Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Popova to Jens (Norway)
Letter 1
Hello Jens!! I hope our dialogue it will be mutually pleasant to each other.
I shall tell not much about myself.
I was born in city Samara (Russia).
My mum on a trade the teacher, she and now works in one of schools Samara.
Unfortunately my daddy has died when to me there were only 4,5 years.
Has finished school and has entered the Rostov State Medical University, my job dentist.
At me very well, very much I like the job.
Together we very much like to play of volleyball, not far from my house there is a sports hall, also I very well play chess, I like to play the piano and guitar, I read many books and simply I am glad life.
Unfortunately while I do not have house of the computer and now I write you from job and consequently not always I can to you answer at once, please excuse.
I hope we shall be to each other friends, it is possible even more than friends, but it will show time.
I dream that meeting the very good and kind man, I very much appreciate such qualities as honesty, kindness, respect to each other.
I want to have the family, husband, children to live and to be pleased life together with the family.
What can be better?
By and large each man wants to be happy, but he will be never happy lonely, the man and woman should know that of them think, care, like and the houses wait.
Now I am very lonely, certainly I have friends, but no the unique man, which I want to like more life and to live with it up to the end of the days.
I the very romantic girl also try to speak always truth, certainly if this truth does not cause anybody a pain, at me not simple character, as I on all have opinion, I can argue and not agree, but I never shall cause pains to the close man, as to me from it I will be a hundred times more sick I like to surround the family by kindness and caress. Jens, it will be pleasant to me to learn you and your family, please write about itself. Let's see we are necessary to each other whether or not. Well, I shall think of you and to look forward to hearing. Alina.
Letter 2
Dear Mr. Jens.
This prise is very reasonable becouse other agencies offer shengen visa for 1500-2000 Euro without tickes.
So as I understand you know that this is not easy to make visa for Norway and here doesn't metter price of ticktes and insuarance becouse other money is going to expenses for making visa. I can't tell all how I make visa becouse every business has sicrets but I will try to explaine you as better as possible.
So usualy embassy gives visa 100% to students, to people who go for business (to some meetings, exibitions,experiance exanche etc etc). So I have some contacts in Norway which helps me to make business ivitation and all nessesary documents for making business visa in Norvegian embassy.
And ofcourse that people don't do this for free so some of this money is going to pay this documents from Norway.
So please decide and let me know. I am always willing to help with visa. I work with this already 5 years and had already made visa for Alina's friends 3 times. Vyacheslav
Letter 3
Hi Jens, I spoke today with the employee of a travel company and he has said that money to the bill has not acted. You can call in bank and ask what's happened? Alina.
Letter 4
Good afternoon lovely Jens, my girlfriend now does not live in Norway, as they be dispatched, she lived in small city, I do not remember his name, but there are some pictures, there mountains and lake, very much - very much beautifully, I can to you send some pictures, as they are available for me.
I believe that at us all will be good.
I think of you constantly.
Call in the evening. Alina.
Letter 5
Dear Jens.
Yes I understand your vorryes and it's realy not so cheap. But I had already told you about invitation, I don't want to risk and get refusual. U told me that last time girl which u iveted didn't get visa in embassy so why u want me againe to try this? Also as I told you my friend did the first time visa with invitation and was refused too and had to change passport. So I don't think it's good idea. And also for me it will be extremely difficult to go to Moscow and apply becouse I don't know anyone there, don't have where to stay, where is embassy situated and what documents make for embassy etc.
So I think it will be very safe to use this agent and I can pay some money too so for you it will not be so expensive. I think we can share expenses and I can pay some money too becouse for me it's the same important to see you as for you to see me. So I think we have to do all the best to meet each other. Becouse I afraide so much to be refused and not to see you. All my dreams will die and it will be very difficult for me. Kissses Alina
Letter 6
Hi Jens, yes please write the letter to the agent about our intentions.. Alina Tankova
Vilonovskaya 71-19 Yours Alina.
Letter 7
Dear Jens.
Yes ofcourse I can write you e'mail I just called him so if I wrote all right it must be
Please write to this agent and I hope he will explained you good all this. I didn't understand about 6 monthes.....for make visa??? it's friend alwasy did visa in max 1 month. He organised all very good for her and embassy alwasy gave visa. As I told you he work already maney years in this and open visa even for England and Canada.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jens.
I was glad to talk with you yesterday. It's so nice that u was in sweeming pool. You know I like to sweem very much and I do this twice in a week becouse sweeming pool is near my house. But I would like to sweem with u soon.
So about my coming to you. As I explained you this travel agent can make visa in few weeks. I don't know exactly what kind of visa it will be but it even doesn't metter fot us becouse the most important that he makes visa 100%. He works alreadt 5 years. And as I told you all the trip (ticktes, visa, inscuerance and his part) coat 1250 Euro. Now I write you his account where u can send the money. The please write me your full name becouse I have to tell him who pays for my trip. Alina.
Letter 9
Hello dear Jens, please call me ñåãîíÿ in the evening on this telephone:
+38 0976610213
I shall wait. Alina.
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