Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Novoselova to Charles (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love!!! Excuse that not at once has answered you. I searched for all these days money. Thanks for your warm letter You are very lovely also I love you!!
Lovely how many we would not write letters each other only together we can learn each other on the present and to speak many secrets and you should understand it. I talked to my mum concerning my trip to you. She has agreed to let off me. My mum too is glad for me and has told, that will prepare you for a gift, which I should transfer you. I so am glad that have found you in this life. Yes, I want to be with you it so perfectly and romantically, because I love of you all heart, all soul, be from you there is the finest for me. I shall be love of you always, I am full love, and passion I wish you, lovely I want to be with you right now, to me it is very lonely without you. Lovely I am happy that you want to make our meeting To me have told, that it will be better to send money through bank system WESTERN UNION. It is the best, fast, reliable Way of a sending of money for Russia. But I have some problems. I gave up my old USSR-citizen passport to to exchange it for new Russian Federation one. Therefore I cannot receive your money yet. Could you send the money in my mother's name? Her full name is Streltsova Natalya Vyacheslavovna and she has the same address as mine. Money it is necessary to send for her name - Streltsova Natalya. To you there should give what that a code and you should send me him that I could receive money.
Still I shall be requires the address and a full name of the sender of money. Inform me all this in the letter. As I shall receive money I at once I shall inform to you that you did not worry I know that absolutely soon we shall together We shall be happy with each other I do not want to lose day minute of time I want to be with you as soon as possible Because you pull me to yourself as a magnet And my ideas, soul and heart already on your side I love you!!!
Many passionate, hot kisses
Yours Tatyana.
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