Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Edgar (Italy)

Letter 1

Edgar thanks for lovely photos.
You very much like me.
I was not so good to get on with a computer.
And consequently I ask you as it is possible to do our meeting.
I cannot write for a long time from a computer as it tires me.
I want to learn you closer at a meeting!!!!!
If I have arrived where I would live?
And as for a long time could remain.
Write to me soon lovely.

Letter 2

Edgar greetings once again and thanks for a prompt reply.
I have learned about trip to your country America.
It will be very expensive for me.
And me it not on forces.
Edgar I have learned also to me have told that trip will cost about 1200 $ (the visa and tickets).
I have no such money and if you could help to arrive to me to you I would be happy to be with you.
In fact we would be together.
I already spoke what not in to get on with a computer and it very much tires me, also therefore I want to do our meeting.
That it is better to learn you.
You like me very much.