Scam Letter(s) from Anna Lapteva to Javier (USA)

Letter 1

My sweet Javy,
I love talking with you. I am just sorry we've been disconnected for a few times but that is Russia and our phone line leaves much to be desired :-) You made my day!!! Your sweet voice makes me smile every single minute and it is happiness for me to hope that we'll be together really soon. I am happy that you can bring me to yourself. I was telling you on phone that it is possible to arrange a tourist visa only and I'll explain you everything step by step what I have found from the travel agency.
Officially, I can get a visa to any country I want if I apply to the Embassy or the Consulate of the country I intend to go to. And I got to know that officially it is possible to get a visa after a couple of interviews but in reality it is not that way at all. In reality it is going to be impossible for me to get a visa in the Consulate or the Embassy without any other help due to the following reasons. I am young, unmarried, I have no children. I do not have any strong ties with my country. For the last several years the immigration rates in Russia were pretty high and now the policy of our government is very strict in this respect. And it is not that easy for a woman, a young girl particularly, to get a visa to any country via the Embassy or the Consulate. It is a waste of time and money. Officially everything is possible because Russia has become a democratic country after all and to prevent any person from going abroad without any valid excuse would be considered as a violation of human rights. But Russia is just Russia and taking into consideration the economic instability of my country, such factors as youth, social status are considered to be valid enough that I will be refused in obtaining any visa in any Consulate or Embassy. I thought that your invitation could possibly facilitate everything but I was explained that it would only make everything even more complicated for me and you. If you were my relative, I would have been granted a visa with the help of your invitation but you are a man and I am a woman and that proves that the chances of my returning to Russia are miserable and as a consequence, I will never be granted a visa. The same holds true about a fiancee visa. It takes up to a year and a half to get it. Besides, there is no guarantee that I will be granted it. There is a necessary condition for the fiancee visa. I have to visit the country of my future husband and live there for some period of time. There is one more thing. If to apply to an invitation visa or a fiancee visa, I will have to go to Moscow since there is no Embassy of your country in my city and I will have to stay there for quite a long period of time but that does not mean anything at all. We would lose even more money and time Javy and could get nothing in return.
You know I went to a travel agency. I found a couple of agencies that can organize trips to your country. I liked one of them since its services are cheaper and in its services the issuance of foreign passports is also included. I also need a passport so that to be able to go abroad and it will take up to half a year to have it issued if to apply to any governmental office.
This agency guarantees the issuance of all the papers necessary to go abroad. I will get everything for sure my sweet javy. You might ask as to why it is possible to get a tourist visa with no problems at all. There is one condition. I will have to buy two way ticket. That is going to be my guarantee that I will be back to Russia. Besides, if I apply to that travel agency, there will be no need for me to go to Moscow to visit the Embassy since all the work necessary for obtaining a visa and a passport is done by that agency. A passport might be done via that agency in four days only. I can be granted a tourist visa with the help of that agency. All the papers necessary to come to you my sweetheart might be ready with the help of that agency in two weeks only. But the main problem is that their services are pretty expensive for me. To have a passport issued costs 250$ and to be granted a visa that will let me stay with you up to three months costs $475 and up to six-months costs $640. Everything is guaranteed and I will get my documents for sure and in no time at all. I know that it is a lot of money my darling but it looks like that it is the only way for us. I have checked everything possible and a tourist visa is the best way out for you and me. I hope that there will be a possibility for us to meet each other soon.
I really want it my dearest Javy and I hope with all my heart that it is going to happen. I am waiting for your next call with great impatience too and like you
I miss you already.
I kiss you with all my tenderness on your lips, Anya
ps my new promised pics and hope to get yours soon my darling Best regards,

Letter 2

My darling,
I do not know what's happening but I am just back from the Western Union office where I have got the money for my passport and I was told that there is not any block or black list there. I do not have any problems there. But I did scan my Russian passport( or ID or birth certificate)for you. You may see it now though it is in Russian. The photo in my current passport was taken when I was 16. Hope you can recognize me :-)I have also scanned my International passport. You can see it now also. It is a xerox copy because my foreign passport is still at the agency. I asked them to make a copy and I had it scanned at the Internet Cafe.
I do not understand why you cannot send the money for the visa from your end. It must be some cruel mistake. I am so upset my darling. I've seen the letters you have forwarded to me but still I do not understand...
Hope we'll talk tonight soon,
Best regards,