Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Makarenko to Andrea (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Andrea!

Thank you very much for your letter, I was really happy to get it today! By the way today is day off here, because it was a holiday - the Day of Constitution on Saturday, since it dropped on weekend we have one more extra day off, so this is nice! :)

Thank you also very much for your pictures, I really like them, especially that one with sleepy dogs, really funny! :)))))) Only pity, that I can't see your eyes at both these pictures which you have sent to me: at one you are sleeping and at other one you are in sun glasses...

I was born in Donetsk - one of the biggest and beautiful city in Ukraine. My parents were born there too. And all my relatives live there. That is why I often visit this city.

My father worked like military man and as result we needed to stay Donetsk and remove to Lugansk, when I was 2 years old. We have lived in Lugansk 4 years and then, when I was 6 years old, we remove to Far East (Russia). For me like for child it was the best time. There was beautiful nature with a lot of unusual plants, flowers and mushrooms (I liked to gather mushrooms). The winter was like must be winter - with a lot of snow and hard frost. And I could skate, sledge and ski. And when I was 11 years old we return to Lugansk and live here until now. Here nature is not so rich like on Far East. But I like to go to the forest and watch nature, enjoy fresh air. By the way this would be nice to have romantic walk in the nature together... Now my father pensioner. My mother works in polyclinic. They are very nice and kind people. I love them very much.

I studied in the University at the faculty of Transport Machines Building. My speciality was Locomotives and Special techniques Transport of Railway. As you understand it's not female speciality, but unfortunately, my parents couldn't pay for my education and it was only opportunity to take education free of charge. Now I work like an engineer for locomotive-building plant... The problem is that my salary is very little :(

So as you can see I usually work in working days. On weekends and holidays I like to visit my friends, my brother with his family, sometimes I go to Donetsk... Sometimes I like just to spend time at home, to read magazines, to knit (I have already told you that I like to knit and do this very good), so everything depend on my mood...

You ask me why I look for a man abroad... I had relations with man here and was disappointed, it was very hurtful... My friend, who has serious relations with man from abroad, told me that I need to try to look for a man abroad, because they can value women and will never hurt me... I thought about this a lot and decided that I need to try, to try to be happy and give happiness, that is why I wrote in my profile: "Let's begin new life together!" I really want to begin new life and I think that this is possibly - I like you and it seems to me that you like me too, so why not?! I believe that our relations will grow and we will be able to be happy together one day!

Ok, my dear Andrea, I wish you very nice day!
Please, write me soon.
My sweet kisses for you :)
Your Katty.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Andrea!

Thank you very much that you have sent me your letter which you have sent me to my old address again, I was happy to get it today!

I read your letter, then looked at my profile and realized that somehow I made mistake in my profile... My age is not 21 or 22, I am 24 years old! I hope I am not too old for you :))))))))))))) By the way you asked me about our age difference... I want to tell you that this is not a problem for me at all! 37 is not so much and also man in your age knows what he really wants in his life, he knows how to take care of woman, how to make her happy... Also I think that 13 years is not so big difference! I know a lot of couples who has bigger age difference and they are happy together, because they love each other! For example, my friend is married with man who is 17 years older then she is and they are happy, they have a little beautiful son... So age difference is not a problem for me!

Also you asked me how I could graduate from the University... I think that I have already answered your question, telling you my real age...

I think that you have wrong idea about my work, but I also think that I explained you not correct about this... I am usual engineer and my work is usual engineering work, I am not design or something like this, I just draw drawing and that's all...

This is great that you like to cook... I like to cook very much, so we would to cook together one day, this would be nice, don't you think? Then have nice dinner together, this way food would be even tastier, I think :) This would be great to try your pizza!

You also asked me if I am not too young to create my own family... Since you know that I am 24, I think that you don't think that I am too young for this... I really want to create good family and have children!

Of course, I understand that since I decided to look for a man abroad, then may be I will need to leave my country, parents, friends... I thought about this a lot before put my picture to the Internet... I decided that if I love person I will be able to leave everything in order to be with him... Of course, I will miss my parents, but there are a lot of ways of communication (Internet, phone and so on), also if everything is ok I think that I will be able to visit them or they will be able to visit me from time to time... Am I right?

I write you from the Internet cafe, I don't have computer at home :( I try to come here every day...
Ok, my dear Andrea, I wish you very nice day!

Letter 3

Hello my dear Andrea!

I know that this can sound crazy, but this is what really happen in my life lately... Now that my e-mail address doesn't work and this one is works! It is something like a black bar for me now... I am really sorry, because of this and I understand that this can be not so comfortable for you, but I don't want to lose you!

So, if you wrote me something to that my e-mail address, please, send me that letter here again, ok?

I am so sorry for all these inconvenience, I hope this will not happen again... I am really sorry...
Please, write me here as soon as possibly, ok?
My sweet kisses for you.
Your Katty.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Andrea!

Thank you very much that you have sent me again a letter which you sent me to that address, I am sorry for all those problems, I hope that this will not happen again... You are right sometimes such things can happen...

My grandmother is still feels bad... It's a pity, that I can't be with her now, she lives in Donetsk and I am here in Lugansk and I need to work, so I can go there only on weekends... She is with my other relatives now...

I am very glad that you like my little niece :) I told her about you and she asked me, where is this uncle, why she can't see you... :))) She can't understand how I can communicate with you through computer... To be honest I couldn't understand this before too, but now I can see that this works and I even happy that I decided to try to do this, because I am happy to know you!

