Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Polusha to Ercan (Turkey)

Letter 1
Hi, prosperity Ercan!
Each morning I open my eyes and I think concerning you. And I ran in cafe of the Internet again with hope to receive your letter. So at last I am capable to read it and to write to you, mine most dear. Unless it not happiness? The unique(sole) thing does(makes) me sad - that you are while far from me. There is a distance between us, but nothing will stop me from supervision you. With each day my feelings to you become stronger. And I so am afraid to lose you. I want to divide(share) all with you and to be about you, only to feel your heat. I dream concerning it each day. You really reduce from mind(wit) me, now I can think only concerning you. And I do not need in anyone except for you. I want, that we were together, have engaged love, enjoyed time, which we spend we together, only to observe cinema, to prepare together, to listen to music, to leave, to do(make) all, which refers to as - as family! Well, I bett I shall stop here, because I do not want, that you thought, that I - weird, but I really seized by aspiration concerning you. There is no minute, when I do not think concerning you. Well, I promised to inform you concerning my visiting of my aunt. She(it) is very sick, and we do(make) everything to help it(her). My salaries very small, but I shall spend all money, which I have only for it(her) to recover. The medicine (medicine) is very dear, here and sometimes I hate my country for such firm (difficult) life, which we have here. Products, medicine (medicine), clothes - all costs(stands) much, here but sometimes we do not receive our salaries within several months. But I do not complain, do not think so. I only should divide(share) it with you, you - most dear man for me now and when I speak with you, I feel much better. I love my mum and my aunt, they - my family, now and I want, that you were a part of my family also, though you - already part it. You hope, that not against it. You - the dear man to me is very close also, and I thank the God, that it(he) has given me an opportunity to find you in it large - large world. I should be closed here and go to work. Care, mine dear and smile for me!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye! Write to you tomorrow. Yours for ever.
Letter 2
my love Ercan!
Today, weather is not warm here again, and I think of you. It was the large day, when I have received the first letter from you, I thank the God, and I know, that I have found the man, and I love you. oEEUIA also slowly proceeded hearing (to listen) about you, and I grieve without you. I am pleased with an opportunity to meet you soon, and I want it very much, I think, that you want it also, your letters were a beam of light in my life. As you know, that I very much was not interested in moving to other country, but I shall do(make) it, because I have found my love, and it - you!!!
We have firm in our city, which does(makes) the documents for the people, who wants to leave the country. I have asked concerning moving in other country, and I have received the answer, that I need in the visa, foreign passport and some other documents for registration. We have defined(determined) (has defined)((determined)) a type of the visa, and it - type, which allows to marry in the future, but if it will not be, understand, that I should come back to my country after ninety days, it is a limit for the visa. I have asked concerning the prices and was very much surprised, at first I ask concerning terms (terms) (time) of performance (work), and they have told, that there are many people, who wants to do(make) the documents and to leave the country, but if I shall do(make) the application (application) now, and to pay it, now they will do(make) all documents no more than two weeks, and if I shall not do(make) the application (application), documents will be prepared not earlier than two or three months, because are available many people, who wants to do(make) it. I was very much surprised the prices it. It costed two hundred and eighty nine American dollars. It - do(make) me slightly suppressed, and disappointed I have no so much now. I was, do(make) the application (application), but I should pay it. I have asked my mother concerning our savings, she(it) has told, that money should not be a barrier between two people, which love each other. I considered(counted) my sum, and I have found out, that I have only approximately thirty dollars, and my wages will not be speed. I have asked my friends concerning the help to me, and they have told, that it has no it at the existing moment. I have asked advice(council) my mother, and she(it) has told, that probably you can help me, because it(he) loves me. I have asked her(it), as it(he) can help me, because it(he) is far from me. My mother has told, that it can send money through the company, which do(make) this service (service). I have asked concerning it concerning my work, and I know now, when there is a reliable and fast company, which does(makes) remittances in the world, and it has named western union. I have, remember, that I saw advertising this company on TV. I take AEOAEOE?IOA the book and found by the address it, and it - near me. I have gone (has gone), there and I have asked them concerning service (service). They have told, that the sender should go to western branch of trade union, give them the information: the name (name) and surname of the receiver, country they do(make) transfer (moving) and bring these ten codes of secret offigures to the sender. The receiver should know ten figures for reception of money. They speak, that the branches (branch) it should be everywhere all over the world. You should know, that I decide(solve) to ask you concerning it, because I love you and I trust you very much. I decide(solve) to arrive in you, because I feel this way, and you are very necessary for me, I have decided(solved) to not arrive in the unfamiliar country and me never to be outside of my country. But I have decided(solved) to do(make) it, because now you - part of my life, and I trust you only. I think, that you trust me as well love me also. My love I need in 289 dollars, I think, that you will help us, because we have found our love, and we want to meet closer.
Because I can receive the documents soon and if we have lost time, it is necessary during long time. The country now should very difficult to receive the visa to another, and it - fact, but if I pay, now I think, that I do(make) it. I think concerning sense of money, and I am very sad, if this paper can prevent the people to meet (to execute) each other.
In most cases (businesses) money stars in life, but it - is not right! I am sure. And the quantity(amount) of money was, and will be not important for me, I always did not aspire to material enrichment and to not search especially (specially) of rich man. I estimate human qualities and attitudes(relation), and I love you!!! I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now..
.., I want to be with you for ever. If it - is mutual we shall be very happy in our life. I think, that you love me, as well we shall meet very soon. You - my love. My heart yours. I expect good news from you, I hope, that all in the order (will be good), and we shall together soon.
Each day I think concerning our meeting, and I think, that it is real, we should use this chance of destiny. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Your Ekaterina.
P.S I was perfect to understand that you to want with me to talk on the phone well I to not have yet of money to conversation as I them to find I to you necessarily to call.
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