Scam letter(s) from Margarita Morozova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Dear Sir,
As you have probably already guessed marriage agencies rip you off on a constant basis. I offer you hundred best profiles of the most beautiful girls I collected for the last month (fresh ones are coming regularly) from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other FSU countries seeking marriage, for just 7 (seven) USdollars in a package.
You will have no limitations on correspondence, and no middlemen, you will correspond with girls directly. And there is a lot beautiful girls to choose from.
All girls have their own e-mail addresses, postal addresses and data, most of them have phone numbers. Since the sum asked is symbolic (e.g. very small) cash should be sent by registered air mail only. It's not a fraud, but real deal you will hardly find anywhere else.
Samples are attached in sample.doc file. Sticking in more pix would make a file too big.
Best regards,
ps Please no silly questions, such as: where u got profiles from?, where did you find my e-mail? who you are? what u look like?, and so on....
This is just a profitable proposition for both sides. I am not interested in relationship.
pps Those interested in models (including ****** models and also russian x-videos) are welcome. Yet, again, only serious propositions please.
pps I do not have a site, I am not a marriage agency, I just a private person having access to fresh girls' profiles thanks to my position as a translator
Letter 2
well, I am really tired of those nicks too, yet it' s sites' policy, not mine.
my real name Margarita Morosova
As you have already known I am 27, free-lance journalist, never married, no kids.
Have you been married?
I am nice, kind, romantic, humorous, loyal respectful and interested in culture, going-out, travelling.
All the same I can tell about myself too, yet those are just words.
If you want to know something particular about me - just ask.
Listen, I do not really like long talking and fruitless correspondence.
I liked your profile and I think you liked me.
I have a short holidays approximately from 13 to 20 november.
If you wish we could meet.
I go to on my own expenses (I will need your address, phone numbers and instruction on how to find you there) and you then buy me a ticket back home to Minsk or Moscow.
How about my idea ? :)
Margarita Morosova
Letter 3
Well, It would be great if you could pick me up at airport, of course... and answering other questions of yours...
Yes, I have visa, it was done for other purpose, I wanted to work a little as nanny in one of german-russian family but my contract failed, husband of that couple lost job and asked me to postpone a deal until spring. So I obtained a visa but have no place to go.
I do not need anything. Thank you for asking however. What I need is just insuarence, money on my name in Germany so that I feel safe, some 150-200 euro, that is enough to come back home, that's it.
It does not mean I have full pockets of cash, yet I counted that I have enough to spend a week or longer in Germany.
I would like to see the country very much. I have been to Usa and saw Frankfurt from airport only.
As for job.... I am columnist on astrology in several newspapers, politics sometimes (rarely) too.
I have apartment in Moscow, here in Belarus I rent it on contract until next May.
Wishes on visit... I would like to ga around and make lots of pix as I usually do abroad.
And I hope to befriend with you (and not only, I am a big girl) and I hope to stay at your place again :)
Sorry, I am a little too frank and direct person. I do not like to beat the bush as english people say, for me there are only yes or no. The russian way....
you may call at my mobile too (I AM seldom at home anyway): 375-0214-6911026
ps I have not been married because I was not going to before, but now I think it's time to
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