Scam letter(s) from Irina S. to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Scott. To me are very pleasant that you have responded also I am glad to our acquaintance! Excuse me if I shall make many mistakes in the letter, I not absolutely well know the English language. I am from Russia and It's a first experience for me to correspond with the man who live in another country. Therefore I very much worry. In mine a profile, the manager of the Internet - the club has written to a residence the USA because a basis does not accept my Russian postal index. I do not know, why, but I live in Russia, and I hope, what it does not confuse you? You will be surprised likely that I am from other country and have decided to write to you but the matter is that I to wish to change something cardinally in my life and have decided what to get acquainted with the man from other country, the person of other culture, other way of life this that that I need again to revive interest to dialogue with the man. Till this moment I at all had no experience of dialogue with internet. I want to tell you that I am very interested in you. I want to know about you more and want to learn about you better via your letters. I hope you will give me this opportunity. I would like to continue our corresponding and will do all what I can for it. I never was outside my country and it is very interesting to me to know a life in other country. I want that the destiny would smile for me at once and I would be happy. This is so that I want now - find a man for my life. How much times you had corresponding with another people from other countries? I live in Russia in city called Volgograd. I was born here on July, 1st 1976 and now I work as landscape designer in architectural department. I was never married and I have no children. I live separately from my parents. Unfortunately we meet seldom. I not so well understand how use the Internet and my profile is made by manager of Internet-cafe. Possibly he has made some mistakes. Though I have friends, but I feel lonely. I belief in God. I am christian. And it gives me support in a life. My main vital principles it - honesty, kindness, decency under the relation to all people, Tenderness and love and respect relation for the favourite man. I do not love lie and to not love false people. Well, my main hope and dream - search, loving men and creation with him of family. Love of the man which will support me when I shall be need for support who - that, understands me. I do not think, that difference in the age is so important. I want to let you know I can't write you every day or very often (because I have to use services of internet cafe for sending/receiving letters) but I promise I will try to write in any time when I can. I write you from my home. I have a computer at home. With computer I can write you letters from home. Where you write me from? Sorry, but I don't have phone line for internet and I can't send you letters from my home directly. I must save letters on diskette and go to internet cafe. There I can use email program and send you my letters. An absence of telephone sounds very strange and may be even funny but not all people have telephone here. It's a real thing. I think in your country another situation with it. I think all people have telephone in there . Am I right? Please send me some pictures of yourself. But please do not send very big size of pictures, it's very hard to get it in internet cafe. Unfortunately I cannot download the big pictures. Therefore I ask you to not send me pics more than 50 kilobyte. Write to me that you love. What interests at you, what vital plans, that are pleasant to you in the life and that you would like to change radically. I would like to change only my loneliness. Why you have addressed to internet? In general to me all important and interestingly about you. I hope we become friends. I want to know all about you and about your life as we live in the various countries in me there are questions: Whether it is valid you are ready to concern with women from Russia? Or the woman living abroad has no interest for you? Whether your dreams coincide with my dreams? Please to answer sincerely all my questions. Please, if you are not serious in search of serious relations then speak me it at once. I shall understand and to not take offence. I hope you to not get tired, to read it. I hope my letter have not frightened you? In any case I with impatience shall wait your letter. I hope your friend Irina
Letter 2
Hello Scott. How are you? I'm fine. What's your mood today? Hope you are fine Scott. I have read your letter and I understand that you were used by women in the past. I do not want to deceive you Also I do not want to be deceived. I only want the relation. My desire - to find my loved and unique the man for all life. I am very lonely and I want to have family happiness. For me it is pleasant that you were interested in my city. It is really great city. Statue Mutter Heimat is far enough from a place where I live. It is pride of my city. I have a great mood today since the morning. I got up, take a shower, and drink a cup of indian tea. Do you like to drink tea in your country, Scott? Russians people like it very much. May be it's the consequences of our country's past? May be you know that several years ago when Russia was soviet country we have big turns in the food shops. For example, for butter, meat etc. But we had good relations with some countries which we called our friends. One of those counties was India and always on the shelves of food shopes were packs of Indian tea. May be since that time our people like to drink tea in any time of the day. Tell me what you like to drink? Then I cooked soup with the meat under the recipe of my mom. My parents have got acquainted during study in institute. After they have ended institute they