Scam letter(s) from Angelica Kozyreva to Aurel (Italy)

Letter 1
I have been in the agency and found out all the info we needed with you. They told me that if we want we can pay for the visa and passport first(200$) and then when I have it they will buy me the ticket through their agency. But they warned that if we will refuse buying the ticket through them- they will not give me back visa and all the papers. They garantee 99,9% of receiving the visa. If we pay all the money at once,then if something is wrong they will return the money from the ticket. As for methods of payment, they advised us to use western union ,or moneygram ,or any other eletronic service of money transfer. You can send it to my name and I will pay them immediately. Or to the name of their chief manager (Elena Selyutina). My name is Angelica Kozyreva, you have to send to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine . If you go outside tonight for some days it will be better if you send me or to the agency money and while you will be out,I will make the papers, when you come we will just buy the ticket and I will be in Paris soon. I so much enjoyed talking to you, even though we spoke about different matters concearning my trip, I want to come to you as soon as possible. I liked your voice, I know that you are a great man and I hope that we will be great couple. The telephone number of the agency is :
You will have to call Sergey Ivanov,he is confident about our situation and speaks English. Please write me today, if you can I will be very thankful to you, send the money and I will start making the papers as soon as possible. Desperatly awaiting your response, take care and have a good time.
Your Angelica
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