Letter(s) from Anna to Rune (Denmark)

Letter 1

Cheers, Rune! :-)

It's me, Ani! :-) Glad that we can get in touch via our personal mails, in such case I feel much more comfortable. I don't know why, but I like privacy, and this gives me right this feeling of safety I'm longing for.

Ok, shortly about me. It will be really shortly because it will be first impression of each other, and if you like, I'll tell you much more about me. settled? :-)
You know that I am Anna (full name), but for you and all the rest of my friends and close people I am simply Ani. Simply because by my nature I am rather simple person. I won't explain you everything now, but I bet that you'll see this while further communication, of course, if you decide to have any :-)

Have you see my photo already? So, then you noticed that I've got grey eyes and brown hair. As you can't see my weight and height, I tell you that my height is 168cm, i.e. this is 66 inches and my weight is 47 kilos. Thank you for your photos as well. You are very good-looking man, Rune!

I like active way of life, but at the same time I like having rest, just laying under the TV-set, watching some interesting movie, reading or just listening to music. My tastes are many-sides, so you may not ask me about what music I like :-) But I'd like to know about your interests and hobbies, and of course about your life, work, family, etc...

And one more fact I'd like you to know is that this letter and the other mails that will come are translated by the interpreter of the translation company since I don't speak or write any English. But have a great wish to study, and some day will do this for sure.

Well, it's not shortly already, so in order not to make you sleep, I close this letter for now and will be waiting for your mail about you.

Letter 2

Privet, Rune! :-)

I think from this first word you understand that I am Russian speaking person :) and you are absolutely right! But I live not in Russia, my country is Ukraine which is a neighbor of it. Though I guess it's already not a new for you :-) If you want to know more about where I live, you may look on the map of Ukraine, and find the city called Lugansk. Unfortunately you won't find my house on the map, but be sure that it's somewhere not far from the center :-)

I want to thank you for returning the answer to me and also want you to know that I was waiting for it. Rune, I I didn't make you compliments about your appearance. It was a statement of fact ;-)

My age is twenty three. Yeah, rather young, I agree, but on the other hand the real age of a person measures not by the years signed in the passport, but according to the brains, inside sensation and life experience. You think that I told this for no particular reason, and you are mistaken, if you really consider this way. I am telling this to explain you that age is nothing, the main is who you are. I don't care about the age, I care about personality of my interlocutor and possible future partner.

My birthday is on January, 14, 1983. So, I am Capricorn. To tell you honestly I don't really believe in astrology, but from time to time I read the horoscope just for the curiosity. Besides, some of my friends are seriously interested in what the stars have for them :-)
And do you believe in this subject?

The main question which appears, I think, it's the question what I am looking for, right? My dream is to meet a person whom with I will share myself: my soul, heart, joys and happiness, my love, passions, all my thoughts, and my whole life. And, as I am here, in the Internet, you probably understand that I don't expect this man to be from my country, and I am open for the variant of moving into another place, as this is the least what I am ready to do for happiness. And you, what are your hopes and dreams? Just of curiosity, do you have a place of your dream where you would like to live or at least to see it?
For instance, I am dreaming of seeing Paris and Rome, I don't know why, just wish this :-)

Again, this letter appeared to be much longer than I expected, but on the other hand, now you know more about me.
So, my interest towards you is growing bigger and bigger, and I am eagerly waiting for your answer. Don't make me wait long, pleeease! :)


Letter 3

Once again Hello, Rune! ;-)

and again I am getting back to you to wish you a nice day! I want to turn this usual boring day into a special one. I always try to do something new and interesting. I hate when the days are repeating every day with the same things to do and look like each other. where is the sense???
If to do all the same again and again from day to do, it's possible to get bored to death and to fall into depression, right?

Of course I am not always lucky and sometimes I can't make a usual day to be unusual ;-) But at least I'm trying. The work is what I have to do every day and each time all the same. By the way, if I am not mistaken I haven't told you about my job yet, yes? The story with my work is very interesting.

Two years ago I studied at the Commercial College of Culture and Arts. I should say that those years were the best in my life, they were very interesting, I had many friends. But I haven't finished it. I had only one more year to study, but I didn't have money to pay for it, and I was sent down because of non-payment.

But this is not what I wanted to say. While studying at the College, we had our own radio and I was a DJ on that radio. I liked that so much, it was my biggest hobby. I new all the groups, all the music, all the news and everything that was happening in College. When I was sent down, my carrier as a DJ was finished because it could be only for students. It wasn't paid by the College. After my studying was, so called, finished, I stayed in the dormitory because I simply didn't have where to live and didn't have money to pay for renting the flat, and the payment for dormitory was not high. So, one day a man knocked at my door and suggested me a job at our local Lugansk radio. Surely I agreed, and have been working there for a year and a half. But then the radio was closed for some reasons, and I lost my job in such a way.

Right now I work as a nippy in one of the cafes. The work is rather boring and not very pleasant, but I don't have another way. I need to earn my living and to pay for the rent of the apartment where I live because I can't live in the dormitory. There are not enough rooms for all the students, so I was asked to leave the room.

Well, it's a little story of my work life. The letter appeared to be really long. I really hope you are not snoring in front of it yet;-)

If not, they you'll read my bye-bye.
But I'll return very soon and hope you'll get back to me quickly as
well ;-)
Ani xxxx