By the way you asked what kind of plant is at that picture of my niece... It is usual vine, which gives grapes... I think that there are a lot of vines in Italy, because I have heard that Italy produce almost the best wine in the world, am I right? Does Italian vine has other leaves?

You asked me when I usually go to work... I begin to work at 8:00 am, then I have one hour's interval, I usually have my lunch in the dining-room of our plant in this time, then I work again and end to work at 5:00 pm. You can ask how I can write you in my working time... This is possibly, because I can leave my work any time I need for some minutes, of course I try to do this so that my boss doesn't know about this ;)))

Ok, I better will go now, in order my boss would not find out that I am not at my working place :)
I wish you very nice day!
Please, write me soon.
My sweet kisses for you.
Your Katty.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Andrea!

Thank you very much for your letter, I was really happy to get it! Now both my mail-boxes are working, so I have got your letter in that mail box and this too, thank you, that you were so thoughtful... But for now I think that you can write me to this my address, ok? I will give you to know if something will be wrong, ok?

You asked me how far Lugansk from Donetsk... It takes around 3,5 hours by bus to get there... Donetsk situated in a distance of around 180 km from Lugansk... So as you can see I can't go there every day...

We really don't have very good grapes in this part of Ukraine where I live, we have it, but it is not so tasty, but we have very good grapes in Crimea, they also do wine there, but may be it is not so tasty like Italian wine... I would like to try Italian wine one day... It is very expensive here... By the way do you know something about Crimea? Crimea is peninsula and great place of Ukraine, I call it Ukrainian paradise! This is great place to spend holiday there... Sea, beautiful nature, soft clime... Really great!

This is great that you are so good cook, that even can teach your friends... I would like to try you cooking very much! I have heard that Italian food is very tasty and since you would cook it for me it must be even tastier! Nyam-Nyam :))) I am a little hungry, so better to stop to talk about food :)

My niece name is Maria. She is 4,5 years old, but sometimes she can say such things that not every grown-up can say, she is really clever girl!

I don't know if I can ask you about this... I feel myself very uncomfortable and it's not too easy to ask you about this, but can you help me a little with money for Internet? Internet is rather expensive for me and I don't have enough money to pay for this now... But I don't want to lose contact with you, you are very important for me... Our letters became part of my life... I hope you feel the same and can understand me... I am really sorry that I need to ask you about this... Please, understand me!
I will worry until I get you next letter...
Please, write me soon.
My sweet kisses for you.
Your Katty.

Letter 6

Hello my dear sweet Andrea!

Thank you very much for your letter, I was so happy to get it today!

Thank you also very much for your understanding, thank you!!! I will be very thankful to you if you can help me, because I really want to continue our communication...

I usually go in one the same Internet cafe where I have my own Outlook program tuned for me. I can open it with password which know only I. This is very comfortable, because I can save all my and your letters in it and also this is very comfortable to use it... It is also keyboard with Russian and English alphabet here, I can choose language which I am going to type... I usually pay from 1$ to 1,5$ every time I come here. This is great that they have such services for people who want to communicate with other people through Internet and don't have their own computers.

This really would be great to have my own computer one day, I can only dream about this now... This way I would not go to this Internet cafe, I could write you from my home, this really would be great!

Crimea is really great place - very beautiful, romantic... I have been there and I really love it! I will be happy to be your guide, if one day you decide to go there! I think that this is really great place for romantic time spending for romantic couple! There are a lot of wine in Crimea too, so I would like you to try it one day! And I would like to try Italian wine!

You asked me what is my favorite dish... There are a lot of dishes which I like... I like spicy food very much, and you? I don't think that I have something what I absolutely don't like to eat... I think that I am omnivorous :))) And what about you, what is your favorite dish and what you don't like to eat?
Ok, my dear Andrea, I wish you very nice day!
Please, write me soon.
My sweet kisses for you.
Your Katty.

Letter 7

Hello my dear sweet Andrea!

Thank you very much for your letter, I was so happy to get it today! To be honest I began to worry, when you didn't write me last some days, but now I am really happy!

I am sorry about these your problems with Internet at your home... I hope that it will be fixed very soon... This Internet's problems pursue us :) First there were problems with my mail-boxes and now these you problems with Internet connection... But I am sure that everything will be ok!

You are right that this is really great to have all these fantasies about us together... About romantic walks, dinners... I think that if we meet one day we will like each other! I thought about this and decided that since we like to write each other, we like what we can see at our pictures, of course we can take some more time to get to know each other better through our letters and then I think we will be really happy to meet and I am sure we will like each other very much!!! I think about everything this a lot!

Thank you very much that you can help me, thank you my dear! I really need your help and will be very thankful to you! You told me that you need my address in order to send me money, I hope you are not going to send me money by post?! Please, don't make this, because money can be stolen as soon as they come to Ukraine! There are so many such events! I went to the bank on Friday, after I wrote you a letter, and asked them how this is possibly to send money from Italy to Ukraine, they told me that the best - safest and quickest way to send money is Western Union! They told me that I can get money in 15 minutes after you sent them and also they will never be stolen! Really great, don't you think? So I think that this will be rationally if you use it too... You asked me my address, you can find it here, but they told me that you need to know only my full first name, my last name, city and country where I live for Western Union... Thank you in advance! Here is my address:

Ekaterina Makarenko
Sukova Street 10/4
Lugansk 91091



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