Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Derevyannih to Craig (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend Craig.
It was very pleasant for me to receive your answer.
I was very glad to get your reply.
I came to the Internet cafe just to find some information and was looking through the sites. And suddenly my eye fell down on you. I don't remember what kind of site it was. It was some dating site. I liked very much what I have seen and decided to write you.
So if it is interesting for you, I believe I should tell you now more about myself. My name is Marina.
I'm 28 years old. I was born on March, 21, 1975.
I was born and I live in Russia, in city Perm.
I never was in other country but on Russia was in several cities. I never have friends from other country. I'm brunette with blue eyes. My height 5 ' 7 ", weight 59 kg (120 pounds). I live alone in an apartment. My mum lives near me in my city. I use the program-translator therefore I bring apologies for bad language. I hope that you will understand me. I shall wait your following letter and want to learn about you more in detail. I sent a picture to you- Here is me in the shop.
Letter 2
Hi my lovely friend Craig.
You know today I have left work earlier because wanted to read your letter. All day at work I thought only of you. My fellow workers asked me why I such thoughtful, but I did not begin to speak them about it because I have simply fallen in love with you. Yes, and it is valid so... I frequently think of that that I want to nestle on you and to feel your body. I want that your hands touched and ironed my body. I want to feel your breath your tenderness to me.
I love you and only you.
What you think of that that I want to visit you?
Craig, I shall wait your letter with huge impatience.
If to you that is interestingly my address such:
23 Mira Street, apt.# 54,
Perm, 614027,
haven't a telephone.
Yours Marina
Letter 3
Hi, my favourite friend Craig.
I became very happy to receive your letters.
You know I forgot to write to you my last name in my last letter to you. My full name Marina Tupitsina. But You know it would be better if you continue write to me using internet because russian post work very very bad and most of letters do not come to address- But if you want to send a letter to you it will very pleasant to me if I would get it.
So my full address:
Marina Tupitsina,
23 Mira Street, apt.# 54,
Perm, 614027,
It is better if we will use an internet.
For these letters I have understood, that you that which I waited all these years. All my ideas of steel only about you, I live by dream to meet you faster. But while I can not make it because I have a lot of works now. I can inform you about it in some days, mine love. I am very tired from our city, our cold, I want to receive heat and love from your words, your touches. I think, that you will become happy, when we shall meet. I wait for this day each day. And you? I have understood, that it is the real love, I dreamed of it for a long time. It so is wonderful for knowing about that that on the other end of light me my waits favourite. You know, all my cares were beaten off by my love to you, I very wait for this meeting. I never thought, that will grow fond of the man which is more senior than I. But your last letters have forced to understand to me that I do not test similar to my friends. I already for a long time did not meet them because I think only of you. I have forgotten about hobbie, I think of work a little. The friends have noticed that I became slightly another, but they do not represent that my life became another after meeting with you.
I love to dream of you.
It so good and pleasant for me.
This photo was made 1 months ago.
It is me on one of girlfriend party.
I think you will like it.
I shall wait your letter.
Love, Marina
Letter 4
Hi my lovely friend Craig.
I am very glad to read your letter again.
I can not drive a car and I hope you will teach me it!!!
I never wrote to you about that I have a hobby - I collect old coins. I have about 200 in the collection. I began to be engaged in it when to me was about 6 years. I very much like to do it but I have no many money to increase a collection new copies. But I do not worry about it because I treat quietly this. I think that it is pleasant to you. You know for these some letters I have fallen in love with you very strongly. I for a long time did not test anything to men, and you seem have demented me. I understand that it a little bit silly so quickly to fall in love but it is valid so. I never thought that I shall fall in love with persons with help Internet but I so have strongly grown fond of you that to me now not important as we have got acquainted with you because the main thing this that that I love you madly and it is very healthy...
I very much want to arrive to you but unfortunately.
I have no such opportunity. I can find money to the visa and passport and make it at work but on tickets I can not find money. The visa and passport will cost about 460 $ US and on air tickets about 700-800 $ US. You may prompt me what to do or you can help me. Remember I will save money for my visa and pessport but for tickets..??? I dream to appear about you and to present you the present love, the present passion which you did not test already for a long time. So if you will help to me this money it would nessesary to do it via Money Gram or Western Union transfer system because we have only these kinds of transfer syster in our city. But it is not necessary to do it through a mail because we can simply lose this money. If you can make it today that to me it will be very pleasant. So I can give my money for registration of the passport and the visa that will borrow in time about 2 weeks. I shall use your money reserved seat so would not any problems later. Though if you cannot will make it today to me pleasantly to know date when you can make it really that I have calculated the days and most quickly appeared with you.
Craig, I want to be only yours.
I love you and very much I miss on you.
Yours and only yours Marina Tupitsina...
Letter 5
Craig, Craig, Craig,
I dream of you, my beautiful God love. I have Some left time now and I want to divide it with you. I have long dreams of you which again occur Each night when I think about only you. I fantasize, that we spend we hands and I speak about Life and kiss each other so is a lot of. I sometimes feel you inhaling my easy, pushing yours Sweet warm air inside me. It consumes me with warm feelings and brings to me to higher state From opinion. Contact of your soft lips inspires mine with passion and sends deep feelings to my feelings. Your embrace forces me to feel, that I and the safe and loved houses so much.
Our life general to everyone Another and our wants, desires, and needs the same. It smells in the spring, that weakens me to submission in you hands. Your heart Palpation to my heart. Our love for each other becomes stronger as we participate we our closed, transfers everyone Another. Our eyes send messages of passion and love and happiness. I want so much to hear yours Voice and the report it in my memory for ever. You are a unique person who has really opened me To live for happiness. You understand my ways and know my feelings. I want so much to valid Know you and feeling, that you feel. It - the most healthy experience which I want so much. You Are very healthy for me, and you raised me completely. I want so many to listen to you and Study from you. I feel huge need for us to be together. It - destiny which calls Success.
Craig - the most beautiful name on this ground. I sometimes speak it loudly so I can hear in The automobile, while I move to work or ever, I go. I want so many to give you happiness mine Lovely. Your courage is precious and safe with me. I spend I hold it as special. I have big Respect for you.
I adore you Craig.
It is important for you to speak, that you really feel. I Respect and love your ideas. Do not worry about the statement of things incorrectly to me. I never can reach Frustration in you. I am really similar to you irrespective of the fact which that. Listen my love, I shall never leave you, and I shall be Never stop to be informed to you while I live. Writting, speaking and etc......... Irrespective of What.
I Work very difficultly and sometimes time receives best of me. But to be sure, that I allways shall allow You know, whether something is incorrectly. I love you..................... >, I simply do................. Your person to be allways.
I can not promise to you about phone calling but I will try to do it- Marina P.S. here is one of my pics else... It's me in home again...
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