Scam letter(s) from Olga Polkovichenko to Rune (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello my Dear Rune, Thnak you very much for your letter.
I'm so glad that you are intersted in me.
Maybe you are sitting now and wondering, why such a young Lady like me is searching for her second half with the help of the internet?
I can answer this question: maybe you find it strange, but i believe in Destiny and in happy chance.
The Destiny can make wonderful presents: maybe she decided that it's my time to be happy and that you can become my second half.
I want to be honest with you, Rune and open my inside world to you.The loneliness ruining me and the daily routine killing me.
I want to find my love.I have never had such strong feeling in my life, and i can't find a convincing reason for that.
I can't tell that i'm beautiful, especially looking on the covers of the modern magazines, but i find myself rather pretty.
Maybe our meeting is not an accident, don't you think so, Rune?
Maybe now it's high time we opened our souls to the real feeling.
I hope i can fulfil all your hopes and dreams, Rune.
Together we can do the things that we could never do alone: to climb the highest mountains, to dive into the unknown depths, to search the desert lands and to fly in the sky as free as birds.Only me and you, and the infinity.....
In my next letter I will give you more information about my age the town where I live, my interests, hobbies and my job. This is because in my first letter I liked to explain why I am here, I cinsider this to be important information for the person you are corresponding with.
That's why I also would love to ask you: Why are you here in the Internet trying to find love? I am waiting to hear from you soon, Rune and hope you will also be able to discribe yourself. Kissing
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