Scam Letter(s) from Elena Melnikova to Gaylord (Canada)

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Letter 1

Dear Bob,
We have already got your transfer on our bank account $100. We have already informed Lesya about it. She'll write you later. Thank you that you decided to use our service. Now please write to us and your lady to this e-mail address:

Sincerely Yours,

Letter 2

Hello my dear Bob,
I was so happy to receive your letter today. Thank you for writing me. It's a really pleasure for me to receive and read your letters every day. You are very wise and clever person and it's very interesting for me to communicate with you. You are very experienced and because of this feature of character I like to communicate with older men more then with young one. Thank you a lot for the transfer,such a way we'll continue to communicate with you again. miss you all this time so a lot. What about why did I like you? I like to communicate with such person as you are. It's very interesting for me to be with you,even if I do it only in my letters with a help of interpreter only. I'm so interested in everything concerning you. I think that such kind of information will help me to understand you better,to get to know your habits,your taste,likes and dislikes. What do you think about life and love? I think that it'll be enough questions for you. You know my dear I really think that this information will be very useful I don't want you to think that you are passing any kind of interview to get a new job or anything like this. With all the information I'll better understand what kind of person you are. What about me...I think that life can be cruel in some but beautiful in others. The best thing you can do in life is just take it as it comes and make the best out of a bad situation. The most of all I like when I can make the people near happy,then I also feel very happy. And I think it's very important for me in the life. And I also like Being with the one that I Love, doing things with him,trying to make sure he is happy. I think that I am patient and I am tender,my friends consider me a good person and I hope that they are right. I like to make good things. I like to help people. And try to use every opportunity to do it. You know it's very difficult to tell good things about yourself. I don't like at all when people don't want to tell truth. When they try to lye for each other. I think that all the relations has to be built on trust. So I don't like at all when people don't trust for each other. I also do not like people using me. Sometimes I can be angry on someone and can tell not very good things to another person,of course I understand that he/she not the reason of my anger, but sometimes I can't do anything with me. Sometimes when I see that if I tell truth I hurt a person very much,I lie. Of course it's very difficult for me to do it,because I hate when people lie for each other, but when you know that with this lie you'll save a life for a person or maybe his family and feelings, you have to do it. I'm happy when everything is Ok and everybody feels good. I am happy when I think of how it will be with you in my life. I'm thinking of you. I'll be waiting for your next letter with impatience. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care. I miss you,
I kiss you,
Your Lesya.



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