Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Loseva to Roger (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hi, Roger, It was so nice to hear from you so soon! I think those independent women around you lost much having you looking through the net. :-D Thank you very much for your pictures. Your eyes impressed me! They are so blue! Very bright blue! You know what spurred me to start my search through the net? I know a woman. She is 54. She is my Father's colleague. She is widow. She thought that her life ended when her husband died. No children, no life partner, no reason to be satisfied with life. You know, there isn't much hope to find a man of her age here, in Ukraine. Most them either married, or convinced bachelors, or alcoholics. Do you know, that average life of Ukrainian man is 63 years, so not quite wide choice. In the Internet she met a man who turned out to be perfect for her. He is from Sweden. They know each other for about a year, they have been together to Thailand, to Paris, he visited her here, in Lugansk, she has been to Stockholm. They are going to marry soon. They both have awful English, but it seems to me that they read each other's minds. They romp like children. I thought, if Internet gives much wider choice, why not? One my friend told me a theory about love and couples. She said that each one of us in this world may have a perfect match, maybe more than one, maybe say a hundred perfect matches with whom life could be happy. The problem is that probably we will never meet any of these perfect matches because chances are that they all live in places or countries where we will never go and then we all do the easy thing: to marry somebody from the same town, university etc even if it is not a perfect match. Internet is a good system to find that perfect match. Not only because we are a click away but also because you can say things that maybe you would not say in a direct contact. It allows us to be more open and express deep thoughts and feelings maybe because it is easier to write than to speak. Anyway, nothing can replace the direct contact at the end of the day and distance is still a problem for that but for my perfect match I would go to the very end of the world. Anywhere. Roger, it is a pleasure for me to be the object of your interest. I am sure you are interested in my physical measurements.:-D I know that men love with their eyes and I will tell you - My height is 164, I weigh 45 without coat. :-D And I have 87 - 58 - 87 in cm. I was always considered to be a little girl. :-D In my free time I like to go to gym, disco. I prefer active rest. But when I have already had enough of it I like read books, mostly historical novels, watch TV, or just speak to my friends. When I meet a men I pay attention to his attitude to people. I like honest, just and attentive. I can stand even understand hypocrisy when it is justified. I like when men have firm opinions about different points. I like experienced people. And I've noticed that it is not necessarily depends on age. When men can take care of himself, of his women, he will be able to take care of his children. I would like to have two - three children. I know that I will be a good Mother, at least I will do everything to be. Roger, do you want to have children with the woman you would find? When do you think is the perfect age for a women to have them? I guess, I am going to stop here. I hope my letter didn't make you fall asleep. Roger... Roger.. Wake up.:-D I am saying 'good bye' to you. I hope to hear you answers to my questions soon. I know that I will be able to write to you only in the evening. I hope that tomorrow I will be able to get through to the Enter. Take a good care of yourself, Tatyana
P.S. Here are some pictures of me, and I promised you a picture of my Brother, I remember. Here is my Denis.
Letter 2
Dear Sir, My name is Antonina Romanyuk, I am the manager of the "Enter" cyber-cafe. Ms. Tatyana is using our multi-service that has been organized for those who don't speak English enough for communication and haven't necessary computer skills. We provide our clients with -Internet access..................................1.35 USD per hour.
- English-Russian/Ukrainian -English translation..3 USD per 1 page.
- Typing .........................................0.95 USD per 1 page.
- Printing........................................0.50 USD per 1 page.
- scanning........................................1 USD per a unit. The multi-service includes Russian-English-Russian translation, typing, printing, photo scanning and printing, if needed. Complex processing of one letter costs 4.95 USD, but if our clients pay 99.95 USD per month they are provided with month unlimited mail-forwarding service.
The paid period starts with the day the funds reach our account and it expires on the corresponding day of the next month.
The month mail-forwarding service includes:
* Unlimited translation of all of your letters to girl from English to Russian or Ukrainian.
* Printing of these letters in both English and Russian so that the girl has the English version.
* Unlimited scanning of any photos that the girl wishes to send to you.
* Unlimited translation into English of the girl's letters to you. * Printing of photos you send to the girl again so that she has a copy. Among other our services are
* delivering gifts, parcels, flowers (with taking pictures while delivering)
* 7-10 sec. digital video with our clients participating (this service costs 20 USD) etc. There are three acceptable ways of money transferring for our services. They are:
- Western Union (;
- MoneyGram (;
- Directly to the manager's bank account. We sincerely hope that you will be satisfied with our service. You can get in touch with us mailing to You can also phone us: +38 0642 49 53 04. Best regards, the manager Antonina Romanyuk
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