have got married and after two years of their joint life I have appeared. Now I live separately from my parents. They are pensioners and live in the other place. When I have an opportunity I come to see them. What can you tell on the account of my English? Probably I do huge set of mistakes? To me very important your opinion because you the person which well knows this language. I began to study English at school why it very much came easily to me in comparison with other pupils and I always well learned this language because I think that should know even one foreign language, and my choice has fallen on English. Because it is widespread enough language in many countries of the world. This knowledge now help me in dialogue with you. When it is difficult for me to understand, I use the program - translator. I like to cook very much, especially when I have a great mood. And it's very pleased to the cook when people eat your dishes with good appetite. So may be some when I can cook for you, Scott. Then I went to some bookshops which I have to visit cause my friend asked me to get some books for her. She is the books lover and all the time is interested in new books and articles which are coming to our place. So and I like to read since my childhood different literature. It's doesn't matter russian or foreign authors writes it. So, I visited all that shops and during such get a great fresh air walking. Then I went home throughout nearest park. I was walked in the park and think that today is a nice day and how great it would be if all the days in the life could be at least such wonderful. How often have you nice days? I hope more than I have. Then I came home, took a shower and felt myself great. Today on TV have to be a good movie in the romantic style on channel of our television. We have a few channels on our television. How many channels do you have? What do you like to watch on TV? What movies? What women do you like? What women are there in your country? I heard that your women want to make great career and they don't like to take a work at household. I think that career is good but woman haven't to forget about the house. But may be in your country think different. I want, will meet the man who is worthy my pure and sincere love. To like me in the person honesty and trust to the loving person, I think it the most important and how you consider? I shall never deceive you because I do not like when people lie!!! I always trusted such easy feelings as love, friendship, fidelity, kindness. I need to trust, that you, which that man I searched! I hope, that has not urgently tired you with a history about myself. I shall be pleased to answer your any questions, but I not always I can understand a question. Therefore I ask to not become angry, if I cannot answer your question. It is very important for me to receive the letter from you and I hope that you will answer me and now. I am waiting for your next email and I want you to tell me more about yourself. I'll tell you more next too. Your new friend Irina.
Letter 3
Hello my foreign friend Scott! I'm glad to hear from you.
Well, I shall wait your letter.
I want to tell you that when I write to you my emails I spent much time for it because I must write my thoughts on english but I think you understand all my words. Sometimes I use the dictionary because cannot know all words but I write the most part of email by myself. Today is cold. But I love warm and solar weather. I like when the sun shines and warm or hot weather. It will be great to meet each other in the future but I know that we must learn more about each other. Maybe I could come somewhere even in your country where as it seems to me the year round warmly. I like to travel but I'm the lonely woman and I do not know where could I to travel. I'm trying to be frank and fair and I want that you Scott will be frank with me too because we are trying to know more about each other. To me it would be pleasant if you have written to me the family history as it is very important part of a life of each person. I know that many people acquainted through internet and come to each other, so I decided to try to know you better. I'm glad Scott that you write me and want to know about me. I want to know about you more and I hope you will tell me about yourself more. I want to meet man which will respect the woman and which will have trust the woman because I'm trusted and honest woman. I want the friend, the assistant, the beloved, and the partner for other part of my life. I search full equal who - the one who will go with me and to share everything, that the life should offer. I'm sure it's possible and I'm interesting in knowing you better Scott. I want to ask you some questions: do you like to hug? do you like to hold hands? to make woman smile? I like this things. I'm romantic person! I have the good mood today and I want to smile because I feel that someone special write me emails and I communicate with real person from other country which name is Scott! Today in the evening I come home and will cook beautiful dish called "golubec" I do not know how to translate it to english. It's the stewed meet with rice wrapped up cabbage sheets. I think if you will taste it oneday you will like it! What dishes are popular in you country/city? As you know I'm in healthy image of life I'm not drink and smoke. Sometimes in big holidays I could taste a little wine. I think that the people must aspire to health, I hope you think so also. Do you really interesting in knowing me? It's so amazing because I'm interesting. Mine height - 170 sm, weight - 55 kg I havn't a car and driver license but I think it's not difficulty to drive the car. I think that if the human want anything he will do it anyway in general. I will finish my letter today and I will wait for your! Hope you have a nice day Scott and everything is good!
