Scam letter(s) from Elena Aklanova to Edgar (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello, my name is Elena. I'm 25. I live in Russia, city Khabarovsk. I like your profile and I would like to correspond with you. Write me directly to my e-mail address: I wait for your letter.
Letter 2
Hello, Edgar. Thanks a lot for writing me and sending me your pictures. I like them really much. You seem to be very cute. It is really pleasant for me to get your letter. You know, it is not very new for me to seek for my partner through the Internet. I started my search two years ago, but when i thought I found my destiny, I had really bad experience. And that's why I stopped corresponding with anybody. And now one year passed and I decided to look for my destiny one more time. I don't really know if I will meet him or not, but I will try to do my best to do it. As you know, my name is Elena Aklanova. I live in Khabarovsk, it the the city on the far East of Russia. I know that it is my native city, but I don't really like it and the climate here is awful. I was in Saint-Petersburg and I really enjoyed living there, although I spent there only a couple of weeks. I graduated from the Pedagogical University of Khabarovsk and I work as teacher of English in private school here in Khabarovsk. I'm not well paid, although it is a private school, not the normal state school. I'm quite well paid in comparison with the teachers of the normal school, but it is not enough to live good here. Everything is really expensive, but anyway I used to live as I live. I like my job, I like children and nobody is guilty that the profession I enjoy the most is not well paid here, in Russia. I don't really care. As for me, I like music, travelling, hikes and camping. I don't smoke at all, but I can drink some vine very occasionally and with the good company. I like to go to the theatre and to the cinema. I also enjoy photography. I like to take the photos of myself. I don't have the camera, but my father has his friend, who has his own studio. He likes to take my photos, he tells that I'm really pretty and I might be a model. But I'm not really interested in the carrier of the model. As for me, I live with my father and my grandmother. I can't afford me to buy a separate apartment for me and so I need to live together with them. As for my partner, I want to see him as HONEST, HONORABLE, KIND-HEARTED, LOVING AND CARING PERSON. If you think you are such a person, write me and I will be glad to start to correspond with you. I wait for you letter with impatience.
P.S. I don't want to have a long-term correspondence, I prefer to meet my partner and to know him personally. I think that meeting in most cases is better than million letters. In fact, I just don't want to be disappointed after the long period of time. So, if you think you feel the same, I wait for your letter. Moreover, I will have a vocation soon and I would be pleased to meet with you. Please, let me know what you think about it, OK??
Best regards
Letter 3
Hello, dear Edgar!! Thanks a lot for your letter to me. I appreciate you being faithful and honest with me. I read your letter and I feel that I correspond with an alive man. You have your feelings and your points of view. and I like it really much. You know we completely don't know each other and I would like to tell you about my family. I live, as I mentioned in my first letter, with my father and my grandmother. My mother left us 3 years ago for another man. My father worked as an executive director in the company which supplied Khabarovsk with a natural gas. He was a successful businessman and we lived very well (I mean financially) and were really happy together. I don't know why, but my mother was not really happy with my father although he was and still really good and family man. She wanted someone special and so she decided to leave him and the family. She began to date with another man, my father's companion from work. He was also a rich man and it seemed to me that my mother began to feel happy with my father's friend. My father was really upset and frustrated and he began to drink a lot of alcohol. Month by month he constantly drank and finally he lost his good job, sold his car and our cottage near Khabarovsk. So we needed to move to grandmother's flat in Khabarovsk. He drank a lot and became the real alcoholic. I tried to do my best to save him from his problem but nothing helped. In a few month he decided to stop drinking, because we lived really miserable. My mother didn't help us, because she was still angry at me, because I refused to live with her and another man. So my father stopped drinking and one of his former friends proposed a working place for him in FSB (FEDERAL SECURITY SERVICE) archive here in Khabarovsk. He is not really well paid, but he is alive and it is the most important. The other problem is that I don't want my future husband to be Russian(I haven't ever seen the man who could treat the woman as he should do) and so I look for the man abroad in the Internet. But it is impossible for me to meet with the man from abroad here in Russia. In case if I decide to meet with the man from abroad here, my father surely will loose his job. I know that it is really hard, but it is his job and I don't want him to have such a problems. You know the person who works in Secret Services or their relatives can't have any connections with foreigners. But I surely decided that I wanted to find the right man for me from abroad. And nobody can stop me of doing that. So if we decide to meet one day, the place of our meeting couldn't be Russia. I hope that you understand me. You see that I'm a really problematic person and my story isn't funny or romantic at all. I just wanted you to know the truth. You know I wanted to tell you one more thing that after reading of your letter I had a warm feeling inside. Let's know each other better. I wait for your letter with impatience.
Sincerely, Elena
P.S. I send you the pictures I have for the moment. As soon as I get scanned new ones I will send them to you, Ok?? Also, please, let me know if you can meet with me during my vocation in the middle of August. it is really important to me. I hope that you understand me, dear.
