Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Dzigulyia to Bruno (France)

Letter 1
Hi my darling Bruno,
I read your letters with a great pleasure, you cannot stop admiring me each time you read me.
Yes, you are the only man for me.
I knew from the start that there was something special about you; you touched my heart and wouldn't let go. Our relationship has given me a lot of time to get to know you, and now I feel that I am getting to know you better with each and every letter. You entered my life and magically erased all of my sorrows with your loving and caring way. Now I look forward to each and every letter you send me and feel so much closer to you and about where we are headed. I'm so happy that we're able to share our thoughts and feelings with each other. It truly seems as if you're a part of me and we get closer with every letter.
Darling, unfortunately my mobile is not working now, the reason i don't know but something with display and memory. I will try to repair it as soon as possible.
Bruno, I'm not very often in Kiev, but it's not too long way from Lugansk, we can meet also there, now it's a very beautiful and modern city. I play tennis not bad, when you come you will see by your own eyes.
Dear I would like to tell you one thing, this is very important , please listen to me. Yesterday there was a meeting with the Dean of our Faculty and what he told us is very important for the future. He said, in two weeks there starts a great course of economy, it will be taught by the people who have a great practical experience in the field of international economy . At the beginning we will learn business English and then all the classes will held in English .After the course the students will receive the international diploma, like an addition. But not all the students of our faculty can study this course , the Dean has chosen only five people , and I'm among them, it's really a very good honor for me, but there is one thing, which bothers me very much, this course is not free, it should be paid 300$, so great sum of money for me and my family. Dear I address for the help to you, because you are the person I wish to have a future with, and I know that the competition is very big in your country , and if we live there together i need to be appropriate for any job in the sphere of economy, I need to be good and experienced . Dear it would be very helpful for us the both , it will be me a chance to find a good job being with you and being a good pair for you for you to be proud of me. Please think over if you can help me to pay for this course .
I will wait with impatience for your reply and decision.
I hope to hear from you soon
Letter 2
Hi darling Bruno ,
How are you?
Sorry I couldn't write you earlier, but there is very important reason for that. Very serious changes are waiting for our family. I will tell you now. For the first i was really shocked by that news, but then I also realized that it's a very good way out to make our life better. My father has a friend, who lives and works in Belorussia at a very good prosperous building company. Theirs company needs a good engineer, and he told my father about this, my parents had doubts at first , but then they decided that it's a very good chance for my father to get the opportunity to provide for our family , because the salary is very good , and the life itself is much better in Belorussia then here in Ukraine. That's why I was informed that our family will move to Gomel. I couldn't belive that my life will change so much, I need now to decide the things with the University , to make all the papers , to sell the house in Perevalsk , we should do everything as fast as possible not to miss the position. All the weekend we packed the things and today the first part of it left for Gomel. The father's friend Boris rented a flat there for us for the first time , but then the staff promised to give a flat from the company. So, we planned to move in two weeks, and that's why I have to pass all the exams and tests in advance not with my group.
Dear , nothing will change between us , I have very special feelings to you and want to meet you very much.
My dear I hope that you understand me and my situation, and won't be angry with me because of this, here nothing depended on me , but on my parents' decision. I will try to write you before my leaving and then I will write you from Gomel.
My kisses,
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