Letter 4

Good day my friend Scott. I'm glad to receive your email. I like pic of you. Thanks for your big frank letter. I appreciate it. For me honesty and frankness - very important things. I trusting you. I liked to read your letter and have learned you better now. Yesterday, in the evening I thought about our email exhange. I heard that many women and men exchange emails and meet each other from different countries, I've already told you it before but I recollect this again because it occures now with me and you Scott. I think that an international correspondence is a great thing because it pulls many peoples and nationalities together. What do you think? I'm very peaceful woman and I want that there are no wars in this world. Sometimes in holidays I attend the church but I think that the God must be in the heart and in the head of every man or woman. I hate lie and I like when the people are open as I told you. I'm optimist and I always think that everything will be well. It lifts my mood and gives the power for my living. Maybe oneday as many resolute women I will come to the other country for a living and maybe oneday we'll meet in real? It'll be wonderful! But I don't want that you think that I want to leave my city for finding rich man or other same reason. I know that I can work and earn for myself but I want to love my future husband. As woman I couldn't be alone. I think you understand abiut what I'm talking. So I want to be with a man who will love me and who I will love. It's my dream now. I think if it is so I will be the happiest woman in this world. I'm trying to know more about you Scott because I'm interesting in our acquaintance. I don't want to impose the opinion but who knows maybe we'll be pleased to meet and maybe more. It's real thing I know because it's not hard to come to you Scott but I know we must learn more each other day by day. What do you think about it? I ask you to write me all of your thoughts because I like to be open mind and I like when the people speaks honourly what they think. I want to tell you more about me: I'm kind cheerful woman, I like many things as I told you earlier. I like the pets, like dogs, cats, horses and others. When I see the small dogs or cats I want to take care of it but I haven't any pet's. When my grandparents were live they had the good dog who name was "Bulba". It was the german sheep-dog. My grandmother's name was Elena and she passed away . My grandfather's name was Alexander and he passed away 9 years ago. It's parents of my mother. I never know the father's parents but I know that they are passed away also. Many people in this world loses close people but it's irreversible. Do you have much relatives? I haven't any brothers and sisters but I always wanted to have them. Today I thought about you Scott very often. I don't know why our correspondence influences much on me. Anyway I'm very glad that you write me Scott! These days I will try to make new photos for you and I will send it. Can I ask you the important question for me? Okay, I ask: How do you feel about our meeting of course in the future because today it's impossible. I think if we will decide to meet each other in the future it will be great! Too early to speak about it serious but it's interesting for me and I want to know what do you think? You know that when I studied in school I have the girlfriend which name is "Nadya" and when she was 26 she emailed with an american man and then she came to The United States to California. I haven't the contact with her because we are not very close friends but maybe someday she will email me. I think she found the right man for her because she lives there. The russian women are not aspire to career, they just want to be loved and make all for husband. I think that it's the russian mentality and they are very hardworking women. But the men in russia are not too good. Maybe it's the reason that many women of our country look for foreign husbands. I think it's a great union when the foreign man and russian woman are together. At least I think so. What do you think? Maybe I'm not completely right... I finish my email today and I hope to hear from you Scott as soon as possible! Yours Irina.
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