Scam letter(s) from Valentina Zyranova to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Hello dear Charles!
Thank you very much for the letter. Sorry but I wont be able to write you for some time because I should solve my financial problems to cover translation costs. I will write you as soon as I solve all the problems. Kisses. Tina
Letter 2

Hello Charles!
I thought you said me good bye by your last letter. You've made your choice and had not even tried to understand me. I can't give you a 100% guarantee that I will fall in love with you if you come in Tomsk.
Moreover I can't have sex with you wherever you want, because of Lena. I don't want you feel she is a burden for us. I think I wrote you that before.
Charles, I need not a master, I need a man who will love me. I was too naive. I thought to be submissive means to be polite, feminine loving wife, but mot more. I suffered much when I got your last letter. I read your previous letters many times and I see you don't want to take me the way I am, you don't see that I'm a personality too, I don't want to be just a silly toy in your hands. I want to be a woman. I have a child and i don't want her to grow up in such an atmosphere. I can't have sex with you in places where Lena may come, no matter how exciting it may sound. I think you will hate her, because you will think she is a burden for us to have sex.
As for money, I have spent much more money for our correspondence then you sent. I have all the documents confirming that. I paid 5 usd for each 1000 symbols of translations at the agency where we started to correspond ( Then I found another one where it's cheaper. I never told you that, I never asked you for money or something else, I was ready to pay myself. When you offered me to help with correspondence costs I was really touched, I thought you were a gentleman... I see I was wrong. If my goal was to get any money I would answer other men (I got really many letters from men who were more rich then you, but I chose you, because of your inner world, your personality, your attitude to me and Lena. If only I knew what means to be submissive in the beginning ... I talked to a lady and she explained me what it means, I think it's very dangerous and I'm afraid of such experiments. If this 100 dollars will make you happy I will try to collect it to send back to you, but it may take me about a month.
If you really have serious intentions and feelings to me you will accept my conditions. I could just ignore your message, but I think I write you I still have feelings to you and afraid to lose you forever.
But what you wrote about being submissive and what I learned about such life style shocked me and makes me forget about all that ...
You may send any information abut me anywhere in Internet, because I'm totally disappointed in such kind of relationships and have no any wish to keep on looking for someone else from abroad.
I'm a positive person, I don't like having any quarrels and disputes.
That's why I hope we will stay at least friends.
Kisses, Tina
Letter 3

Hello Charles!
You had no any right to hurt me so deep,
If you keep on doing that:
I will have to report to all the sites where Russian women place photos and letters from unreliable men, liars and men who are interested in sexual degenerate conversation, I will have to place there your photos!!! After that no Russian woman will ever writer you. I don't want you to fool other Russian woman.
More over I'll apply to the World Court of Human Rights in The Hague bringing an accusation against you because of "personal injury" and moral humiliation.
Now I see all you wanted was an entertainment for you. It's so pity I was so fool to trust you.
You have no power over me and I won't let you intimidate me with really funny threats. Spiritually you are a very weak person I see,
I'm very glad I've opened the real you for myself.
I have no more to say,
Bye, Valentina
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