Best regards
Letter 4
Hello, my darling Edgar!! Thanks a lot for your caring letter and I want to apologize for non-responding you earlier. my dear aunt had a heart attack and All these days I was at the hospital helping her. I had a lot of work to do today!! I had 9 lessons and I'm really tired now. But I have a great surprise - a letter from you!! I need to say that the moments when I can read your warm words and write you my letters become ones of the the happiest in my life!! You know, I want to tell you that I was a little bit upset when I read your letter. Don't think that I'm a person that goes anywhere for someone's money to be happy after two letters. I'm not such a person at all. I had a lot of letters offering me to go to see the world, but I read your letters and I thought that you were probably the person I was looking for a long time. I hope that you understand what I'm telling you about. I know that you do. Also you wrote that I'm welcome to come to you during my vocation. There are several tours in travel agency to go to Italy for vocation and I would really like to meet you personally. I think that only after the meeting you can have the full picture about the person. I don't believe in the feeling which rise during the Internet correspondence. Please, let me know the city of my arrival in Italy if you are still interested in our meeting, of course. as son as I get this information from you, I will go to the travel agency to find out the final price for the full trip to you and let you know about everything, OK dear E***?? So, I wait with impatience to see your next letter in my mail box with the news from you. Also, please, let me know if you can help me with covering of my trip expenses. I don't know at the money the final price for the full trip to Italy, but I think I won't have enough to pay for the full trip myself. The time will show anyway.....
By the way, how is the weather in your country?? We have very different temperatures (mostly cold)!! But today is quite warm - +27C, and it is not windy at all!! So I decided to have a walk by feet from the school to the Internet Cafe. You have no idea what wonderful weather is outside!! Khabarovsk is a very beautiful city with a very ancient architecture!! I love this city! The home nation of Khabarovsk are Russians here (mostly Christians)!! By the way, Khabarovsk is a very criminal city, so in the evening it is very dangerous to walk alone!! But I prefer to stay home in the evening!! I would really like to travel and see other Russian cities and also other countries all over the world, but at the moment I don't have any opportunity to do this!! I would really like to know more about your traditions and customs of your country, way of life of your people!! Because I think every woman should know what the man wants!! Do you think so?? I thought a lot why I started to correspond with you!! I don't know why, but I have a feeling that you are a good person!! I wait for your letter with impatience!
Your Elena.
P.S. I attach the another picture that I scanned recently, I hope that you will like it as well as previous ones. It was taken about 1 month ago.
Best regards
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Edgar! Now I'm in the Internet Cafe. I've just come to check my mail for one second. I am very happy to receive a letter from you. In your letters you show your interest to me, and it is very pleasant for me. After receiving of your letter, I went straight to the travel agency. There is a special offer for going to Italy, with arrival to Rome as a tourist. Travel agent told me that it would take him about 2 weeks to get all the documents ready after I pay all the trip expenses to him. He told me that there will not be any problems with getting of touristic visa to Italy. He explained what sorts of documents I needed to have before he start arranging of the trip to you. Travel agency gives very special offers right now and if we use travel agency, we will save a lot of money. The final price of the full trip to you will be USD800. This tour is for 2 weeks and it includes touristic visa to Italy, insurance list, accommodation in Silva hotel there, meals two times a day and the plane tickets from Khabarovsk to Moscow, from Moscow to Rome and back. He told me that it was the best price for today. Also travel agent told me that it was really good for me that I got the International Passport and now he doesn't have to spend the time for getting it. I know that there are a lot of people in the Internet looking for the someone's money only. I'm not the one. I understand that without knowing each other it is really hard to believe in existence of the person. So, to assure you that I'm real, I send you the scanned copy of the International Passport that I got in June. I thought it would be possible for me to go somewhere abroad to know someone personally, that's why I got the Passport beforehand. I hope that all your doubts will be destroyed. I think that I can also save some money - I think I will have about USD300 soon. I hope that you understand me, dear E***. I think that it would be the best to use travel agency to arrange the full trip for me, because they make everything from the beginning to the end themselves. It would be more useful for me, because I work now and I have to work a lot, I don't have much free time. Please, let me know if you have the possibility to help me with the rest of the sum to cover my trip expenses in your next letter, OK??
I need to say that it is very useful for me to use the Internet Cafe to write you, because this Cafe is situated near the private school I work in. I'm not a well-paid, but the money is not the main thing in my life. The most important for me is the interior world of the person I want to be with. I note that every time I get your letter, my heart sings with the happiness. I can tell you that I spend the happiest moments of my day in the Internet Cafe writing a letter to you, my sunshine!! I thought a lot why I have chosen your profile, may be it is a sign from above. Do you trust in it? I do. Today we have a very good weather. I finished my classes and decided to go for a walk down the street in such fine day. I saw lots of happy people.... I liked those who kissed each other on the bus stop and in the cars. I smiled, when I saw a happy couple waiting for a bus, because they seemed to be so happy together. Isn't it romantic?!! I would like to give them all I had. I wished them to be happy and to be such romantic as they are now!! Also it was insignificant, what weather was in the street. I decided to show a couple of sentences of your letter to my beloved mummy. Mummy read the letter and said that you were probably a nice person. I was afraid of that she got angry at me, because of my new correspondence with you. But I knew that she should know it. She is always worrying about me a lot. She would like to see me with a good person. I need to tell that you and me begin to understand and feel each other!! It is very important. We should trust each other. The lie is a very bad thing. My mummy have been teaching me to tell the truth since the childhood. So we should trust each other completely!! I believe that you won't play a ***** game with me!! I know that I won't survive next time. And I'm afraid of it, afraid of being off the road. I need to close here!! I wait for your soon reply!!
Your Elena
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