Scam letter(s) from Irina to Mike (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi! My not familiar friend! You have written to me in a service of acquaintances on, the truth it already have closed, can recollect it, the names was "Iriska", excuse that so debt, but I could not answer, as was on business trip on job and could not to you answer. Can you me already and do not remember or have found to itself second half. But if you do not remember, I hope a photo to you will remind, but if you have found to yourselves second half that is simple say also I shall search for other man, who will be for me a part of my other life. You first to whom I have decided to write, as your structure seems to me more interesting. I hope, that You have time to send me some messages, that we could It is better to learn each other. I shall tell not much about myself: my age 27 Years, my birthday of January 15 1979, my complete name Irina, And so me name Ira. I once Was married, but my marriage has broken up as my former husband of saws, and Deceived me. I hope that you not such and we can construct ours The future. But before far and us it is necessary much to learn about each other. The given moment I live in an apartment of the parents, After the termination Medical college I work nurse in hospital, my job Very to like I from childhood very much wanted to become physician, and I think that My dream has come true. To me very much to like there to work. Free from Jobs time I play sports for maintenance of health. And as I I like to go in the summer with the friends on picnics to lakes. I have one Dream to meet with the liked man dawn only he and I on a coast The rivers. As we with the girlfriends often are engaged with volleyball. I send you Some photos, that you would present as I look and have recollected me, and I I hope that to you to like. And I shall wait from you of the letter with yours By photos. I have not how much questions for you, than you like To be engaged in free time? What you to like in the women? You when Not be were married? You have children? You use spirits Drinks? And last question on today As you think that to you not To like in itself? I wait from you of the letters with questions which Have arisen at you to me. Yours faithfully I shall wait from you of the answer, yours The new friend Irina, my electronic address
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