Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Grechukha to Glenn (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Gle! My name is Yuliya! Thank you very much for your attention and message to me. I am interesting in making new friends and i hope to find my love, my soulmate and partner for the life among them. I hope you have serious intentions cause I am not searching for a pan-pale only. As I wrote before I want to find my soulmate, the man who wants, needs, and can love and be loved. I want him to be gentle, gallant, caring, generous, intelligent and kind.... I am interested to continue our correspondence and get to know each other better. I believe in destiny and that sometimes people meet not by chance. Let's try and check out if we are each other's fate,,, I hope the distance between us is not a problem for you and you'll be able to meet me in person when we'll feel fondness for each other in future. I am sure that real feelings are capable to break even the biggest distance between loving hearts. So if you are still interested let me know pls, and tell me about yourself: how old are you, the place you live in, your goals, interests, what are you looking for in this contacts, etc. I'll answer you with pleasure and tell about myself, OK?
It would be great to see your photos. I send you mine, hope you'll like it, With best wishes
Hope to hear from you soon!
Letter 2
Hi Glenn! Thank you very much for your replay! I was very glad to receive it and to find out more about you, your interests and your intentions. I would like to know you much better and, of course, to keep in touch with you and hope we will meet in future. As for what I am looking for in this contacts. I am looking for a man to share my life with, sensitive, frank and open-hearted who could be a gentle loving husband to me in the future, be able to be my support and protector, upon whom I would be able to rely and with whom I'd enjoy this life and all the experiences in love. When I meet such a person I am ready to go with him wherever he would like. Someone who can give love and whom I can give love back too. Love gives so much pleasures but sometimes unfortunately it may hurt. If two people have the right feeling to each other, all these feelings can grow to the wish to create a family. I realize that it needs a lot of time to make such a serious decision. This is the most important step in the life. I think that at first we'll be in the process of learning about each other. I hope it would be interesting for both of us. And during our future correspondence we'll find out if we're right for each other, which qualities we value in our partner, what we like to do in our free time, what makes us happy and what hurts us. I'd like to know about you as much as possible. It looks like reading an interesting book, and I hope with every page it'll be more and more interesting. I guess you are waiting to find out more about me. I am 23 years old and I live in Luhansk, Ukraine. To be exact my native town is Stahanov. But I came to Luhansk several years ago, finished the University and now I am working as a teacher of junior school. My greatest passions are cats and candies! I wonder how I still managed to be in form?! May, be because I also like sports very much. In the childhood I went in for gymnastic and volley-ball and liked active games too. By the way, now I do like it too! I like dancing /my friends say I do it good/ and music. I can play guitar a little. I adore nature and many many other things about which I'll tell you in the next letters if you wish. And about my dreams, desires and views on life as well..... I am waiting for your answer and of course I want to know about you as much as possible. What else are you looking for in woman? I send you my photo and would love to see yours in return.
With best wishes and hopes
Letter 3
Hi dear Glenn! Excuse my late replay, dear, I understand that you worried because of my silence and I am sorry for that. Pls. don't think anything bad, I am not ignoring you. I like you and I like your letters, I like what do you think and I like how do you express your thoughts. That's why I want to continue our correspondence, I feel we can develop our friendship to something serious and eternal, for what we were searching for in this contacts. I am sorry, I made you doubt my interest in you. I just can't write to you as often as I and you would wish. But do be sure that I am thinking of you much more than I can write to you. Pls, understand, dear Glenn, I am using the service of the interpreter for the translation of our mails and this is very expensive for me. Of course I am doing my best to be in contact with you more frequently. Speaking about this i must ask you one question. Now I am paying for our correspondence alone, but can I apply for your help if I'll need it in future? I think we can share this and I want to know what do you think about this? Glenn, thank you very much for your letter and telling me more about yourself and your family and your likes. Thank you very much for your compliments to me. But frankly speaking appearance is not the most important thing for me. I know that beauty is not enough to be happy and there are such things like spiritual attraction, trust, love and more needed for a happy marriage. It is the soul and inner beauty we are searching for and really value in people. All my friends say I'm very pretty, but I suppose inside beauty and how I treat other people is the main of all. They consider me to be good-tempered and kind-hearted. And these qualities are the most important for me. What about you? Concerning your questions, I'll be ready to move to another country as soon as I'll be sure that this person loves me and I'll feel to him the same. When I'll be sure that he will care about me and never will make to me any harm. My parents of course would miss me. But I am not living with them for about 5 years already and we have used to live separately. That's why they would be only happy if I'll find my happiness and no matter how far away I'll be from them. I am not a virgin,,,,, I am not modest but I had never have photos taken of me nude. I don't think I like this. I can trust my body only to the person to whom I have a strong feeling at least a great attraction.. Well, here is something about me, and I hope this letter will help you to understand me better.
with best wishes
Letter 4
Hi dear Glenn! I am very happy to hear from you! It would be wonderful to see the video of you too! I am very thrilled to hear that you will be able to make and send it for me too! I am sending you my short movie, hope you would like whom you'll see there! I am very grateful for your desire to help in our correspondence fees. It showed me that you are a very responsible and serious in your intentions to me. I really can hardly do it without your financial support. I pay $5 per letter to be received and translated or translated and send to you. Glenn, I think, you can make a transfer through Western Union. And you can chose how is better for you. Firstly you can make in favour of the account manager so that it directly come on our account of the use of translation service. She keeps track of payment and the amount of letters. Or you can send on my name and when I collect money, I'll give them to the account manager then.
So you'll need the following information.
Ukraine, 91000, Luhansk,
Matrosov str, 4, 211
account manager Elena Andrievskaya
Ukraine, 91000, Luhansk
Gagarin str, 8, 82
Grechukha Yuliya
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