Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Vaganova to Michael (USA)
Letter 1
Good evening my dear Michael! How are you? Michael a thank to you for yours The letter! Me was very interesting to read about you! I wait Your new photo!
I with pleasure send you the photo, I hope it to you It is pleasant! Michael I think that now I need to tell about myself, I very much love To read the books, is especial detectives! I love to prepare, I love to do Home work on the house: to be cleaned, to erase dust, in general to watch for By the house! I do not love noisy parties and large companies. I love silence And rest, home cosiness.
Is careful in relation to native and close. Is close and Is sympathetic, I can offer the interests and principles in a name Families. In life all I try to achieve itself, not expecting to the aid Others. I condemn roughness. I appreciate sincerity, kindness, fidelity. I demand to myself of the close, correct attitude. Is hospitable, I love a cosiness.
I want to find the man of all life, man of the dream! Polite, Of the cultural, decent man which would grow fond me and which I have grown fond. With which I could create family, in which always would reign Love and mutual understanding I use Internet because I can not find to myself the partner in To the country. In Russia the man rough and ignorant. They do not appreciate the women, not Respect of their advantages. I simply am not created to live with such By the man.
In free from work time I am engaged in various things. At me It is a lot of enthusiasmes and I at all do not know about what to you to tell. I love to read The interesting books, sometimes I visit cinemas, I try to not pass new Film. You are pleasant like cinema? I like to go for a walk on a nature, To admire beauty of a nature, I consider that on light there is nothing more beautifully than Nature! I love home animal, is especial of the cats and dogs. At you is Home animals? If is tell to me about them please, it " s very interesting for me. Well perhaps and all that I wanted to tell to you, if You that that interests in detail write me and I with pleasure shall answer on Your questions!
I want to find the man of all life, man of the dream! Polite, Of the cultural, decent man which would grow fond me and which I have grown fond. With which I could create family, in which always would reign Love and mutual understanding. I want to have beautiful and healthy children, I am simple I want to create family!
Michael tell to me please It is more about itself, about the life, about the enthusiasmes. It " s very interesting for me. I Is interested in you and consequently I would like to know about you more. Answer please my questions: What do you want most from a partner? What do you not like in a partner? What do you like the best? What are for you the most important values and objectives in life? Tell me about yourself, your friends, your parents. Michael write to me that you want to learn about me and I with pleasure shall answer all your questions!
Michael unfortunately my time in internet the cafe was terminated:( I shall answer your questions later!
Michael I hope that I have satisfied your curiosity, if you still That that interests do not hesitate - ask me!
I very wait for your answer! Your friend from Russia - Olya
P.S. I live not in Lugansk, I live in Yoshkar-Ola!
Letter 2
Hi my honey and lovely Michael!!! How are you today? To me there is not enough of time now, I owe To go on work: (
Michael a thank for that that you can help me, for me it very much It means much also speaks about that that our attitudes actually Mean for much you and me it very much pleases!!!
Honey I shall lay in urban hospital of city Yoshkar-Ola, I yet I know number in this hospital, I can inform you it later!!!
Michael what for to you my passport? I do not have scanner and I can not To scan it, I have given you all my data, I know that for this purpose To receive money in system Western Union to you it is necessary to tell Only my complete name! My complete name: Vaganova Olga
Dear I with pleasure send you still photos!!!
I very wait for your answer!!! Olya
P.S. I always think of you mine favourite Michael! Look an investment, I I become such when I think of you!!!
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