Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Greg (USA)

Letter 1

Hello the friend Greg!!!
I very much was delighted when have received your letter. If I am fair did not think that you will answer me. But having received your letter at me at once has cheered up. And you when will receive my letter, you too will be very glad, I very much hope for it. First I would like to apologize for the English. I not well enough know him, but every day I am engaged and I learn many new words. I studied English language at university. I have finished medical university, and now I work as the doctor in children's city hospital. I very much like my work because I very much very much love children. It probably the most important in the woman. You probably will agree with me. You likely had a question:
why I write to you to America? All is very simple: In Russian men not all so is good as it would be desirable. I met one young men, but have very soon understood, that he at all did not love me. he only used me,
for him I was a doll. Our Russian men do not appreciate feeling of love to the close person. And it very much breaks heart of the woman,
hurts soul. You probably know that in Russia men very bad, *** is necessary to them only. Our girls are very romantic. They would like the true fantastic love. I have very good girlfriend who has got acquainted through the Internet with men from Canada. They corresponded not for long. She was very happy, when received from him letters. They have strongly grown fond each other and approximately in a month she has left to him home for Canada where then they have got married. Now they live very happily, at them now two children: the girl and the boy, and I for them is very glad. She to me has told, that men of other countries are able to love on the present and to appreciate love.
She to me has advised to come to agency and will get acquainted. And when I have come there I have filled the form what men is necessary to me.
To me have given an opportunity, to consider the some people of a structure from which it was necessary to choose one and I have chosen you. I have paid money and at once to you have written. You have very much interested me. I have understood that you very interesting person. I think that you the one who is necessary to me. I so wish to get acquainted with you more close. But I do not want that you played with me and my feelings. I hope that you the serious person, and too search for the girlfriend of a life from whom you will want to create family. As you already know my name is Nadya. My name very much is pleasant to me. I think that that is pleasant to you my name. You have received my photo, and now can estimate me. Please write to me that you think of me. I strongly like you? I have written to you that you very much very much have liked me, even I had to you a feeling of sympathy. But if I have not liked you, then do not write to me in general better. I shall not be angry at you. Also I shall not write to you. But if I have very strongly liked you, and you will write me the answer I shall be very happy. I shall a little write to you about myself my growth of 172 centimeters, and my weight of 55 kg... And you all will look the rest at photos. I live with mum, and she in it to year had an anniversary, to it 50 years were executed. she at me one and I very strongly love her. Mum works as the cook and is very tasty prepares. By the way I too very well prepare also to it mum has learned me. And the daddy at me is not present. he was lost in accident when to me 18 years were executed. He was the unique supporter in family. And when daddies not our life it became strong has changed. We did not have not enough money for meal and clothes for this reason I have early started to work. It is very difficult to combine work with study. But I nevertheless could make it. After 5 years of study I have defended the diploma and have gone to work in children's hospital where 5 years work. About myself I have written already too much. Likely you are already tired to read. But if you want in the following letter I shall write about yourself more in detail. I very much would like to find out more in detail about you,
your family. I would like to receive the big letter from you where you will write to me about the relatives, friends, work. It is very interesting to me where do you live, what there the nature and a climate. In fact I never was abroad, did not see ocean. But I very much hope, that I shall visit America but only if with me will be my favourite. I very much wish to continue ours correspondence. You have very much liked me also I wish to learn you better. I with impatience shall wait for your letters.
All most the best Sinserely yours Nadya
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