Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Komarova to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hello. everybody! I'm the first time in the Internet cafe. My first name is Svetlana and I'm 28 years old. I live in Russia and all that years I tried to find my pen-pal, somebody who will understand me and on whom I can rely on! Despite all of that I didn't find the real man with brave heart and strong feelings!
Above all of this I can say that I'm looking for a nice person and appearance doesn't play role for me, I just want to find person with good inner world! I will do anything in this world to get my soul and then we will be one united front. Of course, You may be miles apart from me, it doesn't matter, just lets try. If you are interested and want to know more about me,
you can send your letters on my e-mail !
I wait and wait and wait for your letters as I wait and wait and wait for you, my new friend.
Letter 2

Hello dear John!
How are you? Is it smile on your face? I hope so, because I'm smiling, and I'm happy to hear from you! I have to say to you, that I am new in the Internet, and I could not imagine myself, that my message to you will give result, and I'll find your letter so fast!
You surely is very interested how have I found your e-mail address.
It's simple. The Internet Cafe worker had sent my letter onto 100 casual addresses that computer program had offered. I have got answers from three people - a girl from Israel, a man from Pakistan and you, my new friend.
I'm not interested in women, and a man from Pakistan wasn't interested in serious relationship, and the third one is you and I would like to communicate with you. Ok, my name is Svetlana, I'm 28 years old, but I won't begin to re-tell to you all information, which was in my previous letter, I just want to remind you, that I'm from Russia, I was born in Russia, and I live there now. So, I live in Vladimir now, it is a small city not far from Moscow. I was born there, but I lived in Moscow after finishing medical academy, but I had to move to my native town, Vladimir, 2 years ago,
after death of my father, because my mother needed my help. But now I think, that it was right choice, and I am not sad about it. So, I have to say, that I am sorry for so short letter, but I have to go now (frankly speaking, I thought, that you won't answer, and I came to the Internet Cafe only to check my mail), and I have to say to you, that I am very glad to keep our conversation, and feel free to ask me, what you want to know about me, I'll be happy to answer to every your questions. I am sending my picture to you, it was made year ago by my friend from Moscow, she is professional photograph,
and she made few pictures of me, it was funny to feel, like professional model :) So, I am waiting for your letter, and I won't let you to wait my answer!
Bye! Svetlana
Letter 3

My dear John!
How are you today, honey? I'm fine, but I could not wait for this moment, I wanted to go to the Internet Cafe(you're right, it's situated near the hospital I work in and on the other side of the town from my house, about 1 hour drive by bus) faster, because I needed to see your letter today! I want to say to you, that I LOVE knowing,
that you think about me! I have to say, that sometimes I think about our first meeting, how could it be? If we did not meet each other in the Internet, and somewhere... I don't know, may be even on the street, we could only to look on each other, and would go for our business, and in this case I would not know you so close, as I know you now, and may be you could forget about me after few minutes... And may be.... But I write you, and you write me, and it brings us pleasure, and I hope, as many as for me. Oh, my dear, I want to say to you so much! But with coming Winter, we have more ill people, many people catch cold, and sometimes it can be pneumonia! I have to go back for a work right now, so I have to go. It makes me sad, but thoughts about you will help me today, and when I'll go to sleep, I hope, I'll see dream about us together! It could be wonderful!
I'm very glad, that you want to know more about me. I wrote to you,
that I was not married, and my last relations have finished 2 years ago. Do you want to know why?! My boyfriend was very rich, and spoilt.
He did not see woman in me, he did not interest my inner world (as all men in Russia). We have such phrase - "To live, like the bird in a gilded cage", and I don't want to live like this bird. I want that man,
which will be loved by me, could estimate my love, my care about him.
I can say, that there is not so many interesting things in my life here, but the most important thing, that there was nothing,
that I could shame in my past. I live honest and decent life, and I hope, that my life will change to the best in future, and many of my hopes I connect with you, my sweet John.
P.S. I want to give you my mail address in case you want to write me an ordinary letter:
Lenin St., 8-18,
Vladimir, Russia
I miss you! Your Svetlana
Letter 4

My dearest John! Thank you for the pic, I like you very much!
How are you today, my sweet? I'm fine, but today I can't fall asleep,
because I thought about us so much, and it was very pleasant thoughts,
but sometimes, I began to worry about many things, but I know, that it is nothing, and real feelings always win, and every troubles,
difficulties and barriers - it is only check of it. You know,
yesterday I found one book, it was a first book, which I have read in childhood, it is a pretty fairy tale about Prince and beautiful Princess, they can't be together for a long time, but Prince knew,
that Princess was created for him, and after many efforts, they came together. When I found it, I have recollected my child's dream about my Prince, and I thought about you at this moment. My dear, you make me happy, and I know, when I'll be with you, when I'll hold you, when I'll kiss you, I will never leave you or let you go! Is it only my dream? May be am I wrong? I don't think so, it is impossible! Now I understood, how two people can to fall in love together, when two lonely hearts find each other in one amazing moment! I know now, that only you can change my lonely life, and that only you can help to feel warmth and happiness.
In my firm believe, we will never be closer to each other via Internet. To know if we are predestinated to us or not, we need to meet face to face, hold our hands, see in each others eyes!!!!!! I'm so tired to be lonely, I don't want to wait anymore. I guess I've found the man that I was searching all my life. I have all the information about my arrival and I've spared some money for my travel,
but I don't want to tell you all the information before you say that you are ready to be with me.
I'm waiting for your answer impatiently, my Prince John!!!
Yours Svetlana
Letter 5

Dear John! You became really a very important person for me and our correspondence is very pleasant. I think about you when I wake up,
think when working and at night I don't sleep thinking of you.
Recently I had a dream of our first meeting. I went down from aircraft stairs, you were waiting me down, we took each other's hands and looked into eyes and after that we had a long kiss and we both realized that our loneliness is over. My dear John, I'd like to know is it only my dream?
Do you really want me to arrive!? If you saw as my mum was delighted! She wants for me the better life, than I can have here, and it is very pleasant for me. I strongly hope that you've got the same feelings for me as I do for you. I realize all the necessity of our meeting, I can't breath without you here. I understand that our meeting is really serious step and I'm serious as well about it. Despite the the fact that we know each other for a rather short time, my feelings towards you are really strong. I feel that you're a good man and I belive you and rely on you, and it's the basis of relations between man and woman. It's very important for me to know whether you have any plans about my arrival. We both could make it happen with our efforts and strong desire. I hope that you were honest with me and didn't play with my feelings and that you wish our meeting as I do. Please be honest when answering my questions. I'll be waiting for you answer impatiently.
And I'll pray that your decision is right for us.
Yours Svetlana
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