Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Chris (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello Cris, my name is Elena! I am looking through your letter now and, I do not know how to explain, I am surprised very much, pleasantly surprised, that you have written me! As you see, I have written you absolutely nothing in my letter, and no matter this you are interested in me! I hope Cris, that when you will see my photo, you like it. I worry a little bit about it, but I hope, that it will be pleasant for you! I decided not to place anything on a site. You see, it is better to write yourself, and I wrote to you, and you answered me. It is very pleasant for me! I never tried earlier to use the Internet to get acquainted with somebody. I do it for the first time and it is so new and unusual for me. I write you from Internet-club.
You think probably why I have decided to make it? I am simple very modest girl and it is difficult for me to get acquainted with the person just like this, at the street, and it is a little bit easier to do it in the Internet, I do not know why, but it is easier.
It is difficult for me to get acquainted here, in Russia, because a lot of men simply want to oversleep with the girl and that is all! I am a serious woman looking for my better half, my Sweetheart! I am so frank maybe. We do not know each other at all, but I want simply, that you could understand me!
I have finally decided to pursue my long time dream of meeting a wonderful male from your country. I know it sounds silly like fairy tale, but it is true. I have had some no good relationships in my country, and the Male I seek is not here. I am looking for a Male that still holds strong family values, great morals, wants but one man, and is a tiny bit old fashioned, but a modern Male as well. He is a kind heart person that loves to live with exercise, the outdoors, traveling, he likes to play and have fun. A man with these traits is no longer available in my country.
I have written you a lot and nothing has told about myself. As I said I'm 26 years, my birthday on November, 20 1979. My face you can see on my photos, my growth is 170 centimeters, weight is 55 kg.
Please, write me if you liked me! I am sensitive, kind, thoughtful and surprised a little. In opinion of my close friends and relatives, I am kind, cheerful, clever and intellectual, purposeful, sociable. I live in city Kirov, it approximately 890 kilometers from Moscow. We have a the population about 644000 person. I live together with my mum and the daddy. My mum works as the teacher in children's home, and mine the daddy works as the engineer. I work as the bookkeeper. I was trained in this profession 5 years on an economic faculty of the Ulyanovsk State University. Now I work as the bookkeeper in firm " Kirov Furniture ". I like my work and at us in firm very good and amicable collective. We with them frequently after work gather.
We have fun and walk on city. Sometimes we arrange picnics. There are many beautiful places, lakes in our area. I shall send photos of our city if it will be interesting to you. I shall look forward to hearing from you, if something will be not clear for you in my words ask me! And if you will have questions, please, ask. I shall answer with great pleasure!
You friend Elena.

Letter 2

My lovely forgive me that could not write to you
At me the grandmother has died, it is very a pity to me
I so loved her
I want to ask you a little money for funeral of my grandmother
I want that my grandmother have buried adequately and with honour
You can send me tomorrow 200 dollars USA
Funeral of my grandmother on Friday
At me tears every day flow, it is very a pity to me of her
Help to me please
I believe in you, I love you
I wait for the answer
Yours Elena



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