Letter(s) from Irena to Rune (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hi dear Rune!

Thank you for your letter!
As you know my name is Ira. You can also call me Irene.
I want to tell you a bit more to let you know better who I am to start our communication.
I live in Rivne. Better to say near it. My parents live there in their house. I often go to see them - almost every weekend.
Because I am a student I moved to the town and rented a room closer to my university.
I can't afford renting the whole apartment for myself. So far I share it with a landlady.
She is old and lives in another room.

I'm 20. I'm on my 4 year of studying. My future profession will be a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature. I also work as an assistant (we call it laborant) at my department. I help with paperwork and some documents for the teaching process.

If you are interested about my measurements, my height is 160 cm, weight is 53 kg.

Waiting for your answer with information about yourself!!
I really want to know you!


Letter 2

Hi my dear Rune!
Thank you for more details about yourself! :)
I hope that you will like my sphere of interests too.
I am 20 like I wrote you, there was a mistake on the site.
I don't smoke & never will. All of my friends are non-smokers & I always prefer non-smoking restaurants.
You too?
I have never been abroad & but I'd like to. Every country is fascinating & I'd like to get to know it not from books but in reality!
I m looking for a man that will be my support in all spheres and the one that will show me the world and other attitude. Not like the men here that are rude, do nothing else except drinking beer.
About my studying, well, now it's getting really hot by which I mean that I'm having finals & that is very important for me. My attitude to studying is serious so I pay much attention to that. Also 4th year is the time when I'll be getting my Bachelor's degree - so I'm doing my best. I'm sure that I'll find a job - I 'm not speaking about a highly-paid one. But teachers of Ukrainian are popular - unlike teachers of Russian here. My plan for the nearest future is to learn English. I haven't told you this, but I use a translation firm to help me. I know a little though but not enough to express what I want to say. I hope that it's fine with you!

I hope that you ll find this photo attractive!


Letter 3

Hi my dearest Rune!
Days are great despite a lot of work at the department.
Our whole department decided to go for a picnic to the countryside. All the teachers, professors will go. Assistants like me & others were also invited.
We are going by bus & will spend the whole day there. The place belongs to our university – it’s like a sports base in the forest. So we ll have the outing there. It will be on Saturday. It s a good refreshing for my routine - we will play volleyball, badminton, have competitions - it is so much fun!
How do you have picnics? Fun for you? ?
Ok. I have to run now!
Will be waiting for your letter!


Letter 4

My dear Rune!

Sorry that I can’t write you every day! I know that abroad it’s so comfortable – there is Internet access everywhere & everybody has computers. I don’t really need a computer for my studying – only for writing some papers. But everybody usually does it handwritten & then gives to a printing service center to type & print the work. I can assume that there abroad people do it differently.
So like I’ve written – I wish I could write you more often. After my studying or sometimes in the morning I come to this place where I write you letters with my translator. She is nice. Young & friendly. She knows the language very well & even has been abroad. Actually everybody around here is attentive & really helpful. I see from your letters that they translate exactly what I want to say! ? That’s how you and I understand each other & thanks to their professionalism our communication continues! I’m really glad about it! Do you agree? ? Yes, the place is really nice & I’m glad that I’m using exactly their help.
Speaking about help, I was wondering if you could help me continue this communication. The thing is that I’m running out of means. It would be really sad not to be able to receive your letters for a while. to be able to save some more & pay for the service of the translator & get back to you again. Quite a while may pass… I don’t want to lose you & the joy that I get from receiving your letters! You really brighten me existence. It’s great to know that there is someone out there that is not like everyone else. That this someone is special & caring!
I hope that we’ll be able to solve this complication & will go through it without losing each other! I don’t want to tell you the terms of the service – I’m not that competent, don’t really understand it all. I’d rather give you the contact: Universlingvo@list.ru. Please write them & ask them to explain you. I’m sure that they will understand out situation!
Sorry that I'm not writing about anything else but that is all that worries me now. I don't want to lose you...

On the whole things are going well.

Hugs & kisses