Romance scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Melnik to Grant (USA)
Letter 1
I'm glad, that you paid attention at me and my profile. I don't know what purposes you pursue indeed. Possible write to each other much beautiful words, but always Wants to know a present truth and real reasons, which have push You or me to write a letter. I'll write about myself and about that things what I'm worry about. I hope this truth wont shocked you, and wont pushed you away. I registered at this site long ago. More than a year. My purpose was to Find a man, which would approached to me and went away from my country. Get married and be happy with this man. Ukraine is very poor country which has a lot of minuses. Mans in my Country are bad brought up and their mentality is not targeted on making family And educating children.
I immediately started to receive a lot of different letters. Many mans Seemed to me very interesting and sincere. I began correspondence. Sometimes it was very long time period, but In result their were only promises!!! Promises to arrive, promises To met in another country, promises to help me to arrive in USA and So on. I patiently waited every time, and every time I was convince that It is lie!!!!!! I have bore to do this!!! I have spend a lot of time in the Internet and did not get nothing!!! Even small moral satisfaction!!!!! And now I decided to act on other. I sent this letter to each who will turn attention on me and will write to me!!!
Here, there are some my photos.
I'm in font of photography and I have more than 1000 photos. There is my condition If you attentively read my profile and in the same way attentively watched my photos. And after that you want sincerely and seriously continue communicate with me I would ask for warranties of your gravity to send me certain amount of money which you not miserable. It can be 20 $ or 50$ or 100$ or....... you have to decide it. Lets consider that you will pay for viewing these photographs and I in turn undertakes to send you else photographs. If I'll see money from you, than I'll have some gravity warranties and Simultaneously care and help from you!!! And we will be able to continue Our contact. Maybe in this way I will be able to find itself a husband. Simultaneously Small money to support myself in the form. To look As present ice. This is so difficult in my country. Money possible to send through Western Union on my name and surname in
Ukraine, Kharkov.
Account: 26207120000003
My mail for relationship:
Sorry for the letter with such contents
But I really does not see other variants.
Letter 2
Acknowledge that I have doubts!
Correctly am I doing and have I right to send a letter with such requests And offers!!!
But afterwards I conceives on that, what I wants indeed.
1) to fined a man, which will care about me in everything!!!
2) To fall in love with this person for its bounty openness and frankness!!! And it seems to me that with such letter I'll take away that people, which are simply entertain in internet, and write to me will only people with such real intentions and desires either as I. Also small material help for my new creative plan in accordance with the photography. I very love removed and any more I do not present life without it.
Thanks Respectfully yours Nadya
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