much for you to pay for our correspondence. I would really appreciate if you can help me with some money, and it would give me a chance to write you more often.
Again I am sorry. Each time I send or get letter I pay about 5$ with translation for each one. You can send me some money via Western Union System on my name;
Ukraine, 65000, Odessa
st.Nikolaevskaya doroga 31A-13
Smirnova Oksana
I will be waiting for your answer and will think of you as I always do. Kisses,
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