Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Garbovska to Frederic (France)

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Letter 1

Hi my sweet Frederic
The fist letter what will be very serious,because talk about money and my trip!
Because i never don't travel in Europe ,i can't get a visa in any country euro alliance who have a shengen visa!!! Today i went in Kiev,in French ambassy (i want made for you surprise),for know what i need for visa,this is don't possible because they afraid that i stay in France,i young and don't marriage,i can be emigrate!!! My passort clean,and this problem.
But i find decision!
Ticket to France- 600$
Ticket to Kiev- 120$ (in 2 side)
Visa 50$
Ticket to Kiev for get a visa and then take this:
160$ (in 4 side)
930 $ and i mast have money for customs in airport,i don't
know how much ,you know?
This not all i mast made many paper:
-That i have job,and how much i get money
-That i don't been in prison
-That i don't have duty to imposition
-That i don't marrige,and don't have child
I hope that all,but this paper i can do samself,and every cost a money!
If you change you mind about our meet tell me now,because tomorow i mast start made all paper for visa,and i need money.May be we can meet in country without visa for me,its will be cheape?I will be do all my paper use one old man he have a acquaintance in ambassy, because its don't possible do samself (we have every where people who for money can do all)
I don't know what you will be answer,but i ask you answer quck!I mast do something or don't.
Kiss you Nataly

Letter 2

Hi sweet Frederic
I don't think that ever again to heir about you something,and for me was suprised when you call to me so often for tolk.
After mounday everythink changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This not only your foult,i mast to tell you i meet in June with my ex-boyfriend from Moscow,he come to at home and tell that he still love me and ask me again marrige with him,i answer that i mast think about,i tell him about you,about my future trip in France,he said ok,i am wait.You never tell to me before today morning about love,you tell that i am very fast,we mast to know each other better,and after our meet you will be know about your feel,and or wish you live with me......................,you tell that i like to you,but don't more.
That why i start to think about propose to marrige,Andrey back in the Moscow, in this time i still wish to visit you for know you better,i never wish to pla with you,i don't look other man,he samself come and don't tell me before about,because he know that i don't like this idea.
After i hear all his wold about his feel,i start think that may be i don't need,because you never tell me about love,i just like to you..............
I made all paper for trip,and i deside to buy everything samself,because my design mast to be independence.
In Mounday,you tell me that i am mast destroyed my trip,you start to tell that i play with your heart,but you don't tell me about feeling.In last weelend Andrey come in town for rest and visit his family,and after your call,i tell him yes i will be your wife,sorry,but now late.You don't wish my love. You very nice and kind man,but we a very diffrent.
I spend with you very nice and magic time,but you never tell me the same.I don't know what to do now,and decide to write you all trues,i don't like to do this but i mast.
I never wish to play with you,and don't to do this,i all time think that you play with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For now this all,you can think about me what you wish...........
I hope you can understand that we a very different,and you will be find much more better woman.
Wish to you a nice day,kiss you



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