Scam Letter(s) from Anna L. to Tomas (Mexico)

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Letter 1

If You interesting in me please write Hi dear Tomas,
I'm very glad to get your message. Thank you very much for it and I hope that it is just a beginning of our communication and we will go on with it till our meeting one day because this is very important to look into each other's eyes and to find all answer to all our questions and to see the soul of a person.
We say that Eyes are an mirror of the soul! I think it is right! I'm from Alchevsk- Ukraine. It is a not big town in Eastern part of Ukraine and I do like it, because it is calm, cozy town with nice people. I'm a simple girl who is looking for her second part.I would like to meet a man whom I will love and who will love me.
I'm simple girl 22 y.o. who wants a simple happiness of woman. It means to find and to be all life together with my second beloved part. I'd like us to have children and to bring them up in happiness and our harmonic family. PLease don't think that I dream about ideal life because it would be too boring I would like us to discuss some questions and even to quarrell but not strongly and not often, and of course mostly for fun.
I like to follow my body so, I go infor sport. I visit gym at least 2-3 times a week. But it is all I like to be always attractive and interesting for my friends, relatives and everybody who is near me but mostly for my future husband so he will find me in a good shape all the time so I will be attractive for him. That's why I like to ask my college to take care about my ahir to be with a good stylied hair.
As for my family, I have a nice parents who love me very much though I am not the only child. I have an older brother of 24 y.o. His name is Stas and we are real friends. He doesn't care of creating his own family as I do but I consider that he is still young and later he will. My parents are lovely people and they are still young as outside as inside as well. So, it is very easy to find a common language with them.
I am working as a hairdresser in a small beauty salon. I do like my work and it is always pleasant to help women to find their own style of hair and to look younger and more attractive, so as you see I am quite satisfied with my life but all I am missing a lot is my love and to share with him bad times and good one as well. Well, I think it is enough for first letter.
Write me soon. I'm anxiously waiting for your answer.

Letter 2

Thank you for your letter and your interest. I am very glad to get your wonderful letters and i hope that we will go on and only develop our interest to each other. I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself and my life. It is very difficult to judge yourself. Do you agree? Because you are risking to judge or too much unfair or too much flatter to yourself. I don't want neither the first nor the second.
So, I will try to be more abjective to myself.
I can't tell you that I am an extraordinary person or that I have a particular life.
I was finished school and college. With my education I am satisfied and I don't want to becoam a very special person as for work. I prefered to work and to leave additional studies just because I would like to help my parents because I know how it is difficult for them to earn our living.
I like my job and I will try to describe it to you. I always like beauty and I just adore to make something beautiful by myself. So, I chose my profession and went to study. Now I am coming to my work with a great pleasure!
I am able to do a lot of different hair styles for my clients who are women. And you can't imagine how it is difficult to satisfy their demands! But I know how and I have problems very seldom.
My work tought me how to communicate with women of different age and to have my person style of communication and service. Maybe that's why I have a little bit more clients than others. But job for me it is not everyhting and my real dream to join my life with my man and to start our own family.
I think there is nothing more importnat for woman than family and children. My ideas sa for future family are following:
I took as example my mother. And I think I am right. She is always interested in life of my father. she takes care of him and it is so pleasant and nice to see! She shares all his interests and hobbies. She is able to listent ot him and to calm down him or to support when he needs. She adores us: me and my brother but most of all she loves her husband and she always foolows his interests in life. She is from his side and I love her because she is just increadibly wonderful woman. I hope to become such kind of wife and to take care of family in a similar way.
Please, write my your ideas as for this and if you are not agree with something let's discuss. I would be very glad if you will share with me your interests and your ideas as for maily, your dreams as for future. I am interested in everyhting that touches you. And don't be afraid to ask me questions. Maybe I forgot to write you something you are interested in. Just ask me and I will be happy to answer all your question. I hope you will have a nice week and that you will write me very soon. I am anxiously waiting for your next long and nice letter full of questions to meand answers
Take care,

Letter 3

Dear Mr.Tomas Padron,
We are writing to you because your lady Anna L. has applied to us with the ask to help her with translation of her and your letters but she has found out that she can't pay for our service by herself.
And for the moment she can't provide payment for our translations but as she wouldn't like to stay with translations of your letters and as she is very interested to stay in touch with you and develop your relations if you have the possibility to help her you can do it but it is up to you.
For more details please contact us. We will be happy to help you. Best regards,
Manager assosiation of interpreters
Ekaterina Menshova

Letter 4

Dear Sir,
We will inform Anna about your letter.
Sincerely Yours



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